Here's why to vote for Republicans and other letters to the editors

Here's why to vote for Republicans and other letters to the editors

November 2nd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Here's why to vote for Republicans

I'm voting Republican because I want other nations to move ahead of us on stem cell research. Our scientists should be working on military technology only.

I'm voting Republican so my children can be in a classroom with 30 other children. That way they can be challenged for attention.

I'm voting Republican because we don't need health care. We should trust God to cure us or make us stronger.

I'm voting Republican because we women can't be trusted to make decisions about our bodies. We all need the government to tell us who we can love, and Republicans are just the people to show us how to live a lifetime commitment.

I'm voting Republican because I love having a conservative majority on the Supreme Court to secure the liberties of corporations by keeping their rights separate but equal from the rights of individuals. It's true that corporations should not have to pay to clean up their environmental damage. If we want clean water, we should buy it in a bottle.

Most of all, I'm voting Republican because all other nations are inferior to us. We should start as many wars as we can to remind them of that fact.

BREE BOLTON, South Pittsburg, Tenn.

Paper tells good that Obama does

Thank you for "giv[ing] the news impartially, without fear and favor." You have continued in the tradition of a great American newspaperman, Adolph S. Ochs, who fought for honesty in journalism in Chattanooga and New York City.

It is not only on the editorial page that you report what President Obama has done to save this country from Great Depression II. Even before he was elected, he answered the call of the Bush administration's economic summit to find a way to save the economy of the United States and perhaps the world.

Members of the conference, including John McCain, sat in rapt attention while Democratic nominee Barack Obama presented his plan. That was probably the last time Republicans worked with him. Since then they have been dedicated to stopping President Obama rather than representing the American people.

Many other pages of the Times Free Press report the great things President Obama has done and tried to do, and would have accomplished if the Republicans had not failed their obligations to America. The Times editorial page has made a great effort to tell the American people the truth. Thanks again. It would be so easy for economic reasons to fall into the darkness of the Middle Ages of the 1920s in Tennessee.

SYLVIA FOIL, Ringgold, Ga.

We need Headrick in the U.S. House

On the night of her primary victory in Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District race, Dr. Mary Headrick made an unusual pledge. She pledged to create the most informed voters in the state. Her opponent, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, pledged his allegiance to Grover Norquist, a lobbyist who buys politicians the way most people buy groceries. While Mary traveled throughout the district, meeting voters anywhere, anytime, to address their concerns, Rep. Fleischmann's campaign played hide and seek, and duck and cover with the voters.

Mary has a deep connection to the people and geography of East Tennessee, while Rep. Fleischmann is only connected to the deep pockets of the wealthy out-of-state donors who put him in office. As a doctor, a teacher, a wife, mother and grandmother, Mary understands what's important to our families and businesses. She'll protect what makes us strong. Fleischmann will only protect his job in D.C.

When you vote on Tuesday, forget party affiliation. Forget witless ideology. Go for the only candidate with a good set of listening and learning skills; the determination and brains to find solutions to our problems; and the courage to stand up to moneyed interests. We really need a doctor in the House.


Put your vote focus where Bible focuses

In Sunday's paper (Oct. 28) and again in the Oct. 30 paper, I read articles about pastors encouraging parishioners to vote based on biblical principles. My concern is that most will immediately think of one or two "hot-button" issues about which the Bible says nothing or very little.

I have read through the Bible multiple times, and at the end of this year I will have read it through again. The primary message of the Bible is about love, justice and humility. Both Jesus and the Old Testament prophets spoke more about the care of the poor than any other single topic.

Yes! Vote based on biblical principles, but be careful to focus on the principles that the Bible focuses on.


Gravitt, Manning best for East Ridge

As a long-time resident of East Ridge and a retired educator from East Ridge High School, I have done many things to help our city. Next week we have the opportunity to make a difference in East Ridge. We voted to elect Jim Bethune in the last election so we owe it to him and ourselves to elect two people who can work in a progressive manner to move East Ridge forward beyond the daily pettiness we often read in the newspaper.

I ask your vote for Marc Gravitt and Denny Manning. Mr. Gravitt has the qualities of leadership this city needs. He is educated and successful in business and involved in our community affairs. Mr. Manning probably has the largest heart of any individual who has served on the East Ridge City Council. He has a record of voting against wasteful spending and has never voted to raise property taxes.

Join me in voting for Gravitt and Manning for East Ridge Council next week.


DesJarlais no friend of truth

Scott DesJarlais knowingly committed serious ethical violations against the code of his profession. He did this at least twice. Who knows what else remains hidden? Trapped by irrefutable evidence, he has invented a transparent lie and sought to distract the public by vilifying his opponent. His behavior proves his utter contempt for the values he claims to hold dear, and for those who elected him to office.

As a Georgia resident and lifelong conservative, I have waited in vain for the storm of indignation I was sure would come from Tennessee Republicans. At best, there has only been embarrassed silence; at worst, furious attacks against the Times Free Press for betraying us by telling us the truth.

I am sad and disheartened. To my fellow Republicans, I will say this: the truth is our friend. We need not fear it. The one who tells the truth is our friend. Scott DesJarlais is no friend of the truth and no friend of yours. On election day, do what your representative seems powerless to do: the right thing. Vote your conscience, and not your ideology.

HERBERT K. LEA, Chickamauga, Ga.

Obama's action doesn't match talk

President Obama has been "perfectly clear" and emphatic that his No. 1 job is to protect the lives of our citizens.

Usually it takes a long time to show that his action seldom matches his talk, but Benghazi is different. Now we know that our consulate was refused more security several times. We know that Libyan officials warned of impending attack. When the shooting started, CIA ex-Seals nearby were told to stay put. They disobeyed and were killed. We know that much of the seven-hour assault was visible at the White House and North Africa Command where Gen. Ham quickly noted the White House that he had a rapid response team and C-130 gunship ready to roll. He was told to "stand down." Instead, he decided to risk his personal career, which Secretary of Defense Panetta ended within a minute of his issuing the necessary but forbidden orders.

Panetta has said that it is unwise to commit strength without knowing the exact situation on the ground, and that Gen. Ham had previously announced his retirement. So the fault lies with Libyan extremists who failed to file a battle plan, and Gen. Ham resigned rather than do his job. How dumb are we?


Vote for Romney and get freedom

In March, President Obama was overheard as he whispered to Russia's Medvedev to tell Russian President Putin that if he (Obama) is re-elected, he can be "more flexible" in his dealings with Russia on missile defense. He didn't mean for you and me to hear his comment, but it was picked up by an open microphone. Now, Putin has endorsed Obama and said he hopes Obama is re-elected.

Venezuela's number one thug, Hugo Chavez, has also expressed his hope that Obama will be re-elected, and he further said he believes Obama would vote for him if he could.

I will not vote for any candidate who has the support of these two dictators. Will you?

Before you vote for Obama, I urge you to check his past voting record. He has voted to prosecute victims who use guns for self-defense in their own homes. Obama backs federal laws to abolish the right to carry nationwide. He voted to ban hundreds of common conventional rifles and shotguns. He supports a ban on possession of all handguns.

This is just a small sample of Obama's anti-Bill of Rights votes. We the people cannot trust a government that does not trust us.

Vote for freedom! Vote Romney!


What does Romney really believe?

As we have seen in this paper, some think that Mormonism is not Christian, some do, and some, like Billy Graham's son, duck the question (that makes you think). For some voters the answer is important; for others it is not.

But all voters must know if Willard Mitt Romney believes all basic Mormon teachings.

Does Romney believe that women can't be Mormon bishops?

Did Romney agree when African-Americans couldn't be Mormon bishops?

Does Romney believe that Native Americans descended from Hebrews?

Does Romney believe that the Book of Mormon was translated from "reformed Egyptian script written on disappearing golden plates?

Does Romney believe that after death he will be a god on other worlds and have the opportunity to have many wives (sounds like those terrorist Muslims)?

We voters must get real answers to these questions.

I don't think that his blessed underwear is important; but it could seem weird to some.


Look at America as a business

Let's remove all social and political party issues. The U.S. government is the largest employer in America and has to be viewed as a business.

Do you think Walmart, Home Depot or Amazon would have hired President Obama four years ago to run their company based on his prior business experience? Now that he has run the biggest business in the world for four years, based on his performance, do you think any of them would hire him now as their CEO? Please keep this in mind as you vote.

JOE KIRKPATRICK, Cleveland, Tenn.