'Action merits impeachment' and other letters to the editor

'Action merits impeachment' and other letters to the editor

June 23rd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Action merits impeachment

When Obama was running for president in 2008, I jokingly said I was going to start a business and sell "Impeach Obama" T-shirts. After more than three years of Obama, it may not be a bad idea.

I know you can't impeach a president for being totally incompetent or for appointing incompetent people, but it appears to me that his latest shenanigan is in violation of the Constitution. This is an impeachable offense. On June 15, he deliberately made an executive decision that was in defiance of Congress. He effectively enacted the Dream Act, which had been denied by Congress. The Dream Act may have merits, but Obama has no authority to act unilaterally.

This seems to be business as usual for the current administration. I watched C-Span as Eric Holder defied the Republican members of the Senate subcommittee in the gun-walking incident. Holder appointed his own people to investigate the Justice department and refused an independent investigator (duh!).

When will people learn? We have the Solyndra case, the Canadian pipeline, the failed stimulus, the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," support of abortion, and non-support of Israel, to name a few.

Anybody want to buy a T-shirt?


Norton helps others find success

Generally speaking, I am not one who sends comments to the newspaper. However, having strong convictions and a knowledge that I feel needs to be shared, I choose to speak on behalf of an individual now in the position to be elected to the office vacated by the death of Judge Bob Moon.

Judge David Norton is a person of high moral standards and a strength and determination to follow his convictions. Judge David Norton, when called upon to participate or help someone, is willing to do his part to jump on board as long as it is morally right and within ethical parameters. He has a strong faith and a trust to help others find success in their own lives -- even if it is of no benefit to him other than the satisfaction of knowing they had reached a goal with his assistance.

I ask all of my friends to vote to support Judge David Norton as Hamilton County Sessions Court judge. He will continue to do an excellent job for the people of Hamilton County and will work to make our community a safe and comfortable environment to live our lives and raise our families.


Acuff can continue bench excellence

We have lived in Soddy-Daisy all our lives. For the last 21 years, we've been privileged to know Mike Acuff and his wife Susan. We know Mike as a man of integrity, devoted and dedicated to his family, his church, his community and his country.

Mike has years of experience as a defense attorney and twice spent significant periods as a military prosecutor.

Since incorporation in 1969, Soddy-Daisy's judges have set the bar of excellence at a high level. We believe that Mike has the experience, demeanor and temperament to continue this excellence. He will be an asset to Soddy-Daisy.

We will vote for Mike, and we ask the people of Soddy-Daisy to support him. You won't be disappointed.


Fleischmann stands above rest

Chuck Fleischmann has gained the admiration of the Republican leadership during his first term in Congress through his untiring work ethic, his ability to understand complex issues, and his rock-solid conservative stances -- anchored by his deep knowledge and abiding respect of the Constitution. Congressional leaders choose who will be on important committees based on a member's ability to contribute. It is like choosing your baseball team -- you want the best players. Chuck has been chosen to some of the most important committees.

How would those leaders view Weston Wamp? Would his self-proclaimed passion and fearlessness make up for his obvious lack of a work history and real-life experience?

Then we have Scottie Mayfield from Athens, Tenn., who although claiming to have 40 years of leadership, has managed to run a disastrous campaign, and he has yet to articulate a vision for taking Tennessee forward.

Chuck is a proven conservative leader -- let's make sure we return him to Congress.

RACHEL MILLER, Signal Mountain

Welch possesses high integrity

Please join us in voting for Dr. Jonathan Welch as District 2 school board representative. Having shared in Jonathan's life since he was a young boy, we know him to possess high integrity and sound judgment. He is steady and stable, has a great family and is a gentleman of faith with strong principles and work ethic, yet a listening servant's heart.

We would be very fortunate to have Jonathan Welch represent us on our school board.


Band together to heal nation

Fellow Christians, Matthew 6 is not our only example to pray. Paul said, "I will that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting," 1 Timothy 2:8.

Thank you, Rheubin Taylor, for your courage to pray publicly in the name of Jesus.

One atheist stopped prayer. What could many believers do if we prayed together? Our nation needs healing.

Instead of seeking differences among ourselves, let us unite together and pray for our nation. We have his promise.