Good Deed: Bubbles safe now, thanks to friends

Good Deed: Bubbles safe now, thanks to friends

November 18th, 2012 by Cindy L. Olson in Opinion Letters

Bubbles safe now, thanks to friends

Recently, one of my co-workers, Sharon Claybrook, was driving to work in the pouring rain. She noticed cars were swerving to avoid something in the road, but until she got closer she didn't realize they were trying to avoid a tiny kitten trying to cross the road.

While other cars sped past, Sharon pulled off the road, grabbed her umbrella and joined the kitten in dodging traffic until she could coax the soaking-wet, terrified little thing into her arms. She brought her to work where we took turns warming her up, feeding her someone's leftover tuna and falling in love with her. After my vet, Yvonne Ward, took care of her fleas, worms, malnourishment and verified she was disease-free, Shelley May and her son Michael adopted "Bubbles," giving her a safe home.

Thank you Sharon, Shelley and Michael for saving a tiny life!