Letters to the Editors: Energy rhetoric makes no sense

Letters to the Editors: Energy rhetoric makes no sense

March 31st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Energy rhetoric makes no sense

Obama's energy rhetoric:

  1. "Drilling is not the answer": Drilling may not be the answer, but let's not let perfect get in the way of good! We, the little people, know that any oil supply curtailment (hurricane, Middle East hissy fit) always results in price escalations. Only in the Magic Kingdom where Obama lives does increasing the supply of a commodity not have the opposite effect on prices that a curtailment in supply exhibits.

  2. "Oil is the technology of the past": Well, then what is the technology of the present? This would be like JFK announcing in 1962 that typewriters are the technology of the past and we should limit production until we can invent something more efficient ... someday ... maybe. In spite of their inefficiencies and safety issues, our forefathers didn't abandon candles until they had mastered electric light capabilities.

  3. "Nothing we now do will provide immediate relief": That's my favorite. When can we expect relief if we never start?

Vagueness, euphemisms and duplicity are cottage industries within this administration. It's also a sad day in America when we find ourselves anesthetized by a media which has abdicated its responsibility to scrutinize, challenge and subsequently submit objectivity to the citizenship.


Signal Mountain

Check all sources when seeking 'lies'

A March 28 letter with the headline "Republicans can't handle truth," said YouTube had over 9,000 "Fox News lies" hits and that we Republicans can't handle the truth.

I went to YouTube and checked out Obama's, Media Maters, and Democrat lies. To do this helps complete the true "Truth" picture.

Just to be fair, I checked Republican, progressive, and liberal lies. All are listed, with the winner being Obama, with 16 listed lies in a three-minute recording.

Since I was not content to merely look at Fox News lies but checked on ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC lies, all are there for the reading.


Crossville, Tenn.

Erlanger superb in all areas of care

There's been a lot in the media lately about Erlanger hospital; good and bad opinions.

I was admitted to the hospital in December 2011, via the emergency room. I didn't know what to expect. However, every single person who treated me during my five-day stay was very professional and very caring.

I had no insurance other than Medicare Part A. When I voiced concern I was assured that issue could be worked out.

I've received bills from six different services from my hospital visit, and in every case they worked out an agreeable and affordable payment plan for me.

Every person in billing with whom I spoke with was polite and considerate.

I've since applied for insurance. However, even when I'm enrolled, I'd choose to go to Erlanger for treatment. In every area of my care, they were superb.


Taft Center needs to remain open

Fiscal responsibility in government is vitally important, but people's lives are even more important. Come on, Gov. Haslam and Tennessee Legislature, find a way to keep the Taft Center open. You know it can be done, and many citizens of our state will suffer unnecessarily if it is closed. Do your job. Represent all the people.


How can anyone fight ObamaCare?

Lately I have been debating ObamaCare with my tea party friends.

They, of course, feed me Fox News talking points, e.g., death panels, a government takeover, job killer, etc.

But try as I may, I can't get them to talk policies with me. I can't get past their talking points as if they were programed by their major funders, the Koch brothers.

The government and the private sector need not be enemies like my friends think.

My tea party libertarian, anti-government friends would be the first ones to cry foul if they lost their Social Security checks and their government Medicare.

Yet these same ones decry government attempts to help those millions who have no health insurance.

Why in the world would any evangelical who believes in compassion toward those less fortunate, why would they be against ObamaCare?


Science bill not necessary

In response to a letter concerning the Tennessee legislative bill on allowing discussions in science classes questioning widely held scientific theories and principles: First of all, the theory of evolution does violate biogenesis because it does not address the origin of life, but how it evolves from one form to another.

Furthermore, the bill is unnecessary, as there is no prohibition against discussing science in science class.

In any case, the vast majority of students in our science classes aren't that interested in debating scientific issues nor do they have a deep enough background in science to present compelling scientific arguments.

The students in our public schools are in the blocking and tackling phase of their science education, getting the fundamentals down.

The idea here is that science is for science class.

If a student has alternative ideas concerning a scientific theory then present the hypothesis and the supporting experiments and observations that replace or invalidate the existing theory.

If the experiments and observations don't exist, then that sounds like a fantastic learning assignment.


Mayor's leadership a plus for Marion

With all the controversy in our nation and state, it is a real pleasure to live in Marion County, where we have superb elected officials like mayor of Marion County, John Graham.

In the seven years I have lived here, I have had to travel down dusty and hole-filled Casey Simpson Road to a landfill. The place is closed after hours, so I have to take garbage back home. But the proud mayor of Marion County has taken the time to have a sign made up for the entrance at Industrial Boulevard and Casey Simpson Road with the hours of operation on it.

What a splendid idea this has been for Marion County residents, as many times I have seen stoves, refrigerators and all just tossed out on the side of Casey Simpson Road.

I am sure that with the excellent leadership of Mayor John Graham not only aiding in finding new industry for the county residents, but taking time to also help us older residents in the little details of life in Marion County by posting the hours of operation at the entrance.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor.


Jasper, Tenn.

Speedy drivers don't save time

I must be missing something. What is so great about sitting at a stop light? I see cars rush by me, and I meet them again sitting at the next stop light.

Why do drivers do this? They do not get to work any faster, and they waste fuel and brakes in the process. Drive within the speed limits, stay in your lane and try to time the lights so you do not need to stop. Just a suggestion.