Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

March 1st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Use Camp Jordan funds elsewhere

Hallelujah, the city fathers of East Ridge have found the Promised Land (Camp Jordan).

East Ridge is slowly deteriorating, i.e., trees down, flooding, trash in yards, speeding noise, to name a few. But never fear, we have Camp Jordan, a place where at one time grown men played slowpitch softball, a sissy game.

I have lived in East Ridge for almost 50 years. I didn't even know where Camp Jordan was until I was looking for a friend in that area.

I thought, so this is it, the land of plenty. Then I realized no one was around, not a soul.

The same people who are elected to office must be qualified, not in politics. But how they can push Camp Jordan? They claim there is no money coming into the city from Camp Jordan. They hire a parks manager. Could someone explain to me his job description?

Half the older people who live in East Ridge never heard of Camp Jordan. And the other half could care less.

My kids walked to school through people's yards, because there are very few sidewalks in East Ridge.

The money that has gone into Camp Jordan could build sidewalks on every street.


* * * * *

Anderson shows support of nation

Lee Anderson's long career as editorialist with the Times Free Press has been filled with many important opinions. Across the years these expressions have boosted our community and manifested a genuine love for the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

While serving the newspaper with distinction and professionalism, Lee also is a vital part of Chattanooga's First Presbyterian Church. The Sunday School class he taught numbered more than many congregations.

He also is a valiant promoter of God and country through the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge.

These interests, combined with having served America in uniform, exemplify his love and support of the sacred principles upon which our nation was founded.

I appreciate his long record of contributions, and trust his retirement will be filled with happiness and good health.

BILL KNOWLES, Hamilton County Clerk

* * * * *

Agenda 21 a threat to nation's liberty

Finally, someone in the Chattanooga media informed the public regarding this Agenda 21 menace to our individual liberty.

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it is a citizen issue.

Most of us do not want to be herded into the central city, made to live in high-rise apartments, made to give up our autos and either walk or ride bicycles, eat whatever "Big Brother" prescribes for our diet, etc.

Letters are limited to 200 words; therefore, I cannot adequately reiterate all the dangers facing our nation if this agenda is implemented.

Be aware that the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives, Chattanooga Green Committee, and other unelected groups are attempting to determine your future.

Read the Chattanooga Climate Action Plan if you need proof, or purchase the book "Behind the Green Mask" by Rosa Koire, a liberal Democrat from California.

I was amazed to read in your article (Feb. 19) that Mayor Littlefield stated that he first heard of Agenda 21 only a few months ago when, in fact, he signed the Conference of Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement in 2006.


* * * * *

Thomas-Maddow actions apply to all

Kudos to Cal Thomas and Rachel Maddow. As Mr. Thomas revealed in his column Wednesday (Feb. 22), he made a comment about Ms. Maddow at the recent CPAC gathering in Washington that he later deemed inappropriate. When he contacted her to apologize, she accepted his apology and an offer to have lunch. This is not just a lesson for our politicians about the need for civil public discourse; it applies to us all.

We all want to believe we live in the best country in the history of the world, but we still have a lot of room for improvement. Common sense and good manners could eliminate some of the most offensive aspects of our public conversation. A willingness to believe only the best about those we agree with and the worst about those we disagree with, to accept as fact most anything that seems consistent with what we hope is true, to demonize those we disagree with by questioning their patriotism or exaggerating their positions on issues and to see reasonable compromise as an unacceptable selling out is not the way we achieved our greatness, and it will surely destroy what we've inherited.

The price we are paying for this state of affairs is that most in public office are unwilling to tackle the real problems we face, and when the attempt is made, it is almost a certainty that it will fail and the messenger will be shot. The Simpson-Bowles Commission's report and the $4 trillion budget reduction deal the President and Speaker Boehner agreed to are two recent examples. We can and must do better.


* * * * *

Utilize empty spaces first

As I drive around Hixson, I see all these empty places for lease or sale:

Food Lion Hixson Pike and Food Lion Highland Plaza, empty stores in Northgate Mall, Southern Home and Garden Hixson Pike, and the car wash next to it, brand new empty office complex Hixson Pike and Williams Road, the Orchard complex Austin Road empty spaces, CBC Bank Complex Highway 153 empty spaces, The Bag on Hixson Pike, Hillbillies old restaurant, offices near the Hixson Post Office, and offices on Hamill Road.

So tell me why would you demolish a mountain on Highway 153, destroy habitat, create erosion problems and traffic problems and disrupt a subdivision, to create a development the size of Hamilton Place when you have these empty places that could be utilized all over Hixson?

Reduce, reuse, restore, recycle, re-think!


* * * * *

McClure is there when you need him

Mitch McClure should retain his seat as District 3 commissioner.

As a long time friend and pastor, Mitch McClure has always has been there when my wife and I needed him.

As a commissioner, past business experiences come into play, in that any financial matters that come before the commission will be handled in the best interest of the community.

This letter is not to demean other candidates. That is not what an election is supposed to be about. I have heard Mitch McClure say this about anyone else running for this office. This is not the kind of man he is.

This is Mitch McClure, He is on a committee to try to curb gang violence. He knows we have a large one here. He knows a lot of the gang problems are the result of parenting skills.

He also plays a big part in assuring your children have a safe, secure and healthy school system to grow up in.

This is your community. He will work for your safety, well being and future. So consider Mitch McClure on March 6.