Good Deed

Good Deed

November 4th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Shiloh is recovering in her adopted home after being struck by a vehicle.

Shiloh is recovering in her adopted home after...

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

Last month, a dog was hit by a car on Walnut Avenue. She was just lying there watching the speeding traffic coming right at her, unable to move and terrified. I was able to catch a break in the traffic long enough to run into the road, then get her into my car.

We rushed her to the animal hospital. Her prognosis: Inoperable broken jaw, three damaged vertebra (which could have paralyzed her), emaciated and covered in fleas. After a three-day stay, we brought her home.

My wife and I have six animals already, but were willing and ready to add another to the family. Both of our sons also wanted her. She went from having no one to everyone. She ended up with our oldest son, who named her Shiloh. She is currently walking, eating, gaining weight and flea-free. Oh, and being spoiled more and more by the day!

Joe Wilson