'Trainer's discipline not nearly enough' and more letters to the editors

'Trainer's discipline not nearly enough' and more letters to the editors

June 1st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Trainer's discipline not nearly enough

I read in the Wednesday, May 24, newspaper that the Tennessee Walking Horse trainer, Jackie McConnell, will get six months' probation! What an absolute travesty of justice ... the prosecutors who recommended this sentence should be fired for not doing their jobs.

This man and his cohorts have habitually brutalized and tortured these beautiful, helpless animals for years; in spite of McConnell being suspended for five years, in addition to the other eight suspensions since 1988. They should all be sentenced to jail time and treated the way they treat the horses.

McConnell is not going to stop doing this nor are the rest of the trainers who are continually thinking up new ways to abuse without getting caught. The "plea agreements" spoken of in the article are ludicrous. Shame on the supposed "justice system" and the prosecutors and judges who allow this to continue year after year. As for David Howard, TWH National Celebration board member, who stated, "... it shocked me. It's just totally unbelievable,"... what a joke. He is aware of everything that goes on in this industry.

"Big Lick" classes should be shut down. The competition should be honest and clean with no "soring" or any other type of "enhancements."

BARBARA McCALLA, Ringgold, Ga.

Bishops must speak out on moral issues

A letter (May 28) castigates "the Roman Catholic Bishops." It appears the writer is a scholar of both moral and dogmatic theology, and perhaps also trained in my church's Canon Law. Else he could not be so certain in his criticism of our bishops' actions.

I lack his knowledge, but it seems likely that he misunderstands the reasoning for the lawsuits he abhors.

It is impossible to know precisely when God instills a soul into the developing human being in a mother's womb.

That is the instant in which destruction of that "organism" becomes homicide. Some birth-control drugs cause the fertilized egg to be dislodged and destroyed ... aborted.

If one believes this, as I am certain do our bishops, then one simply may not contribute to this act in any way.

Our bishops must teach and speak about issues of moral outrage, even when the guilty party is our nation's president.


Lawmakers use drug issues to control us

I suppose the only way to stop this unconstitutional Republican tsunami of drug-testing everybody in the United States (but themselves) is to require a politician to take a drug test every time a welfare mother is made to. That will put a stop to this insanity. The reason our economy is so sick is because our kids can't pass a urine test to get a job ... or even keep one.

Drugs are a health issue, not a crime issue. The fear of drugs has brought an apocalypse down on our heads. It is rapidly destroying our country.

The law uses it to rob our citizens and the politicians (to control us and take our money with unconscionable and illegal means). It's their "cash cow."

Did you know every state in our country has collected over a billion dollars each year for over 30 years from confiscated goods from "drug dealers"? That's "trillions."

Many lawmakers have used this drug issue to control us for years. It's time to stop letting them do it! This is not Germany of the '30s. This is our country. We should take it back!

ROBERT LEE BROWN, Missionary Ridge

DeGaetano offers breath of freshness

It is a pleasure to write on behalf of Joseph DeGaetano for Sessions Court judge. I have utilized Joe's professional services and know his family. I have witnessed his kind, temperate and perspicacious professionalism on each of my encounters with Joe.

It was a breath of freshness that I had not experienced in my previous encounters with others in his profession. These and other attributes will serve him well in his new role as Sessions Court judge.


Teacher's abuse goes entire year

I read many articles about a teacher abusing a child. There are different types of abuse. In our case, it's verbal.

My great-nephew has autism. He attends elementary school in Georgia. His teacher verbally abused him all year.

He takes his lunch but isn't allowed to use the microwave because of his autism. He asked the teacher to warm his food. She told him it wasn't her place to warm his lunch and made him sit there until his class ate lunch.

Then she warmed his food and made him stay in the lunch room with people he didn't know. This upset him.

He was told he had to play all the games in gym class. He got hit with the ball, said it hurt and didn't want to play anymore.

His mom tried to meet with the teacher and principal, but the assistant principal wouldn't call the teacher to the office.

His parents took him some chicken nuggets. They were told he couldn't eat it in front of the other children. His mom talked to the principal, who said he was tired of hearing about the teacher and it was going to stop now. If he had done his job, this wouldn't have gone on all year long.

YVONNE CORRIHER, Fort Oglethorpe

Verizon delivers during disaster

I would like to recognize Verizon wireless for being a good corporate citizen.

On March 2, a tornado inflicted massive damage to properties in the Harrison and Snow Hill areas, including mine. The telephone lines were destroyed, leaving only cell phones as the means for communicating with emergency agencies, relatives, neighbors and friends.

On March 3, I received a text message from Verizon wireless informing that I was receiving 200 disaster- relief bonus minutes and 500 disaster-relief bonus text message allowances. You can use up a lot of text messages and minutes when a disaster such as this hits you.

I was amazed that Verizon wireless, with more than 93 million customers, would know what was happening to its customers here on Wolftever Drive in Ooltewah, Tenn.

How is that for taking care of business? Thanks, Verizon wireless.


Stand up for what you believe in

Re: editorial concerning public prayer and the law (May 25):

The U.S. Supreme Court opens each session with the prayer "Our Father who art in Heaven ..." nothing added, nothing subtracted, the same court that is over all courts.

Talk about insulting one's freedom to publicly use the word of God ... how about the sign on a lit billboard, "Asked God to kill my husband," on the corner of McBrien and South Moore roads in Chattanooga, of which the city chose to hide behind First Amendment law, which I say is abusing the First Amendment by allowing it to be there. No wonder our country's standards and morals have rapidly lowered themselves! Too many have died so that I can pray where I want to, when I want to, and how I want to ... for any organization to tell me I cannot do so, poo!

Let's stand up and take America back! Back to the future of our ancestors. Stand up for what you believe in and you won't be a "should of -- could of -- would of person." You'll be a "Got 'er done" one or "whatever," with standards, morals and respect.

God bless the U.S.A., and God bless us all ... we need it!