Letters to the Editors: Insurance change made a difference

Letters to the Editors: Insurance change made a difference

March 26th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Insurance change made a difference

I am a first generation American-born son of European immigrants of the '70s. When I was in high school in Tennessee, Mom lost her health insurance after she divorced my dad. She also just had a tumor taken from her head which left her with serious disabling mental and physical issues.

For many years she was uninsurable and went uninsured -- that is, until President Obama's Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan finally let her buy health insurance! I took her to get her first checkup in a more than a dozen years, and now she can get the preventive care and screenings that was a dream while she was uninsured.

Thank you, President Obama, and thank you, America, for not turning your back on my family.


Madison, Tenn.

You are responsible for who you elect

Two articles in the March 21 Chattanooga Times Free Press caught my attention. The first, "Appalling disrespect for our flag," on page B7, reported the Democratic Party headquarters in Lake County, Florida, displayed for months an American flag with the stars that represent the states, replaced with an image of Barack Obama.

The other article, on C3, " Chicanery riddles Greek disability benefits system," shows members of the Greek Communist Party shouting slogans at a rally in Athens, Greece.

What do these two articles have in common? They both show the Communist and Socialist party at work. The only difference is the Greek Communist Party is open about who they represent. The Democrats aren't.

There are currently in Congress 75 declared Progressives including 72 voting representatives, two non-voting delegate, and one senator.

If these congressmen and congresswomen ran as Communist or Socialist, do you think they would be elected? I think not.

This election, be careful who you vote for. You, the voter, is responsible.


Cleveland, Tenn.

Beware, freedom being taken away

One morning you find a sleeping crocodile in your kitchen! What are you going to do?

He's an endangered species. He has the law behind him. You can't shoot him (even if you do own a gun). He is really very handsome, and his size alone is remarkable. He doesn't smell that bad, and his feet are so clever. You even respect him for his power. And look! He's smiling! This analogy represents the "We haven't lost any freedoms!" crowd. The reptile is huge and growing larger and more dangerous by the day. And while he might be snoozing and remind you of a harmless, but intricate life form, he will wake and eat you and your children, or maybe he will destroy your house first and then devour your family, including the dog.

Freedom is taken much in the same way. The crocodile is in power now. He will wake up and deliver a death blow to our country. And then we will be the endangered species. Enjoy your breakfast. And pay attention!


Cleveland, Tenn.