Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

May 13th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Teach evolution, creation as science

In my letter of April 7, I stated that there is no conflict between evolution and creation. I would like to add: both are science and should be taught as such.

The predominant theory of the formation of the universe is the "Big Bang" theory, that all matter and energy was originally concentrated in one place, but exploded and expanded to form the universe (which is still expanding). After billions of years, life developed on Earth and possibly other planets and evolved to where it is today. How could inanimate matter become alive? Once alive, could it develop to where it is today by chance, or "survival of the fittest," as the evolution theory states?

The creation theory assumes that, in addition to the original matter, there was an original intelligent force, known as "God" or by many other names. (Where did either come from?) This force started and directed the evolution of the universe and life. Both theories seem equally hard to believe.

As a child, I struggled between these two theories, finally accepting creation. And both are equally scientific and should be taught in science class, whether or not God is mentioned.


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Fleischmann shows hypocrisy

Being a Republican, Chuck Fleischmann likes to talk about keeping big government out of our lives. So why did he support a law (CISPA) that allows the government to monitor all of the Internet and take any information that is yours and give it to whomever they please (credit card numbers, phone numbers, bank accounts, anything).

So Mr. Fleischmann, does your hypocrisy know any bounds?


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GOP responsible for debt increases

Bill Clinton produced several balanced budgets, but contrary to what many believe, this didn't mean we were ever debt-free. It simply meant that our government income for particular years exceeded our short-term obligations, including the servicing of our national debt.

The last time we were totally debt-free was during the first Jackson administration more than 180 years ago. Since then we have routinely acquired new debt faster than old debt could be retired. But there is little wrong with that; households and businesses operate essentially the same way.

Government, like most other enterprises, can safely assume new debt if its net worth and ability to pay increases commensurately. This fiscal rule of thumb has been more or less followed, except in cases of national emergency, throughout our history -- that is, until comparatively recently.

For 20 years under Reagan's and the Bushes' "trickle-down/supply-side" schemes, national debt compared to GDP climbed disproportionately every year. Embarrassed by this, Republicans concocted a cover story -- the Democratic Congress did it. But for 12 of those 20 years Congress was not Democratic. And who proposes budgets and has veto power anyway?

And again, who was the only president to ever declare war and cut taxes in the same year?

GEORGE B. REED JR., Rossville, Ga.

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Visitor enjoyed Chattanooga visit

I just returned from your wonderful city on a AAA Chattanooga Choo-Choo tour.

We were all impressed with the beautiful restoration and cleanliness of your downtown area and the spectacular attractions your area offers. You should be proud. Had a great time.

GEORGE VILLANI, Canonsburg, Pa.

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No need to pay Adams a bonus

I am sending Hank Huckaby, chancellor of the University System of Georgia, the message that I sent Board of Regents Chairman Ben Tarbutton on the BOR home page.

My message was as follows: "I've read where there is an agreement signed by Chancellor Hank Huckaby that will pay retiring UGA President Michael Adams 'more than $2 million over five (5) years after he steps down from the helm of the state's flagship campus' (quoting a news article).

"This must be approved by the Board of Regents before it's official. To do this would be a 'slap in the face' of all students in the system's schools and their hard-working parents. I guess you remember that the Board has just increased fees for the University System's schools. Do you remember voting to increase the cost of attending one of our schools? President Adams has been paid well for his services over his career. You are quoted that this 'salary is meant to celebrate Adams' work.' Shame on you and any member of the BOR who votes to pay this to Michael Adams. Any member who votes 'yes' should consider resigning their position immediately following their vote."


UGA, 1971 Past 9th District, Vice President of the UGA Alumni Society,

Ellijay, Ga.

* * * * *

Not all people can use a computer

Since computers came out, just about every place turned to computer usage. That is laziness.

Just about all the fast-food joints turned to computer online applications for employment. I am unemployed and disabled with traumatic brain injury. I cannot afford a computer.

The hiring manager tells me to go to the library and use their computer. There is a line at the library for computer usage.

The fast-food joints also have applications there for employment just as well as computer applications online for employment for people who do not have a computer or do not know how to use a computer. Any place that hires a disabled person gets a tax break at the end of the year.

I wish I could afford a computer. I wish I had a laptop computer. I wish someone would take time out to help me learn how to use a computer. I wish someone would have the patience to teach me because it is very hard.


* * * * *

America is special because of people

If the politicians would take a break, the American people could bust the economic future of this country wide open. We haven't scratched the surface of the booming progress of America. Too many obstacles in the way by current leadership destroying the Constitution to bring America down with the rest of the Socialist world.

I say to heck with the rest of the world, this is America. What happened to pride in God and country? We're breeding a bunch of complainers who get offended and take it to court if someone says anything they don't agree with. I don't have a problem with your point of view, but we used to pull together for the good of freedom and the American way, reaching success for all Americans as a whole. Nobody has ever gotten everything they wished for. There are a lot of things we have to put up with.

I believe America is special because of its people, not its government. We are letting them control, and take our freedoms while we have our hand out. Haven't we had enough? Let's put aside our differences and pull together for a thriving America.