'Williams needs to take action' and more Letters to the Editors

'Williams needs to take action' and more Letters to the Editors

November 10th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Williams needs to take action

In response to Walter Williams' Nov. 5 commentary "Black and white standards."

President Obama is only one man. He cannot save America alone. He has been up against people in Congress who have the same mind-set as Williams. Gridlock is holding Obama back.

When Jesus was on Earth, he did not save all the people around him. With Williams' high standards, why doesn't he open a school and teach black people etiquette and ethical standards and behavior, instead of low rating and belittling them. A lot of them do not have his education and know his way of life. So instead of tearing them down with his derogatory remarks, he should get some of his cohorts and start a positive movement to help the black community. Be a male Oprah. No man -- be it the president or any other professional -- can change America or the world alone.

We all need each other.


Give your support to local pet groups

This week is National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week, and local pet groups need help. Right now, many volunteers in the Northeast are helping care for pets affected by Hurricane Sandy, but their important work continues across the country and throughout the year, through good times and bad, and often on shoestring budgets. Moreover, many people don't know that national groups such as the Humane Society of the United States give extremely little of their budgets to local organizations.

Readers can help by donating time, money or supplies, such as sheets and towels, newspapers, paper towel rolls or cleaning supplies. Adopt an animal, young or old (November also is Adopt a Senior Pet Month). Or, you can simply send a "thank you" note to shelter workers doing good work behind the scenes.

It's vital to give locally to support community groups. If you need to find your local pet shelter, visit HumaneForPets.com.


Director, Humane Society for Shelter Pets

Frederick, Md.

With Obama, abortions go on

While I wasn't thrilled with the alternative, Obama has been re-elected. Have any of you who voted for him thought about what an abortion really is? Go online and look at images of abortions and perhaps then you will grasp the horror of what they really are. You can say that it is just a mass of unfeeling tissue, but you are conveniently fooling yourself. Or perhaps you are just being a fool. Our tax dollars are funding Planned Parenthood, probably the largest single provider of abortions in America. Now we continue to have a president who supports PP and abortions throughout the entire pregnancy. How can we say that we love our children and also support abortion?

The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act provides severe penalties for persons who "take, possess, sell, purchase, barter ... export or import, at any time or any manner, any bald eagle ... [or any golden eagle], alive or dead, or any part, nest, or egg thereof." A violation of the act can result in a fine of $100,000, imprisonment for one year, or both, for a first offense. Isn't a human life more precious than a bald eagle? Your president doesn't think so.



Unifying efforts bring results

There are few things that are more polarizing than politics. If it is the politics of the country or of a church, they are equally divisive. Churches today split for any reason, and new denominations are being formed all the time.

It is for this reason the Church of South India stands out in the world of the Christian Church. Sixty-five years ago the Church of South India was formed as a melding of the area Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, and Anglican churches. The founders took the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 1:12-13 to heart and set aside some of their views to accomplish a unified church that could be defined by their unity rather than their differences.

Because the church has held on to its original vision and laid aside some of the stigmas that come with labels, it has been able to flourish and now boasts over 300 million members worldwide.

We can learn a lesson from what these unifying efforts have accomplished. Let us set aside some of our differences and focus on the unity we have in Christ so that we may be a bright, unified light to the world.


East Ridge

Ease campaigns with single party

The Thursday Free Press editorial, "GOP must hit 'reset' button," advocates one ideology, therefore one party. That would make campaigning less costly and less nauseating.


Signal Mountain

More women needed in STEM

There are 157 million women in the United States. Of these 157 million, less than 25 percent hold careers in STEM fields.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Women have come a long way in regards to education, and they now represent over half of the college-educated workforce. However, there is a noticeable gender gap in STEM fields, with men occupying most of the STEM-based jobs.

It's important to get more women involved in these fields. Not only would this be empowering to women, but also women working in STEM fields make 33 percent more than women working in non-STEM-based fields. There is a much lower gender wage gap within these fields as well. Girls must be encouraged from a young age to pursue these jobs.

With the help of STEM learning centers, teachers can learn how to present the material to their students in such a way that sparks interest. These centers also provide hands-on programs for students that encourage them to enter STEM-based fields. Here in Chattanooga, the Challenger Center does both of these things through space simulations. For more information, visit www.utc.edu/ChallengerCenter.


Resolve issues with belief in Bible

I see much in our nation that I believe displeases God: so many who believe faith and church don't matter; the rampant use of the name of Jesus as profanity; professing Christians who endorse immorality; churches that reject biblical truth in favor of "cultural relevance"; our government forcing individuals and organizations to accept ideas that offend their faith and their consciences; the belief that religion should not influence public life.

I also see much in our nation that leads me to fear for the well-being of our nation: growing national debt; growing personal debt; the demonization of business profits; class warfare; political divisiveness; a growing antagonism to Christianity; differing opinions being called "hate"; pursuit of recreation at the expense of honest labor; the preference of personal fulfillment over family/children's needs; sexual exploitation; the belief that good intentions are more important than good results.

Answers to these issues are not in any political party, but are available through belief in and living by the Bible. I pray this nation embraces and follows God in the person of and the name of Jesus Christ.


Signal Mountain

Flags pay homage to our veterans

Wonder how many people remember (or know) that the flags that fly along the streets of Fort Oglethorpe were originally bought by the citizens in honor of or memory of a veteran. Each flag had a special story. Hopefully as we drive past we will give a silent "Thank you" and say a prayer for our veterans, the troops, and our country.


Fort Oglethorpe