"GOP conspires to disrupt Obama" and other Letters to the Editors

"GOP conspires to disrupt Obama" and other Letters to the Editors

May 28th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

GOP conspires to disrupt Obama

Let's face it, Republicans, you guys are your own worst enemies. On the very evening of Obama's inauguration, Republicans, headed by Eric Cantor along with Jimmy DeMint, Johnny Kyl and some of the other neo-con GOP Gestapo, held a meeting on the other side of town for the specific purpose of planning how to disrupt the Obama administration. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the Senate minority leader, continues to openly declare that he has nothing to offer for the good of the country except to make Obama a one-term president.

According to the definition of the word treason in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, technically all of these guys are guilty of just that.

You know, if somebody really wanted to push this, I'm fairly confident that the ACLU along with the Democrats would have a field day with it. One thing I must say in favor of Republicans: you give the media and other thinking people so much material to use against you.

ANN O'MALLEY, Ringgold, Ga.

Bishops could have avoided dispute

Plaudits to The Times for printing Maureen Dowd's column (May 24) "Father doesn't know best" in the same issue as "Suing for faith, freedom" (unsigned editorial).

Much of the present controversy on faith and freedom would have been avoided had the Roman Catholic bishops listened to the report of the Birth Control Commission, appointed by Pope John XXIII, in l967. That commission concluded that married couples ultimately must decide for themselves what is best in the way of using "contraceptives" (not abortion). Several bishops accepted this and allowed people the freedom to choose conscientiously what was best for them. Some bishops today, in other parts of the world, allow confessors to direct their penitents to "act in accord with their conscience" on this vital issue.

Unfortunately most American RC bishops have not subscribed to this report of the Papal Commission, even though thousands of practicing Roman Catholics have done so. Now they are overly critical of that aspect of Obama's care for the uninsured that would provide such help from private insurance companies used by "Catholic" institutions to insure their many employees. (One can only wonder if their pronouncements to their constituencies regarding public administrators are violations of their "tax exempt" status!) I would also point out that proper use of contraceptives would avoid the necessity of abortions that many seek successfully.

May God and the U.S. courts grant us all the "freedom of choice" and the wisdom to seek the truth in all that we do politically.


Segregated unit served nation well

As we honor our fallen heroes on this Memorial Day, I would like to pay a special tribute to the fallen African-American soldiers of the U.S. Army's 93rd Infantry Division.

During World War II, the 93rd was a colored, segregated unit of the United States Army. From 1944 to 1945, the unit served in the South Pacific on the islands of New Guinea, the Northern Solomons and the Philippines.

The 93rd played a prominent role in defeating the Japanese Army. I am proud to say that my dad was one of those soldiers. He served with the 368 Infantry Regiment. On Aug. 15, 1945, the war with Japan was over. The Japanese army surrendered to Maj. Gen. Harry H. Johnson, commander of the 93rd Infantry Division.

Once again, I am proud to walk with Old Glory in my hands with other veterans on this special day.

May God bless and shield all of us veterans in the hollow of his hands.

JAMES C. MAYFIELD, American Legion Historian/Life Member Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States

Bible condems same-sex marriage

I have a question for everyone. Have you asked God what His stand is on same-sex marriage?

Well, if and when you do, and you truly want His answer, go to the Bible, God's word, Genesis chapter 19, verse 24.

The answer, to me, is very clear. Do you need further proof that it is wrong and will be punished?

I don't.


Do a clean sweep of area leaders

To our corrupt officials and leaders of Chattanooga: Do you want to live or have your children and grandchildren live in the kind of world you are creating?

Am I the only one who remembers this city was once called "Little Chicago"?

"Be not like the thief who says, let's pull one more heist, then we'll go straight, join the local church, the PTA and change our vocation. You know God will forgive us, because we'll give him a big donation."

There needs to be a clean sweep through Chattanooga -- from the sheriff and his friends to Bill Knowles and his family.

Christians, vote and pray for guidance to change Chattanooga. Are we not the Bible Belt?


Don't lump all under one label

Last month, there was a letter in your paper from a man who said Republicans are "mean as snakes." Let me tell this man a story.

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and was facing amputation of my leg. (Thank God the doctors were able to save it.)

My husband stepped up and not only took care of me, but took over running our home. He did everything from cleaning and cooking to grocery shopping, and he did it with love, tenderness and kindness.

He held my hand when I was weak and washed my face with cool cloths when I was nauseated. He never left my side for a second through three surgeries. He was beside me for the entire journey. That is not a mean man, and he is a Republican.

Labeling people because of their political beliefs is not only wrong, but ignorant. Because of this one man, should I say all Democrats are ignoramuses? No, but because of him it's tempting. However, I refuse to allow one man who has no idea what he is talking about to cause me to paint all people with the same brush.

JOY STURTEVANT, Monteagle, Tenn.

Orange Grove clinic dedicated to care

Mariann Martin's (May 21) piece on the oral health disparities in Tennessee was another alarm for vulnerable populations. For individuals with "special needs," dental care is the No. 1 unmet health-care need.

The Dental Clinic at Orange Grove is dedicated to the oral health of all Tennesseans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It's director, Dr. Kristin Compton, is one of only six fellowship trained dentists in developmental disabilities in the U.S. Every dental hygiene student from Chattanooga State rotates in the clinic, ensuring the spread of knowledge for this population.

Our commitment to patient desensitization allows us to practice with the lowest sedation rate in the country, thus avoiding the expense and risk of general anesthesia and operating rooms.

The clinic was initially funded by a grant from the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities and is growing to meet expanding demands.

RICK RADER, M.D., Director, Project Open WIDE, Orange Grove Center

Include police in tobacco ban

I read with great interest the article in the Metro Weekly (May 23) about East Ridge wanting to snuff out tobacco use. I applaud them.

As a citizen of East Ridge, I hope they will make sure the police force is included. I personally have seen an officer with a lip full of tobacco talking to a citizen. This is disrespectful, first and foremost. No one wants to talk to an officer who has to spit while he is addressing someone. Please do not give them a pass just because they are the police force. There should be no exceptions.

I have seen this first-hand.