'People must help themselves' and other letters to the editors

'People must help themselves' and other letters to the editors

June 9th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

People must help themselves

I read with interest the article (June 5) concerning Alton Park and was both discouraged and encouraged ... discouraged reading that less than 25 percent of former residents returned. The median income level is half that of the rest of Chattanooga.

I was encouraged by reading the comment and quote: "We can no longer depend on someone else. We have to do it ourselves."

The working black and white communities are growing tired and impatient supporting people who won't go to school or work and exist on handouts and government benefits that they do not deserve. Children need to be supported and taken care of ... able-bodied adults do not, and if they live that way they are no better than dependent babies and should be ashamed and embarrassed to do so.


Kirk's presence will be missed

When I heard Wednesday that Coach Clifford Kirk was retiring, I wanted to share my thoughts about a great man.

My plans were for our daughters to go to Red Bank and play ball. Some had told me they needed to play for the coach at Soddy-Daisy. Being from Red Bank, I said, "No way they're going to Soddy-Daisy!" Then a friend took me to watch Soddy-Daisy and Coach Kirk play in the state championship game at Warner Park. Soddy-Daisy won on a squeeze play.

After the game, I heard a reporter interview the girl who executed that perfect squeeze bunt: "What did you think when Coach Kirk gave you the squeeze bunt?" She said, "I didn't think nothing about it, we practice it every day." My decision was made. I wanted my girls to play for this coach.

Coach Kirk is the best coach I've ever known. It was an honor and great experience for my daughters. I'm proud to say my daughters played for Coach Clifford Kirk and Soddy-Daisy!

Thank you, coach, for everything you have done for my daughters and many more over the past 26 years! Your presence on the field will surely be missed!


Swan's article shows blatant ignorance

Rhonda Swan's article promoting homosexuality is drivel (Perspective, June 3).

She says, "It is not holy to hate. It is not divine to discriminate. It is not sacred to segregate." But Amos 5:15 says, "Hate the evil and love the good." The essence of holiness is discrimination between good and evil and segregation from evil.

Also, by hate she means opposing homosexuality, but while Christians hate homosexuality, they don't hate the homosexual. They love them enough to ask them to admit their brokenness and repent of their sin.

Swan argues that the Bible is full of contradictions on sex. But it isn't full of contradictions on homosexuality. Every verse on it disapproved of it.

Swan quotes Jennifer Wright Knust, who says reading the Sodom and Gomorrah story as disapproval of homosexuality results from "modern anxiety," but every relevant Bible verse shows it results from ancient abomination, so Knust doesn't know her subject.

Neither does another of Swan's sources, Barry Lynn. He says, "Opponents of same-sex marriage have been unable to muster any arguments other than it offends their theology," but I have read several books, articles, and Times Free Press letters presenting just such secular arguments.

Surely the Times Free Press can print better than blatant ignorance.


Put 'care' back into health care

I'm responding to your online article of May 24, "Chattanooga man stable after being hit by train." I'm his aunt, and I want to clear up the facts. He didn't "pass out on the tracks." He was standing near the tracks when the force of the train sucked him under. His injuries are severe. His leg was amputated below the knee, the other leg is broken, his wrist is shattered, five ribs are broken, and his spine is chipped. He's unable to feed himself or hold a phone. He cannot be left alone.

And yet, despite my and my nieces' efforts, he was discharged from the hospital after less than a week. Discharged without a home to go to; without any money; without any after care; without a wheelchair; without even medications for his extreme pain.

My nephew is lucky to have a gutsy, resourceful girlfriend who got a wheelchair from Goodwill, found an angelic pharmacist who donated pain medication and begged enough money to keep him in a hotel room where she and a friend take turns to make sure he's never alone.

I'm stunned. How could this happen in America? I knew things were bad, but not this bad. How can we put the "care" back into health care?

NORMA MYERS, Berkeley, Calif.

Give president credit for progress

Everyone who blamed President Obama for the spike in gas prices can now give him credit for the sudden drop. Also, anyone who has a child under age 26 and on their insurance must let them go back to being uninsured if the Supreme Court rules against Obama's plan.

We can also blame the president for the longevity of many people who would have otherwise prematurely died from air pollution after he mandated the cleanup of the dirtiest coal-fired power plants. This will save many lives and possibly delay the dire prospects of global warming.

In a strategically planned and executed war in Afghanistan, Obama has not only killed Bin Laden, but also his replacement. This has put the Afghan government in more control than ever against a vanishing group called al-Qaida, allowing NATO to begin a military pullout as planned. This is a sharp contrast to the eight years of mismanagement of money and lives lost during the previous administration.

Obama only wants what is best for the majority of Americans. The rich will cry foul, but overall the country would be in a better position financially if Congress would only let him do his job.

ROGER SHIPLEY, Ringgold, Ga.

Bible's role shows true love

Rhonda Swan wrote a column (Perspective, June 3) stating since the Bible is full of errors it shouldn't be applied to gay marriage; yet Ms. Swan used portions of the Bible to defend her misguided view of biblical marriage.

How foolish to presuppose the Bible is full of errors and condones slavery, polygamy and oppression of women, and fail to provide any proof. Nowhere in Scripture does God give a pass to these sinful acts or outlaw interracial marriage (see Ruth, Numbers 12:1-ff).

Her whole article misrepresents Ezekiel 16:48-50, and misapplies Matthew 22:37-38, suggesting that Christians who are against gay marriage aren't loving God or their neighbors. Satan tempted Eve using the same argument: "God's Word is not completely true," and "If God loved you He would let you do what you want." Sin gives men the false impression they can run in any direction without consequences. Usually when leaving a store, my children want to run onto the parking lot. I have to hold their hands because of the potential danger they don't see. Am I being unloving, ignorant or a bully? No, I'm a father showing true love. This is the role the Bible has on society, but if we pull away from God's hand we'll face certain heartache.

TROY LUTTRELL, Kimball, Tenn.

Choose Hoss in Soddy-Daisy

Bryan Hoss will be a great judge for Soddy-Daisy. I am the mother of a Soddy-Daisy student and have known Bryan for several years through friends and through my work as a legal assistant.

Bryan works very hard and is a good lawyer. His intelligence, common sense and vast experience in the courtroom will prove to be a tremendous asset to the Soddy-Daisy community. He will serve Soddy-Daisy with integrity and fairness.

I encourage the citizens of Soddy-Daisy to vote Bryan Hoss for judge on Aug. 2!