Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

June 4th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Welfare recipients should get tests

A writer in Friday's paper was complaining about people on welfare taking a drug test. The hard-working taxpayers that are paying for their welfare are forced to take a drug test to be employed. What I really don't understand is where are these welfare recipients getting the money to purchase the drugs in the first place?

The sooner we pass laws to get able-bodied people off of welfare the sooner our country can get back to normal and the sooner these (who I consider) freeloaders can get some pride in themselves.

I do agree with one thing the writer said. The politicians who make these laws need to take drug tests also.


Dunlap, Tenn.

Red Bank needs to clean up yards

Rossville is starting to ticket trashy-looking yards. Red Bank should start doing the same. There are too many yards where grass is not cut, junk cars and other junk in the yards and some people are using their yards as a garage to work on other people's cars. They need to be cleaned up.


Obama can't have it both ways

While President Obama is prevaricating about his record, we need fact checks.

He came in with his motto of change and hope for something better, and changed very little in the defense and intelligence areas. I knew he pontificated against enhanced interrogation and launched a faux investigation against career intelligence and Justice Department officials.

He did replace capture-and-interrogate with find-and-kill rocket attacks (which I don't have a problem with) ignoring collateral damage. Is this more humane and offend our moral values less? He gives President Bush no credit for establishing the basic strategy and tactics.

On the domestic front, however, he drastically changed the atmosphere with extensive regulation and costs, demonized most business sectors except his lawyer and union friends, created $5 trillion of debt in three and one half years, more than Bush did in eight, and we've seen little improvement, but he's still whining that it's Bush's fault.

Bush inherited many problems too. The 9/11 team was in place, the dot com bubble burst and the stock market had been hyped and scammed mostly under Clinton's watch. You can't have it both ways, Mr. President.


Signal Mountain

Hoss good choice for Soddy-Daisy

I am writing in support of Bryan Hoss for Soddy-Daisy judge. I worked with Bryan for several years and am confident that his experience and work ethic make him well-qualified for this position. Bryan has been practicing law in the local community for over 10 years and regularly appears in court in Soddy-Daisy. Bryan also has judicial experience -- when a judge is unavailable in Hamilton County General Sessions Court he is often asked to sit as a special judge in their stead.

In addition to Bryan's experience, his work ethic and well-rounded approach to the law make him an ideal candidate. He is knowledgeable and works hard to investigate specific legal issues in his clients' cases. Also, because he represents both plaintiffs and defendants in his practice, Bryan has experience dealing with a variety of legal issues from both sides, making him well-rounded -- an important quality for a judge to possess.

Bryan Hoss would serve the local community well as Soddy-Daisy judge. I encourage residents of Soddy-Daisy to vote for him on Aug. 2.


Officer should do the time

The East Ridge policeman who took out a mailbox, flower bed and a truck was treated differently than the every-day citizen.

The district attorney should have charged him with leaving the scene of an accident, plus charges.

Judge Christie Mahn Sell should not have given him judicial diversion for first-time offenders. He committed a crime.

You do the crime, you should do the time.


East Ridge

Norton practical in his approach

Having served on a County Commission board for several years with David Norton, while he was the assistant county attorney, I found that he had the temperament necessary for judicial effectiveness. He was analytical yet practical in his approach to legal matters. I have observed that he also was extremely open-minded and fair in all his dealings on this board.

So that's why we should vote to keep David Norton as Sessions Court judge. A vote for David Norton is a vote for the most experienced judge we would ever hope to find.



Encourage foreign language learning

I find it very interesting that people in many "third world countries" speak their native language -- and English.

In some areas, it's a given, especially in India and other countries "colonized" by the Empire.

The chickens have come home to roost. These people can work in call centers. They can program computer code for $10 an hour, as opposed to $50 an hour for a domestic programmer. Why? Because they speak the King's English.

My point is, we should encourage foreign languages in our schools, Spanish is first and foremost.

Half of our hemisphere is populated by Spanish-speaking folks (Portuguese in Brazil). It just makes sense. Our country has cities that are 50 percent Spanish-speaking. If you think about it, they owned the land before "we" stole it.

Our kids need to learn more foreign languages. Languages are more important than ever now. They will yield both monetary gains and progress for those who take advantage of it.


It's sad to see success attacked

"When attacking success, everyone loses."

To hear Bill Clinton come out and say Mitt Romney's business record is "sterling" and qualifies him to be president finally gave me some hope for this country's future. The attacks on Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital first came in the Republican primaries from Newt Gingrich. I was very shocked to hear this come from such a brilliant man, but at that time I realized that this would play right into general-election politics.

As the president's campaign and Democratic super PACs continue to attack Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital, I can't help but wonder: Is success really being put on trial? I consider America's history as a multitude of success stories, which is why it's sad to see success being attacked by the president in modern- day America.


Ringgold, Ga.

Be considerate of differences

Listen. People don't choose to be gay. After all, who would choose to be part of a minority group that is frequently misunderstood, judged and discriminated against?

That said, it seems that Mother Nature makes the call on sexual orientation just as she makes it on handedness. Six to 10 percent of the population is left-handed, the rest are right-handed, with a few people being truly ambidextrous.

Scientists tell us that 6 percent-10 percent of the population is gay, and not by choice. They agree that the factors governing sexual orientation are complex, including perhaps a genetic factor, hormonal factors (the mother's hormones affect the fetus during pregnancy), and psychological and social factors during the first few years of life.

Researchers and scholars continue to study sexual orientation but are totally agreed that it is not a choice.

Please show consideration to those whom you see as different from yourself.