"Let Bible guide daily lives, not an agenda" and other Letters to the Editors

"Let Bible guide daily lives, not an agenda" and other Letters to the Editors

May 27th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Let Bible guide daily lives, not an agenda

At least a few times a week, the liberals try to use the Bible and Jesus' word to promote their social agenda in support of President Obama. I dislike this approach. Read the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 25:34-36. I doubt he was directing his comments to Caesar (President Obama) expecting Rome (Washington) to spread the wealth around. I believe he was speaking of people helping people.

Consider Paul's travels to Asia where he asks and received gifts to bring back to Jerusalem to support the poor and underprivileged. Paul never traveled to Rome to petition the government for new legislation. He expected people to help people.

I wonder if the folks who support all the government social issues tithe or support the Community Kitchen or many of the other philanthropic endeavors available. We know Joe Biden doesn't, and it took being the president for Obama to give generously.

Rather than use the Bible for political gain and to support some radical agenda, let's use it to guide our daily lives and pray that the people in Washington use our resources wisely.


Don't support horse celebration

I applaud Pepsi's decision to withdraw as a sponsor for the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville, Tenn. I suggest that anyone considering attending this event not attend because of horse abuse and cruelty in the walking-horse industry.

I also ask that any other supporters/vendors also withdraw support because of the horrific cruelty to horses by certain trainers. Horses are struck with clubs, shocked and have their hooves treated with chemicals and mechanical devices to produce the stride of the Tennessee walking horses.

The walking-horse industry has become a bad name in the state of Tennessee, and it's time for the industry in Tennessee to clean up its act!


Review verses for truth of Bible

In regard to the Obama administration's public declaration of endorsement of same-sex marriage and the openly endorsed support of Obama by black "Christian" ministers, I suggest that if you have my rule book (Holy Bible), turn to Matthew 7:21-23. This is no surprise to our Savior; for it is clearly outlined in Romans 1:24-32. This is not my opinion, but every line tells the complete story written so long ago but totally true today. If anything would or could convince the world of the truth of the Holy Bible, these verses should. Pray for our country.


Norton deserves to be elected

I have known Judge David Norton for most of my life. I was so pleased when I learned he had been appointed to fill the remainder of the term of Judge Bob Moon to the General Session Court.

I cannot think of another person who has the experience and knowledge for such a judgeship: Four times elected by citizens of Soddy-Daisy as their judge, he has three decades of direct experience, has practiced as an attorney since 1977, and served as assistant county attorney since 1983.

Judge Norton deserves to be elected to this community's busiest court. He is a proven leader, respected and committed.

I ask my friends and my Realtors family to join me and elect Judge David Norton to fill out the remaining two-year term of Judge Bob Moon on Aug. 2.


City's newspaper is a treasure

My husband regularly travels to Chattanooga and brings me copies of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. And when I accompany him, I grab a fresh copy first thing upon checking into our hotel.

Why is this? Your newspaper has a heavy emphasis on local stories, and the reporters who write these stories make them interesting to read. I also enjoy seeing the local pictures. Even the national news is selected with the local people, your audience, firmly in mind, and "canned" stories never dominate. I don't always agree with your editorials, but it is evident your editorial staff tries to use editorials and select letters to the editor that have a wide range of viewpoints.

My own local newspaper, which is part of a major national chain, has kept none of these principles in mind, and it has forgotten who buys and reads its newspapers.

I hope the people of Chattanooga realize the treasure they have and give the paper their full support.

CAROL WEAVER, Jackson, Tenn.

Thanks to those who beautify parks

A special thanks to all the personnel who keep our city, county and state parks in such beautiful condition. They never look like they need mowing, repairing or painting. They are always a safe place to walk, run, hike, bike, swim, fish, bird, camp or picnic with your family. Not everyone has the lakes and mountain beauty that we sometimes take for granted here in Chattanooga, so when you are enjoying these great facilities, think about all the city, county, state and TVA personnel who keep them looking so great.


Tax-cut benefit isn't that much

We need to do some figuring on the tax-cut benefits being touted by this Republican administration and Tennessee Legislature.

First off, food is a necessity and shouldn't be taxed. Food is required for life whether you make $20,000 or $500,000 per year. The cut from 5.5 percent to 5.25 percent yields only .025 percent reduction. If a family of four spends $100 per week that is $5,200 a year; 5.5 percent is $286 tax. The 5.25 percent rate would be $276, or a saving of $13 per year or $1.08 per month.

Those people in Nashville must really like the citizens of our great state to afford us such huge tax savings and then to brag about reducing taxes. They also are talking about cutting the inheritance tax (so-called death tax) and the tax on investments. Bet the citizens who fall in those categories do better with their tax cuts.

JIM RICE, Red Bank

Naval units show nuclear power safe

Adm. Hyman Rickover's Navy nuclear power program began with submarines before the first civilian nuclear power plant was built in 1955 at Shippingport, Pa., and dedicated in 1958.

The Navy's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise, authorized by Congress in 1954 and commissioned in 1961, had eight nuclear reactors. Earlier Forrestal class carriers had eight oil-fired boilers.

The Enterprise is scheduled to be deactivated Dec. 1, 2012, after 51 years in service. Nuclear power reliability permits U.S. Navy aircraft carriers of Nimitz class to have two nuclear reactors. That's progress.

Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines such as the USS Tennessee are fueled with advanced technology for operations of 15 or more years before refueling. Civilian nuclear reactors continually have fuel rods removed/replaced.

The USS Tennessee's Blue Crew were in Nashville recently for Nashville's Navy Week. These sailors know it's safe to spend almost three months submerged while confined in a steel hull containing one nuclear reactor. Carrier sailors likewise know they are safe.

Why is there fear and inability to understand proven performance and safety?

JOHN A. LYNCH JR., Captain, USNR (Ret.), Whitwell, Tenn.

You can't win with utility fees

Well, here we go again! Just because anyone who is on a fixed income worries about their bills, TVA and Tennessee-American Water Co. are raising their fees. You think that these businesses really care? Yeah, right! I said it before (like so many others before me said it). You just can't win for losing!