'Bo Watson's bill is necessary' and more letters to the editor

'Bo Watson's bill is necessary' and more letters to the editor

March 27th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Bo Watson's bill is necessary

Anyone who says "there is no scientific evidence against (evolution)" is ignorant or lying, no matter what title he may have. Here's why:

Evolution violates the law of biogenesis, which states that "life only comes from other life."

A single cell is far more complex than a computer, with hundreds of interdependent processes that all must work correctly. Mathematics proves the chance of this happening is zero.

Evolution requires massive amounts of new DNA information for every species, the generation of which has never been observed. Mutations are overwhelmingly damaging, and even those considered beneficial consist of loss of information.

Evolution requires huge numbers of transitional species -- all of which are missing. Darwin himself knew this was a fatal flaw which he hoped would be overcome but has not.

The history of evolution is one of hoaxes, lies, errors and falsification: Piltdown Man, peppered moths, the evolutionary tree, embryo drawings, spontaneous generation, etc.

This theory would have been discarded long ago if evolutionists did not desperately want it to be true. Scientific inquiry and free speech are threats to their faith. This is -- unfortunately -- why Bo Watson's bill is necessary.


Spring City, Tenn.

Smith right choice for school board

Our community needs a school board representative who has a long-term vision for building a better school system without losing focus on meeting the educational needs of all students in our community.

Our community needs a strong advocate on the school board who understands the importance of closing the achievement gap while ensuring all children are ready to compete in today's competitive workforce and for the jobs of tomorrow.

As a leading business executive in Chattanooga, Ken Smith knows how to manage a budget while maximizing limited resources to their fullest extent. As a father of public school children and husband to a public school teacher, Ken understands the challenges facing our schools and teachers. Ken also is the only candidate who campaigned for the District 3 seat in 2010, where he received more than 24 percent of the vote.

I encourage the commissioners to take the 2010 election and Ken's background into consideration when making this decision rather than appoint someone who is not engaged in our schools and has little understanding of the complex issues facing our schools.

Ken is the right choice for our community and will help strengthen the school board.



Ooltewah High is simply the best

With all the East Hamilton rezoning fuss in the news, I'd like to say I am a proud parent of an Ooltewah High School student. Several have stated that OHS is sub-standard. I couldn't disagree more.

My child is an honor student at OHS and has been blessed with great teachers and educational opportunities. In fact, OHS has an abundance of electives and extra-curricular activities to suit most any interest. The new International Baccalaureate Diploma program, Advanced Placement and honors courses, and dual enrollment opportunities are just some of the many examples of OHS's dedication to academic excellence.

OHS has dedicated and outstanding coaches who have contributed to very successful athletic teams. The dance team won TSSAA's state championship this year for high kick. The basketball team recently competed in the state playoffs. There's an amazing JROTC program and a band that has marched in Disney's Christmas Day Parade and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. OHS offers a wide gamut of athletic teams, clubs, and service organizations -- something for almost any student.

OHS is not sub-standard by any means. OHS leadership is top-notch and strives for academic success. The school motto, "Simply the Best," sums it up nicely.



R-rated 'Bully' is film worth seeing

In reading about an R rating for the movie "Bully," I couldn't understand the reasoning behind downgrading it to a lower rating.

An R rating means anyone under 17 could not be admitted without an adult. If the child is accompanied by an adult, they are allowed to see the film.

Do the makers of the film really believe a group of 15-year-olds would choose to see this film on their own? Does anyone think an average 15-year-old is mature enough to mentally process the message of a film about bullying?

Regardless of the rating, parents should be taking their children to this movie, discussing it and reinforcing the message.


Rossville, Ga.

Say no to Healthy Baby Contest

My therapy dog and I visit Children's Hospital monthly. Every child who pets him has a moment of "normal" in their lives.

Our first experience there was with a dying boy. His grandmother put Toby's paw on the boy's hand and took a picture. What can anyone say in that situation? My throat constricted as I mumbled "You have a beautiful child." I have seen a teenage boy's face light up as he reached over the nurse who was drawing blood to give my dog a treat.

At KidzExpo there is a "Healthy and Happy Baby" contest. I think it is so sad that despite having sick and injured kids in their care, Children's Hospital has chosen to sanction this contest.

I encourage all the sponsors to withdraw their support and cancel the contest or for parents to boycott it. Barring that, perhaps a child with cancer, spina bifida or a cleft palate could be named the "Healthy and Happy Baby." Their parents are proud of their child's courage and admire their beauty, despite the pain.

Please, this is no way to honor someone who has no choice about their health. It is exploitation at its ugliest.