'Immigrant rule an unfair advantage' and other letters to the editor

'Immigrant rule an unfair advantage' and other letters to the editor

June 24th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Immigrant rule an unfair advantage

Obama has just opened a floodgate of opportunity for young illegal immigrants in giving them equal opportunity with our sons and daughters to take the few jobs and college scholarships available. My guess, from how his Justice department has been run the last 31/2 years, is that it not only makes the illegal immigrants equal but in many cases more advantaged than U.S. citizens.

Our children should not be given an underdog role to those who, after all, are violators of U.S. law. Obama's ignoring the Constitution must be stopped. Obama actually said, "We will be ready to rule from day one." He meant what he said about ruling rather than governing.

CLINTON GRANT, Rossville, Ga.

Daily prayer strengthens lives

Think for a moment concerning all the input about prayer, and take heart. God is pleased when his teaching is a part of our everyday lives. Believe me, those who seek Him out on a daily basis in prayer are regularly strengthening their purpose in life, because they have discovered that God answers prayer.

MERILYN HALL, Lookout Mountain, Ga.

Hoss atop list of good candidates

I personally know many of the candidates for Soddy-Daisy's next judge. I have worked with some of the candidates on numerous occasions. A few of the candidates were generous enough to offer much-needed advice when I first opened my law practice. As a resident of Soddy-Daisy who frequently represents individuals in our municipal court, I believe our community is very fortunate to have such excellent choices for our next judge. One specific candidate, however, is uniquely suited for the position.

Bryan Hoss began his legal career as in the Hamilton County District Attorney's office before earning his law degree. He has since represented clients in a variety of courts, from city courts to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Because of this experience, he is able to understand the impact our local courts have at both the local and federal level. Because of his experience assisting the district attorney before entering private practice, Bryan understands the perspectives of both the prosecution and the defense.

I respect all the candidates running for Soddy-Daisy's next judge, but I can only endorse one. I will vote for Bryan Hoss, and I encourage my neighbors to do the same.


Cobb will help keep taxes down

Wake up, Rhea County! We need to keep Jim Cobb as our state representative. He is against all taxes! If Ron Travis wins, we are lost; he will go along with the commissioners who are pushing for a wheel tax. Jim Cobb has always helped us with keeping down taxes.

BILL COLE, Dayton, Tenn.

Income not rising like cost of living

I am disabled, unemployed and on a fixed income. I am disabled with TBI (traumatic brain injury). TBI has over 200 side effects, and each side effect has side effects of its own.

The disabled people and senior citizens only get a 3 percent increase a year, while everyone else gets 5 percent or more a year. The disabled and senior citizens should get two 3 percent increases six months apart. Just about all the big people get from 6 percent to 9 percent increase yearly. They don't know how to handle it. The cost of living is going up, not 5 cents or 10 cents. It's going up more than you think. Everybody is holding money tight; nothing is free these days.

Look at the price of food. The more it goes up, the more tax we pay. Food is like medication; we don't pay tax on prescription medication. We should not have to pay tax on food. Everything is going up, but our income is not going up like the cost of living. When the cost of living goes up, our income ought to go up no matter what time of year it is.


Seek compromises in prayer debate

When I moved to Hamilton County nine years ago, I was astonished to find that when a prayer was offered at a meeting or community event, it always included the words "in Jesus' name." I have lived in several other cities, and in those places, it would have been unthinkable to offer such a prayer at an event attended by non-Christians. To do so would have marked the speaker as, at best, oblivious, and, at worst, rude and inconsiderate. Prayers are still offered, but are addressed to a "heavenly Father." Alternatively, individuals of various faiths take turns offering prayers in their traditions, so that Christians might bow their heads to a prayer offered by a Jew or Muslim, and vice versa. These compromises seemed to work for almost everyone, and interestingly also are consistent with the judicial precedents in this area, which recognize this country's tradition of praying before meetings and events.

The County Commission will certainly lose if it attempts to defend its current practice, after wasting thousands in legal fees. I hope that local civic and community organizations also reconsider their practices in this area so that prayer can serve to unite rather than divide us.

CATHERINE LONG, Signal Mountain

Desegregation story was inspirational

Thank you, WTVC. Your program, "Reaching the Light. The Story of the Desegregation of the University of Chattanooga," was informative and inspirational. I only wish it was promoted better so more people could have seen it.


Berke's bipartisan leadership needed

Whether one is a Democrat or Republican, I believe that most of us are sick and tired of the petty partisan bickering that has virtually paralyzed Congress and kept our government at all levels from being as effective as it should be. Rather than work together to deal with the very real and serious problems our country is facing, members of both parties engage in destructive infighting and "gotcha" tactics. We need leaders at all levels -- federal, state and local -- who can and will work across party lines for the benefit of all our people.

Sen. Andy Berke is such a leader. Despite the reality that he was the lone local Democrat in the Tennessee Senate, Andy worked with Republicans across party lines to pass meaningful legislation in education, supporting veterans, cutting government waste, and helping the unemployed get back to work. Now Andy Berke has announced his candidacy for mayor of Chattanooga. We especially need his kind of energy and bipartisan leadership in that office at this time. I support Andy Berke and invite each of you join me in that support.


Prison Family Day an inspiring event

Our recent adventure to Family Day at Walker State Prison was a most inspiring experience. To see an entire community, including staff, religious leaders and volunteers, promote positive family relationships, building lasting bonds between fathers and their children, was an incredible sight. The generosity, compassion and joy with which every single detail was handled is truly a testament to the grace of God. Homemade pound cakes, hand-drawn artwork, beautiful homemade flowers, cotton candy, and the best hot dogs I have ever tasted -- these are tangible evidence that this community believes in the power of second chances.

You have no idea how you have changed these lives forever. You are to be commended. Speaking for one family, we will be forever grateful for your efforts. This cutting-edge effort at penal reform will drastically reduce recidivism and prove to be a more effective use of public expenditures. Thanks to everyone involved.

DONNA P. FISHER, Lilburn, Ga.