Letter to the Editors

Letter to the Editors

March 25th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Make charging stations available

When Henry Ford made the automobile affordable to the American public, he also created a boom industry for the local gas station. One can drive across the United States and find a gas station when needed. One might be concerned about the price, but not finding a fueling facility.

Positive results have been made in electric and hybrid vehicles, but sales of these vehicles are beginning to stagnate (GM suspended manufacturing of the Volt until sales catch up www.nytimes.com/.../gm-suspends-production-of-chevrolet-volt.htm). To sustain long-term growth for these vehicles, affordable, practical and available charging facilities are a requirement.

Rather than Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax program, or Newt Gingrich's "colonize the moon adventure," or the "drill baby drill" argument, how about a "5-5-5 Energy Policy" to replace fossil fuel-driven vehicles? A 5-minute charge, located at every major gas station within the next 5 years, at a cost of 5 cents per kWh?

Unreasonable? This is the same country that went to the moon in the '60s.

Something similar to this might just work. It doesn't require one to be a Republican or a Democrat for it to be good for all of us.


Signal Mountain

Apology needed for Irish putdowns

Certainly the editors of the Chattanooga Times Free Press would be ashamed to print a full page of jokes and innuendos that feed in to the hateful stereotypes of African Americans, or Jewish Americans, or Native Americans, or any other segment of our society based on the color of their skin, their country of origin, or their religion.

Why is it, then, that when all other groups in this country are to be respected and celebrated for their particular culture, every March 17 those of us of Irish descent must be subjected to the ridicule of being part of a culture that is constantly drunk and disorderly?

Why is it the intoxicated Irishman, who must be thrown in the "Paddy" wagon, is always fair game for insult when it is considered ignorant to make fun of other cultures?

I believe the supposedly erudite and enlightened editors of this city's newspaper should apologize to all the folks of Irish descent for the "Punchline" section of the paper in [the March 16] edition. Maybe then we can all have a (green) beer and kiss each other's blarney stones for this "teachable" moment.


Signal Mountain

Women deserve water-birth option

As a pregnant woman in Chattanooga, I've been disappointed in the options for birthing.

I, like many women across the United States, would prefer a water birth to relieve pain and reduce risks. Hospitals in Chattanooga don't offer water birth options. Many hospitals across the United States provide tubs or allow women to bring their own birthing tubs.

Water births provide many benefits for women. Water is soothing and comforting. This relieves pain, anxiety, and lowers blood pressure. The most common reason a woman prefers a water birth is because it's the safest and most natural form of relief.

I feel our hospitals have forgotten that labor is an extraordinary, important moment in a woman's life. Women should feel like they have options to choose from, feel encouraged to birth the way they choose, and not feel restricted by the options surrounding them. If you want a water birth in Chattanooga you have to plan a home birth or drive two hours to another hospital. Home birth can be wonderful but many women feel safer in a hospital but would appreciate some more natural options. The inducing, leading to epidurals, leading to cesarean section trend is not acceptable to many women today. Chattanooga women deserve more!



Parents need to take back power

These drive-by shootings have got to stop. Something has to be done -- babies, children and all ages are losing their lives because someone decided to get even or to settle a score, while endangering the lives of other people.

What will they do -- kill everybody?

The gang unit can only do so much before they are back on the street. Where will it end? They are out of control, and when did we as parents lose the control? Was it while we were sleeping or while were saying, awww that's cute. Or was it while we were looking the other way?

People say you cannot spank your children. The government doesn't want you to abuse your children. But they do want you to be the parent.

It has got to stop. And as sad as it is, it is only black on black crime. There, I said it, because it needs to be said.

Our young black men are out of control, and it is like they are on a killing spree against each other.

My decision -- lock them up, let them see how it feels to be without fresh air, or most of all, freedom.

Somewhere, we as parents and adults have got to take back the power we once had, but somehow lost.


Blossoms make for pleasant drive

I don't know whose idea it was to plant cherry blossom trees along Shallowford Road in the Brainerd area, but thank you! Those beautiful blooms brighten my morning drive. This is how Chattanooga should be spending our money ... on something all the taxpayers can enjoy.


Things happen in close combat

I am full of sadness for Sgt. Robert Bales. It seems to me he is being "painted" for a crime against a country, not his victims, a "scapegoat" if you will.

I see him as a victim of too many tours too close together.

This country has not won a war since WWII. I was there. I'm a combat veteran of three tours with two presidential citations, along with 22 years in active duty.

I do not hear any thanks for what you've done for these countries by them.

There is nothing new in history and the Holy Bible about killing and murder of a village -- men, women, children and babies.

In WWII, I saw two Japanese soldiers' heads stuck on sticks in a cemetery. Someone said "our soldiers don't do things like that," and someone who knew better said it happens with lots of close combat with fatigue and blood, etc.

I have a special feeling for all combat soldiers.

It rains on the just and unjust (King James).

Some people tell me that this world is in its last days. Thank the Lord, He is going to end this world and remake it new. Thus there will be a new heaven and Earth. Praise the Lord!


Don't mislead our children

It is hard to believe that Sen. Bo Watson doesn't have enough real problems to deal with in the state Senate without solving problems which do not exist.

For some reason, Tennessee has a surplus of history "deniers" who continue to try to diminish the legitimacy of established scientific facts, i.e., the fact of evolution.

Why is it necessary to mislead our children and cater to those who would take us back to the Dark Ages?

Let's take positive steps toward the future instead of continuing to dredge up ridiculous bills which inject unnecessary controversy in our schools and cast our state in a negative light. That is the arena of the bigots and zealots.


Cleveland, Tenn.