'Let's find a leader who can unite us' and more Letters to the Editors

'Let's find a leader who can unite us' and more Letters to the Editors

March 12th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Let's find a leader who can unite us

I am looking for a leader, one who can express clear visions for our great country. I want a leader who can explain so that we can understand how he/she believes we can achieve the visions.

I am looking for a leader who can unite our representatives in Congress across the aisles and who does not seek to divide us. We are one nation, even though the rhetoric in Washington and across our land would indicate that we are not, but rather enemies of persons who disagree with us, even our neighbors.

I am looking for citizens of this great country who can express their own visions about our national goals and how we can reach them together. I am eager to see citizens who can put their shoulders to the wheel to bring us together again to be one nation.

We are stronger when we do not all agree, but we cannot be strong if we do not listen to each other and find ways to compromise so that we can move forward together. No one of us has it all right.


Wild animals need to be just that

Wild animals are not meant to be pets. They belong in their natural habitats where they can learn how to survive and adapt in nature. They also should be with their own kind.

One reason wild animals should be free is their true nature can take over any minute. All of those horrid accidents that occurred with chimpanzees and their owners are an example. One second a cute little fur ball, the next a beast, craving freedom and doing anything to get it. The act of violence is different for every animal, but most end with the same thing. They all end with injury.

Another reason wild animals shouldn't be a pet is that they have a certain environment; for instance, a bee and its hive, or a monkey and a jungle. I mean, a monkey wouldn't belong in a desert, just like wild animals don't belong in households.

Animals should be free in their environments and learn what needs to be learned, not locked up with humans, being on a leash or wearing clothes. It is unnatural and in my opinion wrong!


Crandall, Ga.

Don't use ribbons in distasteful way

I recently attended a Carmike Cinema movie presentation where puppets were used to advertise the Fandango service available for the public to order tickets in advance.

One of the Fandango puppets used the Vietnam Campaign Ribbon as facial makeup. As a Vietnam veteran, I strongly disagree and deplore the use of any service ribbon for other than what it is intended.

Improper use of ribbons demeans and degrades their very intent.

As a reminder, the Vietnam Campaign Ribbon is awarded to those who served and died in the Vietnam War.

Fandango puppet creators and Carmike Cinema management should be made aware of the sensitive nature affecting veterans and family members when the ribbons are displayed in such a distasteful manner.

Service ribbons received honor the recipient, the military service served and country. They should not be used in jest or for advertisement purposes.



Make your voice heard on rezoning

The current school rezoning issue may not affect you today but ...

One student, going from grades 6-12, would travel to Ooltewah rather than East Hamilton, a total of at least an additional 10,000 miles by car/bus. A burden to students and parents plus adversely affecting property values in neighborhoods once valued for zoned schools.

Hamilton County homeowners should contact all Hamilton County school board members and all Hamilton County commissioners/City Council representatives expressing concern that rezoning could be imposed on you at any time.

Urge the school board to vote this Thursday to create a task force, including residents, to study alternatives: how other cities cope with overcrowding, allocating pilot monies from Volkswagen, Amazon, etc., received in lieu of taxes, updating older buildings, portable buildings in the short term, etc., and to develop a master plan for future growth in Hamilton County.

Superintendent Rick Smith is on record saying: "I am not concerned about property value." Hopefully other elected officials, the school board that appointed him, as well as other area officials are.

By contacting all school board and county/city officials before Thursday, you can be heard loud and clear that these issues do matter when elections come around.

Today this issue affects East Hamilton County. tomorrow, your area?


Open new drilling to aid economy

I am struggling with the comments from "supposed" intellects. Allow me to take it from these views.

Intellects are saying that increasing the production of oil will not bring down oil prices.

When President Bush asked the Saudis to increase production, the price of oil dropped.

Some said speculators are causing the price increase. They also are saying that less oil is now being consumed because of the price increase in gas.

If we open up new drilling, it will take five years before production. If we had done it 10 years ago, we would be extracting millions of barrels of oil today.

I say flood the market.

That will accomplish much to include providing thousands of jobs; making us oil independent; providing riches for many in our country; reducing the price of oil and gas; stimulate our economy and much more.

When I see these so-called intellects talking, I scratch my head wondering what I am missing.

Additionally, we must build new refineries as we have not built one in 30 years.

Wake up, America!


Signal Mountain

What to think about Limbaugh

After Rush Limbaugh's recent debacle, I have struggled to find a suitable characterization for the man. I thought of none you might risk in print.

We are not so crass as to wish him female and married to a pro-lifer.


Mentone, Ala.

Ensure students live in right zone

I support the parents who are challenging Rick Smith's rezoning of our schools.

Rick Smith, school administration and teachers should be responsible for making sure that students live in the areas zoned for schools in East Hamilton County.

Unfortunately, our appointed superintendent, Rick Smith, has all the power.


Only Gingrich can beat Obama

It is obvious what is happening in the presidential primary. The Democrats are voting for Ron Paul, Santorum and Mitt Romney, sabotaging Newt Gingrich.

Democrats are afraid of Mr. Gingrich. He would make mincemeat out of Obama.

By listening to the media, we are led to believe Romney is the Republican candidate, which is the Democratic hopeful.

Obama would be a shoe-in.

If it is not Newt, it is Obama ... period. Wake up, Republicans!


Rock Spring, Ga.