'Make Olympic uniforms in U.S.' and other letters to the editor

'Make Olympic uniforms in U.S.' and other letters to the editor

July 22nd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Make Olympic uniforms in U.S.

Team America -- The U.S. Olympic team -- will be going to the London Games decked out in uniforms and accessories designed by Ralph Lauren, each one with a tag indicating "Made in China." The U.S. textile manufacturers need to throw Ralph Lauren under the bus. This is insulting, embarrassing and absolutely un-American.

What's worse, a spokesperson from the selection committee made no apologies or explanations, just that they are proud and dedicated of the clothing provided by Ralph Lauren. A single outfit cost thousands when it could have been made in the U.S.A. with better quality for a third of the price.

I'd think twice before sending in any more donations for Team America. You might get a thank-you letter, but it won't be because you helped anyone's training.


Vote for Vital, a job creator

After 42 consecutive months of unemployment above 8 percent, every candidate in America has a "plan" to create jobs and to "get our economy moving again." These plans invariably call for reducing taxes and regulations on small business and training a workforce for the jobs we have.

I don't know about you, but I think talk is cheap, particularly in an election year.

Greg Vital has a plan to create jobs, but he also has something most other candidates don't; a proven track record of job creation. Greg built a local company that has created 850 jobs and has been hiring people every day for the last 16 years.

As an employer in the health-care business, Greg didn't just realize yesterday that we have a skills gap in our economy and we need more people with technical skills and training that match the jobs available in our area.

That's why Greg partnered with Chattanooga State years ago to help train students for careers in the health-care industry, one of the few industries that has continued to add jobs throughout the recession.

On Aug. 2, don't vote for a jobs plan, vote for a job creator.

Vote Greg Vital, Republican for State Senate District 10.


Cemetery footage in ad appreciated

I was a little disappointed reading the article (July 14), "Wamp faulted for footage of cemetery."

I am a WWII veteran serving with the 11th Airborne Division in occupation of Japan. I had a brother who, after being wounded three times in action, was killed in action fighting in Gen. Patton's infantry in Germany. I also had two first cousins in the Air Force shot down over Germany. One was killed and the other is still unaccounted for. There were five of us brothers serving in the U.S. Army between 1943 and 1951.

With these thoughts in mind, I say "thank you" Weston Wamp for having the courage and thoughtfulness to show the Chattanooga National Cemetery in your campaign ads. These are the brave men and women who fought and some who gave their lives so that we have the right to vote. So I say without reservation "Vote for Weston Wamp for Congress."


You know who to vote for if ...

Wake up, America, what has your party done for you except take your money? Do you want four more years of losing jobs because some bureaucrat decides on penalizing regulations to corporations and taxing you for your health care? The present administration has no background in running any business, much less in taking care of the direction our government needs to evolve in order to become stable again.

Both major parties need put the country ahead of their political greed. The Democrats in the Senate are stalling on job-creating bills, while some Republicans (close to home) want to destroy some of our energy sources.

I am fed up with both parties trying to tell me who to vote for. I have become an independent and vote for whom I think will do the best job for the country that I fought for. If you want a welfare state, where you can sit on your duff and watch the country slide into oblivion, then you know who to vote for. If you want you and your children to be able to grow up in a free society with jobs available and where Americans still consider themselves a Christian nation, then you know who to vote for.


Pray in silence to stop protests

If those stubborn county commissioners would just agree to pray in silence, all of these protests and lawsuits would go away. It seems they want to make the point that they have the power, and they aren't giving in to anyone regardless whether it is the right thing or not. Ending a prayer "in the name of Jesus" in a government meeting is wrong and excludes many of us who don't believe that Christianity is the only religion. Stop it! The commissioners are wasting taxpayers' time and money, and they are completely wrong. Pray in silence!


Bring on term limits for council

Limiting Chattanooga City Council members to two four-year terms sounds like a swell idea. When I think back over the dumb ideas approved by City Council, the same faces flood my memory. Which council members approved the city borrowing and building the luxury hotel called The Chattanoogan? Who was it that approved a gigantic civic center expansion years ago? Are either of these places decreasing taxes? Remember that new super-duper triple expensive City Council green roof? Come look at the roofs in Brainerd.

Which elected officials led the charge to grant a property-tax cut for the Doubletree Hotel on Chestnut? That hotel has been there for years. Other hotels were going up everywhere near there without tax breaks. They received tax breaks, promised high-paying hotel jobs. My girlfriend worked there and she didn't clear more than $18,000 a year. When the topic of tax restitution from the hotel was brought up, some council members sounded like they didn't care. Honestly, I cannot tell who those faces on council represent. Sure isn't me.

Forget property taxes. My house foreclosed. Bring on the term limits.


Gardenhire has sound judgment

I recommend that voters of the 10th District vote for Todd Gardenhire as their state senator.

I have known Todd since 1976, when I met him at the Republican National Convention. He was an early and strong supporter of Ronald Reagan, who was not nominated at that convention but was nominated four years later.

I have known Todd to be a man of good and sound judgment. He would make a remarkable and trustworthy representative in the Tennessee Legislature.

I urge a vote for Todd.


DeGaetano will be fair and effective

I am writing to tell you about my good friend and attorney, Joe DeGaetano, and why I think you should vote for him in the upcoming election for the Hamilton County General Sessions judge.

I believe Joe is an exemplary candidate because of his legal qualifications as well as his compassion and integrity. I have known Joe since first grade and have had the pleasure of working with him as a fellow attorney for several years now. I completely trust Joe's judgment as a friend and also as a lawyer to whom I can refer clients and know they will be satisfied. Knowing Joe for so many years, both personally and professionally, has allowed me to witness first-hand his compassion and empathy for his clients and fellow citizens on numerous occasions. I feel strongly that these are important characteristics for a fair and effective judge.

Joe's educational achievements and successful legal career speak for themselves. I feel that this, coupled with his integrity and strong character, will truly make him an excellent sessions judge and urge you to vote Joe in the upcoming election.

JOHN R. BUHRMAN, Signal Mountain