'U.N. attacking U.S. sovereignty' and other letters to the editors

'U.N. attacking U.S. sovereignty' and other letters to the editors

June 5th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

U.N. attacking U.S. sovereignty

Once again, our sovereignty as a nation is being challenged by none other than the United Nations.

On May 23, C-SPAN TV hosted a program titled "Law of the Sea" treaty. The object was to provide testimony for the U.S. Senate to ratify the treaty. Sen. Bob Corker was on the committee.

This "treaty" is nothing more than a back-door attempt to impose a cap-and-trade tax for the use of fossil fuels, oil and natural gas through a "royalty" imposed by a foreign body (United Nations).

The second United Nations program that aired on C-SPAN TV on April 20 is titled "Global Renewable and Sustainable Energy Development." I have often wondered why the Democrats were pushing green energy so hard.

The third program that is being pushed by the United Nations is titled "United Nations Internet Regulation Plan". It aired on C-SPAN TV on May 30.

I would encourage everyone to watch these three programs and make up your own mind to see if our sovereignty is under attack by the United Nations socialists. In my opinion, this has the Democratic Party written all over it because these are programs they like.

BYRON J. HENDRIX, Cleveland, Tenn.

Bible influenced nation's founders

Comments concerning the Bible on last Sunday's Perspective front page provoke me to write the following: I have been trying to study the Bible for over half a century and have never plumbed its depths.

Perhaps the greatest Bible student of all time is the one who said "they could not enter in (to God's rest) because of unbelief." "For the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Hebrews 4:12 and 3:19.

I believe the Bible and Jesus Christ are God's greatest gift to mankind. Our nation was blessed above any other nation because our Founding Fathers knew the Bible well and were wonderfully influenced by it.

RACHEL DECOSIMO, Signal Mountain

Broaden references to service deaths

Most media reports of the recent Memorial Day refer to the "war dead," the memorialization of those killed during battle being the original purpose of Memorial Day.

However, today and for many years past, few interments at the National Cemetery are the result of enemy military action.

The placing of an American flag at every grave blunts the recognition of the ultimate sacrifice of those who did give it.

Nevertheless, servicemen and women who returned home from war and lived out their lives sacrificed and risked those lives during their wartime experience. Wives of such military personnel also sacrificed while their loved ones were away.

I see nothing untoward about placing of a flag at every grave in the National Cemetery as part of the Memorial Day observance, but do believe the Memorial Day references in the media should be broadened to include deaths during or after military service, regardless of the time or manner of the deaths, as well as categories of family members who are eligible for burial in the National Cemetery.


'Future is Ours' a great start

Charmane Goins and the "Future is Ours" campaign sounds like the answer to the multifaceted problem with kids in Chattanooga. As stated in the Yolanda Putman article (June 1), Boyd Patterson, city gang task force coordinator, said "this isn't a one-time event," but it appears to be a great start.

As a Cleveland, Tenn., resident who frequents the downtown area with my family and out-of-town guests, the crowds of kids roaming the streets are a huge deterrent. We bring a lot of visitor dollars to attractions near the waterfront and really appreciate all the efforts to keep Chattanooga safe. I certainly hope the community gets behind this venture with money and manpower. Good luck.

MARY JO WHITE, Cleveland, Tenn.

'Nation under God' is our heritage

Freedom from Religion Foundation [members] are bottom feeders. No prayer at ballgames. Now our leaders can't pray?

I was made to learn Darwinism in school and the "theory" that humans evolved from apes. Bible study was an elective for students, if chosen. Christ was never forced on anyone.

Jesus says be angry but sin not ... and I'm angry! Christians should stand up and be "one nation under God." That is our heritage. Last time I checked, those folks from the FFRF are spending money that says "In God We Trust."

If they don't trust in God, don't spend our money. If you don't like this nation under God, make a new nation for yourselves. Freedom from oppression in religion is what founded this country. Even in our courts we are sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God! Because it means something!

Are they afraid that by using Jesus' name, someone may believe? Possibly! Many already do. Those who don't believe, those who do, are praying for you. You can tell me not to pray, but you will never stop my praying. I'll do it until I die, in Jesus' name! Amen!


Make gun owners liable for harm

Your recent story (May 31) of the tragic gunshot death of a 3-year-old depressed and upset me. My sincere condolences to the child's parents and relatives.

Your reporting was sketchy to poor. (You know the address but not the name of the resident?). However, to anyone with any logic, several things are very clear though not reported in the story. Given that the children at the scene were 2 and 3, it is apparent that:

The gun was not locked away or on a closet's top shelf.

It was loaded and a bullet was in the chamber.

The safety was off and there was no trigger lock.

The gun's owner has no business owning a gun.

We must address this question. Is the right of an innocent child to its life trumped by the rights of adults to deadly guns even though many adults are irresponsible, stupid, hot-headed, crazy or paranoid and have no business with a gun? We could at least pass laws making gun owners criminally liable for all harm their weapons cause.