Letters to the Editors: Don't let our children slide by

Letters to the Editors: Don't let our children slide by

March 3rd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Don't let our children slide by

I have been bothered by the articles about our schools and those going to college and completing their degrees.

I am disturbed by the defeatist and persecutist attitude in this area.

My parents only had an eighth grade education, not because of intelligence but because of finances and where they lived.

It took me 10 years to finish college. I worked as a garbage man, janitor and any other job to pay my bill but when I finished I owed no money for my education.

It's time for us as parents to see what our children are learning and study it for ourselves.

We need to see that our children are to school on time and that they are not a disturbance in the classroom.

Also many students do not belong in college. There are many good-paying jobs in construction, electrical and plumbing that many are well-suited for.

They need to understand that after graduation, their job status is not guaranteed because of where they went to school but by what they are able to do with what they know.

It's time for all of us to get busy and prepare our children for life rather than letting them slide by.


Haynes is best for District 3

Marty Haynes is the best candidate to represent District 3 on the Hamilton County Commission.

I personally know how much the communities and neighborhoods in District 3 mean to Marty and his family because he is my dad. I have learned from him how important it is to give back to your community by watching his example. One of Dad's favorite quotes is "Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by those already doing it."

Being involved with the schools, civic groups and at church is not just something that started happening during the campaign for him. Dad has been involved my entire life. He is usually one of the first to arrive and last to leave for any project.

I am now married and have a child of my own. I now know how much men and women like my dad have sacrificed to make their community a better place to live.

I know for a fact how much this community means to Marty Haynes -- I have seen him live it!

Vote for Marty Haynes for county Commissioner district 3 on March 6.



Check the source for anti-Fox words

A letter posed a great question regarding anti-Fox comments: "Where do they get their information?"

The answer in my opinion is quite simple -- the "information" comes from Mediamatters. Mediamatters is a left-wing organization determined to wipe out any conservative thought by destroying anyone who promotes such ideas.

When such comments are posed by a letter writer, search Mediamatters to determine if that organization is the source, and then wonder if the letter writer has a bias toward progressives. Go to Mediamatters.com and see for yourself the background and the sponsors of that organization.

Main stream has been compromised, and it is my opinion that there is now an all-out effort to destroy Fox news.


Crossville, Tenn.

Politics a part of religion in U.S.

The droning voices of those who fear Christians and their vote have been parroting what they believe will silence this giant -- that is, politics must be kept out of religion. This threat is always accompanied by the Draconian image of the IRS 501-c-3 and the churches' covenant with hell.

Let me remind you that our history is replete with election-day sermons, telling the people to go vote for liberty and the Bible. But to put this argument to rest, hear the words of the famous evangelist, Charles Finney:

"The time has come that Christians must vote for honest men and take consistent ground in politics, or the Lord will curse them ... God cannot sustain this free and blessed country, which we love and pray for, unless the Church will take right ground. Politics are a part of religion in such a country as this, and Christians must do their duty to the country as a part of their duty to God."

Hymn books always contain such patriotic songs as "My Country, 'Tis of Thee," and our national hymn, "God of our Fathers." Does God's curse not rest on this neglect?


Dayton, Tenn.

Math skills aid decision-making

In the Times Free Press Feb. 26, Walter Williams wrote a piece called "Math Matters."

Appearing in the Feb. 28 issue was "Cook's settles bias case" (subheading ... math questions ...).

To quote Mr. Williams: "Mathematical ability helps provide the disciplined structure that helps people think, speak and write more clearly."

The Cook's piece claims "... the test is not a valid predictor of success in the various jobs ... ." The Cook's piece goes on to note that the Chesapeake, [Va.] Police Department also was forced to remove math questions from their employment applications because they were "... not a good measure of how well a police officer could do his or her job." I wonder how much math proficiency either expert could claim?

Police officers must quickly and accurately process information. Proficiency in math enhances that ability. A pest control employee would encounter situations where some basic geometry (to calculate square footage to be treated?) was needed.

We are deliberately "dumbing down" the American culture. Poor decision making (related to lack of math proficiency) by police officers and other employees will ultimately have a negative effect on all. Math does matter.


Winchester, Tenn.

You can trust what McClure says

I voted (early) for Mitch McClure after hearing him speak about annexation, an issue that causes me great concern. He was knowledgeable and straightforward to me and everyone there about this.

I have found him to be involved in all concerns of the community and have had personal correspondence with him and he was quick to reply. I was impressed with Mr. McClure. I believe you can trust what he tells you. By the way, I have found that with the exception of his family, Mr. McClure's life revolves around his church and community. Please back Mitch McClure.