Letters to the Editors: Rick Santorum's views play only in South

Letters to the Editors: Rick Santorum's views play only in South

March 5th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Rick Santorum's views play only in South

Santorum visited Abba's House. Their spokeswoman "joked," saying, "we don't get involved in politics." Ha! Democrats would be very uncomfortable there!

I pray Santorum will be the Republican nominee. His extreme views play well only in the South and with the loony tea party.

He's against contraception and abortion. He doesn't understand you can't have it both ways; everyone can't afford seven children like them.

With 7 billion people occupying the planet, less not more is necessary for the survival of humanity. He doesn't see the correlation, and he exhibited a lack of class calling Obama a "snob" because he wants every child to have a chance for college. Boy!

I enthusiastically supported John Kennedy, because he made clear his positions wouldn't be influenced by his (Catholic) church; otherwise I couldn't have voted for him.

I support church/state separation; it's clear Santorum doesn't. I'm a Cooperative Baptist not a Southern Baptist. Harry Truman, a Baptist, told the SBC president "no way" when he was challenged. And Jimmy Carter, a Baptist, lost their support when he wouldn't do their bidding. That's who we are!

Our Founders never wanted religion as a test for public office. They would be appalled at what is taking place today.


Walden, Tenn.

Cult label fits the tea party

I have been looking for a good definition for the word cult. I think I have found one.

Cult: A group of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in advancing goals, concepts and ideas, which entirely lack intellectual integrity.

What would better describe the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals that call themselves the "tea party"? I do apologize to Neanderthals.


District 3 needs Haynes' leadership

Please vote for Marty Haynes as county commissioner for District 3.

I have known Marty for over 30 years and know him to be a man with great leadership qualities and a strong influence in our community. "Community servant" best describes my friend. Marty is straightforward and honest about his convictions.

When Hixson High School went through some very difficult days a few years ago, I was proud to see Marty and other alumni rally to the aid of their alma mater. At a time when public opinion of Hixson High was very low, this group of dedicated alumni would not let their school fall by the way.

District 3 needs the type of leadership and commitment Marty displayed in those dark days to fight for our community.

I strongly urge others to vote for Marty Haynes on primary day March 6.



Obesity hurting military recruiting

Re: "National food fight looms" (Feb. 22).

Your editorial in support of stronger nutrition standards for snacks sold in our schools was excellent. I only wish it had mentioned another critical reason for improving school nutrition, here in Tennessee and nationwide. As a retired admiral, I am very concerned that being overweight or obese is the leading medical reason why young adults cannot serve in the military, which could impact future recruiting efforts.

In Tennessee, 45 percent of young adults 18 to 24 years old are either overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many children consume up to half of their daily calories during school hours, so getting junk food out of schools is critical to reducing childhood obesity. This will not solve the obesity problem on its own, but should be part of comprehensive action, involving both parents and schools, to help students build stronger bodies with less excess fat.

That is why I have joined the other retired generals and admirals of the national security nonprofit Mission: Readiness in urging Congress to support USDA's efforts to improve the nutritional quality of snack foods and drinks sold at school so that our childhood obesity crisis does not become a national security crisis.


Read Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Haynes only choice for District 3

I encourage voters of Hamilton County District 3 to select Marty Haynes for commissioner on March 6 in the Republican primary.

I've known Marty over time to be very passionate and dedicated to his church, his family and the district.

From years of working with the schools in the area, coaching young people through the youth associations, countless community and fundraising projects, or just being there to support someone in their hour of need, Marty is the person I would want representing me on the County Commission.

I've watched Marty be objective when diplomacy was needed, but also have noted Marty to be a man of conviction and uncompromising on his principles.

As the community moves forward, having someone who is synonymous with Hixson, Middle Valley and Lakesite should be our only goal. Marty Haynes is the only choice. Vote for him on March 6.


Humans harming rest of creation

It was heart wrenching to read about the illegal soring of horse hooves, to make them win prizes in Walking Horse competition. How can any person deliberately do such cruelty to a horse? Imagine having a foreign object shoved into our fingernails -- what horror! Those poor horses live in constant pain and probably live in fear of anyone who touches their hooves.

Thankfully, Judge Harry Mattice enforced the law. But will Davis' sentence and small fine help prevent the widespread brutal practice? Probably not. Wealthy walking horse owners apparently don't care how much pain their horses endure, as long as they make that almighty dollar! And guess what? That huge pile of money only brings short-lived thrills, not genuine, deep, long-lasting joy. We humans are way off the mark of embracing true happiness. And the rest of creation is suffering because of us. How sad!


Sewanee, Tenn.

Gingrich ignored Georgia until now

I am appalled that Newt Gingrich is reaching out to the state of Georgia for votes while in all the years he was serving as speaker of the House, he never cared about Georgia or the residents of Georgia.

His sole concern is to make a deal from special interests groups, which puts money into his own pocket.

I ask voters to pay close attention and recognize that he only comes to Georgia when there is something in it for him.

You need to make an educated and knowledgeable decision. Newt Gingrich is a man with a lot of talk but little actions to follow.


LaFayette, Ga.

Santorum wins heart of the vote

I attended Rick Santorum's speech in Hixson and Newt Gingrich's rally in Dalton, Ga. What a stark difference in the appeal and speeches of these two candidates who are currently running for the Republican nomination for president.

As I watched both of them speak, I concluded: Rick Santorum appeals to the heart, and Newt Gingrich appeals to the mind. Rick spoke about family values and guarding life after conception. Newt spoke about bold ideas he would implement as president and why and how they would work. It is no wonder more people are being moved by Santorum than Newt. He speaks to a different part of people that encourages an emotional response. You might absolutely agree with everything Newt says, but when it comes to the heart of the vote, Rick Santorum wins.


Ringgold, Ga.