Republicans lost election big time and other letters to the editors

Republicans lost election big time and other letters to the editors

November 15th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Republicans lost election big time

I had to laugh out loud at the headlines in Sunday's Chattanooga Times Free Press: "RED RULES."

I was expecting this from Chattanooga Republicans after the devastating defeat of Romney on Nov. 6 and the continued GOP loss of national Senate control!

President Obama won re-election by a landslide with 330 electoral votes, including eight of nine swing states and winning 51 percent of the popular vote; I think that speaks for itself.

Your story also failed to include that when the big, bold Republican-controlled House makes its moves to support the wealthy and degrade, harass, demean and steal rights from the minority groups, they will run into that tall, thick Senate wall that will defeat every piece of legislation these corrupt, conservative and self-righteous congressmen try to pass off as American.

I guess, since your newspaper is Republican, you felt required to make something good out of this election for the dying Republican Party by placing this old story of no interest on the front page as headlines; however, the fact still remains: on Nov. 6, the Republican Party/GOP lost, big time. This will set wheels in motion for future elections; your headlines may soon be turned around to once again declare Tennessee a blue state!

ED HIMES, Soddy-Daisy

Voters beginning to understand GOP

Since the re-election of the president now known affectionately as Bronco Bama, the Republican Party has traded its silk stockings for a hair shirt.

The Free Press editor advises abandoning bigotry against gays and Hispanics. It is good advice, but it leaves little by way of an agenda.

Since the victory of the civil rights movement, stirring up fear and hatred of blacks is no longer socially acceptable. It is now gays and Latinos from whom politicians must claim to save us.

This is not so effective as old-fashioned overt racism, for after learning that another is not loathsome or frightening because of his skin color, it is easy to understand that a person whose language or sexual orientation is different is not to be feared nor hated either.

All the Republicans have for a positive program is the free market, which they love only so long as they control it. The difficulty here is that there is not, as they claim, a market solution for everything, nor does the market solution always work as desired, or at all.

The Republicans exist to serve a wealthy and powerful constituency, and ordinary voters are beginning to understand this.

BARBARA S. ARTHUR, Rossville, Ga.

McKamey is a 'kill shelter'

What kind of a "no-kill shelter" does McKamey Animal Center not grasp? How much training does it take to implement a course of action before you kill any animal, the final act? McKamey put on a face when it first opened, but like all fake things what they are like really comes out.

There could have not been a "mistake" if the tools were not there.

Please do not be deceived by McKamey. As you can see they are a "kill shelter." Just ask Matt Sadler. His puppy was taken from him at the hands of people who have no business being there.

SALLY CLEMONS, Signal Mountain