'Wamp will fight to return freedoms' and more letters to the editors

'Wamp will fight to return freedoms' and more letters to the editors

July 24th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Wamp will fight to return freedoms

Early voting has started. I am sure some have not yet made up their minds about the 3rd District race. I would like to ask you to take a look at a young man who has the fire to do what he says he will do. He will fight to gain some of our freedoms back that President Obama has taken from us. He will fight for more personal responsibility and government accountability before it's too late. Please vote for Weston Wamp.


Editorial shows mediocrity limitless

Once I believed Lee Anderson's editorial page was the ashpit of journalism. I am compelled now to admit error. Your double full column of July 19 accusing President Obama of disdain for success demonstrates that mediocrity is limitless.

Its first fault is lack of originality. You merely expand one of the many fatuous comments Gov. Mitt Romney has made in campaign speeches. Pretending it is your own observation is dishonest and does you no credit.

The second is the abysmal ignorance and the tone of sneering contempt for persons who are not ignorant.

The third is the want of a genuine issue. Like Gov. Romney, you simply multiply arguments against a position no one has taken.

The worst is plain bad writing. The reliance upon crude insults endlessly restated, cuteness attempted but not achieved, expressions that became clichés years ago, fragmentary sentences, self-importance, vacuous rhetorical questions, factual distortions, and pervasive illogic would have ruined the article even if it had been worth writing.

All the president said is that many have contributed to the life and well-being of the nation, but that no one has achieved anything in isolation. Your empty and self-indulgent raving does not establish the contrary.


Lanier champions those without voice

If you go to Chris Lanier's website, www.ChristianLanier.com, you'll see an impressive list of experience and commitment.

What does this list of accomplishments tell us? Certainly, there are other candidates technically "qualified" for Soddy-Daisy judge, but let me share insight on the character of Chris Lanier. Chris made time, between litigating criminal court cases, to meet with and resolve serious legal issues for our elderly parents (one with Alzheimer's). This took more than a ton of patience! Chris's priority was to see that their wishes were honored and protected.

The amazing thing is that, for years, Chris has worked tirelessly, often without recognition, on behalf of all the residents of Tennessee. He has fought "big government takeover," champions the cause of those without voice. He's the first in line to show up, roll up his sleeves, and tackle whatever task is ahead; he's the last to toot his own horn, to postulate on his accomplishments, to take credit for success.

Goodness knows, our country has a real shortage of men like Chris. Clearly, he's no politician. What he is, is a man whose love for the law and compassion for his fellow man is unequaled.

Isn't that what you want in a judge?



Powers knows all cases matter

I would urge people to vote for Ron Powers as our next Sessions Court judge,

I have known and respected Ron for nearly a decade. He has impressed me with the care he brought to the work with his clients. Ron knows and recognizes -- as good lawyers do -- that each case matters to the client. Ron understands that law is, foremost, truly a service profession and that its best practitioners exist to assist others in times of crisis and need.

Ron is especially careful to treat others with respect and dignity. Strong in faith and family, Ron has a quiet, unassuming presence and humility, and he will ensure that all are treated in a civil, professional and courteous manner.

Ron also is a man of honor and integrity, is scrupulous, unfailingly honest, and reliable. He is a superb role model for our community. The importance of these qualities simply cannot be overstated.

Ron Powers would make an excellent judge for our Sessions Court. Please consider lending him your support.


Heiskell moving Walker forward

Walker County residents need to make sure to vote for Bebe Heiskell as their commissioner between now and July 31.

I recently spoke with Bebe for over an hour, and I was very moved by her wholehearted conviction for the well-being of Walker County, Ga. Even more so, were her plans for Walker County in the coming years with the projects she has gotten started within the last two or three years.

Jobs and industry are coming, taxes are low, businesses are growing, and I feel as though our county is moving in a very progressive manner.

Bebe has worked in Walker County government for over 30 years. Her experience gives her a vision for tomorrow that any other candidate will simply not have.

Vote for Bebe Heiskell, and most importantly, make sure to vote before July 31.


Chickamauga, Ga.

Bennett deserves to keep his job

We ask that you vote for Bill Bennett for Hamilton County assessor of property. Bill has been a friend of our family for over 40 years. He is a caring person and one with integrity.

Bill Bennett has the experience and understanding of this elected office. He deserves to keep this job for four more years.

Jim and Veda Parks


Cobb's actions good for everyone

Unlike others who have written letters of support for their employer running for state representative, I am not officially associated with Jim Cobb. However, I have known Jim for approximately 21 years and have found him to be a man of integrity. I personally know that Jim has worked diligently for the people of his district, accomplishing more than any other state political figure that I know of.

During this campaign, I have heard many untruths spoken about Jim that I can swear are falsehoods. It appears that some of the political supporters of his opponent are prone to spread rumors and malicious untrue facts in an attempt to cause Jim to be defeated in this election. There are people who are attempting to undermine Jim's good works and the things he has accomplished as our state representative. The limited space prevents me from listing all the things Jim has accomplished as your state representative, which are numerous, very unselfish and for the good of everyone -- regardless of political affiliation.


McDougal will be fair and impartial

Fairness and impartiality are two of the most important qualifications for a judge. John McDougal embodies both of these characteristics. I have known John McDougal for over 25 years, and I can attest to his solid character and moral standards. As a young man he worked hard and earned the Eagle Scout award. He worked his way through college and then proceeded to law school, again working numerous jobs to obtain his law degree.

As a lawyer for 18 years, John McDougal has specialized in criminal law and has many years of experience in both trying cases and judging cases. His experience for 10 years as a special judge in the Hamilton County courts system has prepared him for the role of city judge in Soddy-Daisy.

John McDougal is active in his community, church, and has served as a volunteer with the Special Olympics.

I can assure you that John McDougal, in his quiet and unassuming way, will make a fine judge for the city of Soddy-Daisy.



Experience makes Norton best choice

Experience matters, and it's clear that only one Sessions Court judge candidate has significant criminal and civil law experience -- Judge David Norton.

Judge Norton was Soddy-Daisy judge for 27 years, presiding over the same type of criminal cases that come before Sessions Court, and worked with the same prosecutors and defense attorneys.

In addition to his vast criminal law experience, Judge Norton served as assistant county attorney for 28 years, representing Hamilton County in many civil litigation matters.

Judge Norton's experience in both criminal and civil law stands well above the other candidates. There are more than 40,000 criminal cases in Sessions Court each year. It's imperative to have someone with criminal law experience. Some of the other candidates have never handled a criminal law case or have not done so in several years.

It's because of his experience and judicial temperament that Judge Norton was appointed earlier this year for the vacancy left by Judge Bob Moon. He has done an exceptional job as Sessions Court judge. Judge Norton deserves our vote.


Senators shouldn't back sea treaty

In regard to a letter (July 19) about Sens. Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander and their support for the LOST Treaty.

I too have read the conditions of the treaty and comments by experts on the subject, all of whom seem to agree that it will not only further degrade our country's sovereignty, it will go against our U.S. Constitution.

I agree 100 percent with Mr. Peckinpaugh. If our duly elected representatives back the U.N.'s agenda to take over rule of our great country instead of looking out for our best interest, we should not be supporting them. I have emailed both senators and told them if they voted to ratify this treaty I would no longer vote for them and would see to it that as many people as I could influence would also not vote for them. People who feel the same should let them know just as I did.



Lasley will give best for Soddy-Daisy

My knowledge of Marty Lasley began before he was born. I grew up with his dad, the Rev. Don Lasley, and taught school with his wonderful mother, Ilene Lasley. I have known Marty all of his life. As a young man, Marty was an inspiration to all who knew him and always a gentleman. Marty has carried these traits into his adult life. He has practiced law for 25 years and opened a solo practice in Soddy-Daisy. Also, Marty served as Hamilton County magistrate. Marty has always been active in his church and has taught Sunday school since the 11th grade.

I admire Marty for his ability to let you know that you are important to him. Being from Soddy-Daisy, he knows the community and the people who live here. Marty has a wonderful sense of humor, which is comforting. He is not intimidating, and this is a wonderful quality for a hometown judgeship.

He is the best candidate for Soddy-Daisy City judge. He was reared in Soddy-Daisy, attended school and church here and understands the very principles our wonderful city was founded. This is a very important attribute.

Marty wants only the best for our city. I feel he will give his best.



Vote for integrity with vote for Hoss

Soddy-Daisy would be well suited to have Bryan Hoss as its next city judge. Bryan has the experience, character and values that we all hope to face when called by the legal system to the judge's bench. For over 40 years, the residents of Soddy-Daisy have affirmed that their elected judges should be impartial, fair and the best qualified, not just a resident. With your help, Bryan will continue this tradition.

Bryan Hoss is uniquely qualified to be Soddy-Daisy's next judge, not just because of his continued exceptional legal career, or the time served as a public defender or interim judge for Sessions Court. Bryan's qualifications come from integrity, candor and sincerity, qualities that have earned him the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers Local 673.

Vote for character and integrity, vote for Bryan Hoss as Soddy-Daisy's next city judge on Aug. 2.


Mayfield will work tirelessly for district

I also was on Scottie Mayfield's campaign bus when, unfortunately, his son reacted to what I would term "harrassment" by two of Chuck Fleischmann's staffers. I can assure you that Michael Mayfield is a fine young man whose thought was to protect his father. Fleischmann's staffers followed the bus to every stop and stood around with their dark glasses on and texted on their cell phones. It was very aggravating! Yes, unfortunately, I suppose this is the nature of politics.

I have known Scottie Mayfield and his family for over 32 years. His integrity and ethics are outstanding. I feel he will work tirelessly for the people of the 3rd Congressional District.


Athens, Tenn.

Correct problems by electing Fults

I'm a senior citizen who has lived, worked, paid taxes and voted in Walker County all of my life.

I've never been a day late or a dollar short paying my taxes. I've never had a problem or an unpleasant experience with the tax commissioner's office until Carolyn Walker was elected.

I recently learned about Karen Walker, who's deputy tax commissioner. I didn't know we had a deputy tax commissioner in Walker County, but something about it threw up red flags in my mind. Is Carolyn Walker planning to get elected, retire in midterm and have Karen Walker appointed to the tax commissioner's office? If so, the service and performance of the office isn't going to change, just the name of the leader.

On July 31, we'll have an opportunity to correct this. I've known Keith Fults for longer than 20 years. He's always friendly and eager to help. He has worked in the tax assessor's office and knows his way around the courthouse and the county.

Keith is a hard-working, intelligent and honest young man who can be trusted to run the tax commissioner's office without having to hire extra help to collect back-taxes from the people who owe them.


Flintstone, Ga.

Welch has skills, passion for post

I support Jonathan Welch for the Hamilton County Board of Education District 2 representative.

Jonathan is very interested in all of the schools in District 2. He has served on the Mountain Education Founders board of birectors and is a board member of the Chattanooga Area Dental Society.

Having known Jonathan for a number of years, I know he has the skills and passion to make things better in District 2. Jonathan also has a vested interest in our schools because he had three children attending Thrasher Elementary School this fall. Please join me in a vote for Jonathan Welch.

Betty Ewing

Signal Mountain

Vital is best at creating jobs

I'm writing in support of Greg Vital for Tennessee's 10th Senate District. For 30 years Greg has worked to improve our community, from preserving farms to partnering with UTC and Chattanooga State to train students for careers in health care. Tennessee's unemployment rate is around 7.8 percent, and families are struggling. Getting our local economy growing has to be our priority.

Creating jobs is what Greg does best. He has a proven record of success. Not only has he created jobs, he is a firm believer of using local businesses to support his businesses. This helps local businesses continue to create jobs and succeed.

Eighty-five percent of Tennesseans are employed by small businesses. Their common concern is the cost of complying with government red tape. These costs prevent them from expanding and hiring. As a small-businessman who built a company from the ground up and created hundreds of middle class jobs, no one understands better than Greg Vital that well-intentioned government programs often come with unintended consequences for small business.

Let's vote Greg Vital into office and help get the government back to supporting business.