Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

March 17th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Why Limbaugh but not Maher?

It looks like Obama has rid himself of his number one nemesis.

No, I am not talking about the GOP candidates. I am talking about Rush Limbaugh.

Rush is a true patriot and a highly intelligent man, but he took the bait. In trying to defend the freedoms of religion and free speech ,he fell hook, line and sinker and let his mouth get ahead of his brain. Now he will be removed from the scene or rendered ineffective even though he apologized both publicly and privately.

Rush was attacked by Obama and the liberal left while Bill Maher said much worse things about Sarah Palin and received a free pass. Of course he would, since he gave Obama a million dollars. Vile statements are made by Maher and others about Palin and Bachmann on a regular basis.

Hannity had better watch his back because he will likely be next.

There is a group called Media Matters for America that has investigators checking the personal lives of Fox News and other Obama critics. They have direct access to the White House. In true tyrannical fashion, I predict they will then go after everyone who dares tell the truth.


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Read the Bible and get surprised

Some believe the Bible is the best-selling book. Too bad it is not known as the most read or most followed book.

What is so great about the Bible? Why not read it for yourselves. It may surprise you!


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Discretionary fund should be dropped

It must be election time again because Hamilton County commissioners' $1 million slush fund is making headlines once again. Every election, the talk of greater transparency comes up in this great commissioners giveaway.

This is exactly what the plan is, another opportunity for each to boast about what they have done to help their district while spending their $100,000 share of discretionary funds.

It appears that commissioners have put themselves up for sale. I'll give your group $1,000 if my name appears on a new wall plaque, or I give your group $2,000 of the $50,000 you're needing, if I can get my picture taken with your group for the newspaper.

Commissioners are giving away $50,000, $75,000, sometimes over $100,000 on their leaving office gifts.

Are the commissioners buying your vote with these actions?

Why doesn't this money get put into our schools' budget?

Discretionary funds and the way they are used are wrong and should be discontinued.

See our newspaper opinion Free Press editorial of May 17, 2011, "Ban the county's slush fund."


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'Transparency' perpetuates myth

Alison Gerber's column (Perspective, March 11) cited lofty reasons for publishing federal employees' names, salaries and compensations while ridiculing those who object to this public outing. Implied is that federal employees are pampered by generous compensations that private industry workers do not enjoy.

This rationale is not new. Workers have been under increasing pressure to cede their middle-class standard of living to the lowest bidder. Thus, "transparency" is a thinly disguised perpetuation of the bloated-worker myth. Further implied is that each of us would be better off if TVA, Postal Service, teachers, and other government sectors were privatized.

Private corporations are good at subtly framing opinion while reaping the benefits of maximized profit. This short-sighted grab, however, diminishes each of us, and our communities that find themselves strapped by lack of tax revenue once provided by a solid middle class.

If we are to believe Ms. Gerber and her assertions, let readers see Chattanooga Times Free Press revenues, salaries and compensation packages. Include street vendors and deliverers. When this occurs, the reader can then say the area's paper of record is "fair and balanced."

KAREN LEE, Dunlap, Tenn.

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Don't give all to private market

Regarding the story about Corrections Corporation of America trying to buy up prisons: If you think about it, you would see that it's no good for the states or the people they send to prisons.

That's because they want them 90 percent full at all times, which makes the courts give people more time in prison, or makes them send people to prison when there are better places for them.

Think about this: They run Silverdale now, and look at all the guards there who got caught bringing things in. It's because the pay for the job isn't worth what they do. I know a lot of people who work for them.

Corrections Corporation of America has control over so many prisons here in Tennessee because a lot of the people in Tennessee have stock in it.

The people need to open their eyes and take back the government, and not let our government hand over everything to people in the private market just so they can put more money in their own pocket.

When it goes private, it's to a company they or their family or friends own.

Think, people, and let's take back our government before it's too late.


* * * * *

Clooney has done his homework

I am amazed how Free Press editor Lee Anderson can irresponsibly assume Actor George Clooney is "dabbling" in politics.

I Googled Mr. Clooney to see if I could find out how many times he has been in Sudan.

No count, except his visit three days before his Congress meeting, but he has been talking about Sudan since at least 2009 and maybe longer.

I visited Mr. Anderson's Sunday morning class at his church for one summer. He stated he had been to the Holy Land, although not how many times. He taught the class as someone with a wealth of knowledge of the Bible and Holy Land. I enjoyed his class, reminding us all to be Christ-like and take care of one another.

You can understand my surprise to read his disdain for celebrities to speak about politics or humankind as if they have not done their homework.

So I ask you, Mr. Anderson, what are your guidelines to be able to speak on a subject whether it be the Bible, Holy Land, or Sudan? Don't judge or you will be judged.

I also wonder if you voted for Ronald Reagan once or twice.


Editor's Note: Twice.