Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

May 6th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Donating platelets shares one's health

One of the few joys left to me is my periodic forays to the Blood Assurance center across from the MacKenzie Arena to donate platelets.

Such a vital act of sharing one's health with another requires no act of heroism, hardship or inconvenience. I am so disappointed that so relatively few Americans undergo transfusion of their blood product.

Please give with the help of all those nice Blood Assurance staffers. I hope that by the end of 2012 I will reach the 50 gallon lifetime mark for them.


* * * * *

Make non-payers ante up money

There have been several claims recently that approximately 47 percent of the working class pays no income tax.

Well, I am outraged! These people must be forced to pay. How do they get away without paying?

1) Possibly they do not earn enough to "qualify" to file income tax. Maybe an increase in the minimum wage would help them to "qualify."

2) They are tax cheats and are just not paying. They should be punished. (If there's no applicable loophole they can use).

3) They are hiding their true income in offshore accounts (maybe in the Cayman Islands).

I'm sure these issues can be cleared up, and those with less income can be made to pay more tax.

GEORGE ADAMS, Rossville, Ga.

* * * * *

GOP can't accept world's realities

Republicans in Congress have forgotten that the world went into the "Great Recession" in 2008 while Bush was in office. They talked about it a lot before the election that year, but now say that Obama has not done enough to bring America out of it.

They ignore the fact that this was the worst downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. They fight government stimulation of the economy as the party of "no!" They want us to follow the Europeans in a budget and debt reduction, but ignore the many European countries that are in or face a new recession. Trickle-down economics has never worked, in the 1930s or the 1980s.

Oil and gas billionaires support the Republican Party, and Republicans support them. They decry taxing the rich and put down climate change and evolution. However, weather disasters around the world in the past decade are the worst in history. Republicans have not criticized disaster relief to their own constituencies, even as they talk incessantly about reducing government and taxes. Disasters have hindered economic recovery in many areas while increasing government outlays.

If the Republicans cannot accept the world's realities, can you trust them to govern America?


* * * * *

Obama's record one of destruction

Our president has set many records. Here's just a few:

1) First president to have our country's credit rating cut.

2) First president to jam an $800 billion stimulus program through Congress for shovel-ready jobs and then declare there are no such jobs.

3) First president to tell a company, Boeing, that they can't locate where they want to.

4) First president to increase our debt by $5 trillion, that's almost $17,000 per family of four, in just three years.

In my estimation, President Obama has brought more destruction upon us in three years than any other event in the history of our country. For now we are stuck with a president who thinks government is the answer. If the Constitution was written to keep the government off our backs, why is it all over us? About the only thing our government does well is print and spend money. And why does everything in Washington seem to be for sale -- both sides?

I'm 77 years old, and I'm tired of our present leaders. In the words of Thomas Jefferson: "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have."

Vote for a new "Hope and Change."


* * * * *

Don't judge man by political party

I am not a member of any political party. I do listen to the radio, watch television and I read the newspaper. I also am a Christian.

I recently saw on television that Mitt Romney will be speaking at Liberty University, a Christian school. They would never think of asking President Obama, who is a professing Christian, to speak.

Mitt Romney is a Morman. He also preaches and is a missionary in his church -- also gives millions to it. We Christians call Mormanism a cult. I think it is a double standard, myself. But I guess it is all right if you are a Republican.

Liberty is probably not the only Christian school, or even a church, that will be asking him to speak. It is so ignorant.

I think it is a sad day when our politics is more important than our Christian principles when a man is judged by what political party he belongs to. There are actually some people who believe that you can't be a Democrat and be a Christian. Shame on you.

The Lord must really be laughing when he sees how stupid humans are.


* * * * *

Back DeGaetano for Sessions bench

Joe DeGaetano is the right choice for Sessions Court judge for Hamilton County. Joe has a thoughtful temperament and an eye for fairness that is exactly what Chattanooga needs. Our city has been besieged by the type of crime that could prevent the happiness and prosperity we deserve. Joe's steady judiciousness, experience and knowledge would help guide us through the perils of modern life.

Chattanooga needs someone who knows the city personally, as our problems and lifestyle are somewhat unique. Joe grew up in Chattanooga before pursuing some of the best education available in the South while studying economics at Vanderbilt before excelling in the University of Georgia School of Law.

Joe is intelligent, a dedicated family man, and a direct product of our fine city. There is no better candidate for serving in the judicial system. That is why he has my support for Sessions judge.


* * * * *

Ikea would fit well in Chattanooga

Last year my husband and I visited an Ikea store.

The place was huge, was bustling with activity, was fun to just walk through (I couldn't help but buy something), and I found myself asking why I had never heard of an Ikea store, or why the Chattanooga region doesn't have one.

With the development at Enterprise South, or with the amount of space available at the empty plaza where Sam's Club was once located (Lee Highway), it seems like there'd be enough room to build an Ikea store in our area. With the current focus on our area's development, I wonder if an Ikea store would fit well into the vision of Chattanooga's city leaders. I ask that Mayor Littlefield and/or other powers-that-be please give serious consideration to an Ikea store for the Chattanooga area.


* * * * *

Glenn, others offer excellent coverage

I watched meteorologist David Glenn on Channel 9 during the tornado coverage last year. He kept us informed on which area the tornado was in and the approximate time it would be approaching another area. My neighborhood did not get a direct hit, but when David warned it was getting close I took his advice and went to a safe, secure place.

I choose this channel for my news and weather, but I think all three meteorologists in this area deserve credit for the excellent coverage they gave for this very tragic weather event.