Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

May 3rd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Obama is a foe of religious freedom

Wiping tears generated by Scripture quoters, false accusations of the biased ill-informed, let's get real.

Barrack Hussein Obama is the No. 1 enemy of religious freedom. He's the most pro-Islam president in history. He refuses to host the traditional White House National Day of Prayer, yet hosted an Iftar dinner honoring Islam and recognized Eid-ul-Fiter and Adha. Obama directed the Department of Justice to stop defending Defense of Marriage enacted by Congress. He allows homosexuals openly in the military, reversing George Washington's (1778) policy. He attempts to control hiring policy of charter schools; forces religious institutions and hospitals to finance contraception and sterilization; ordered Catholic chaplains to cease reading an archbishop letter, etc. Where is red, white and blue in the Oval Office?

The commander-in-chief bows and apologizes to Islamists, who are killing our troops because of allegations Americans burned two Qurans, while Bibles are burned with the trash. Elsewhere, Christians face death under Islamic "blasphemy laws."

Thirty-nine months of Obama have increased gasoline prices 84 percent, crude oil 135.9 percent, corn 78.1 percent, sugar cane 164.7 percent, black unemployment 25.4 percent, food stamp recipients 35.7 percent, long- term unemployment 136.2 percent, national debt in trillions 32.2 percent, and new businesses are at a 30-year low. Our country's broke. You can't fix stupid, but can vote it out!

JOHN J. SPITTLER, Signal Mountain

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Response, service in crisis excellent

Sunday, April 15, at 9:30 p.m., we received a call from an 86-year-old neighbor who lives by himself and in a wheelchair, and he was just mumbling and very incoherent. My wife ran down to his house, and I dialed 911.

The Puckett ambulance that Marion County Mayor John Graham has just recently lined up for the residences of Marion County, and to service all of our emergencies, arrived within 10 minutes. Two male nurses immediately performed necessary aid to the patient and transported him to the hospital.

What a relief to know that our County Mayor John Graham not only is working very hard to bring industry and much development, but also to have excellent emergency services as the excellent respondent, Puckett service.

My wife and I will be forever grateful for the excellent way Puckett emergency services responded to our neighbor's emergency.