'Have Democrats joined the GOP?' and more Letters to the Editors

'Have Democrats joined the GOP?' and more Letters to the Editors

November 20th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Have Democrats joined the GOP?

Some thoughts on a letter Sunday, Nov. 11, as to which political party has fostered racism.

The observations about Democratic governors George Wallace, Orval Faubus and Lester Maddox are correct. I wonder how many Democrats, who thought as these governors did, have now joined the Republican Party?

Maybe that is one of the reasons the South is now considered solidly Republican.

Just wondering?


Generous citizens help Goodwill

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on and celebrate our many blessings. One of Chattanooga Goodwill Industries' greatest blessings is this generous community.

For almost 90 years, you have been charitable citizens of the 23 counties served by Chattanooga Goodwill. You have given us gently-used clothing, furniture and household items and have allowed us to sell your donations in our stores. We turn the revenue into employment services and programs for people with disabilities and other challenges.

Thanks to you, in 2012 thousands of people in our area received medical equipment, work training, job placement, youth mentoring -- even assistance dogs -- all at no cost to the recipients. With every wheelchair, job or dog given, each of these people also received the gift of dignity and independence that comes with greater freedom, allowing them to pursue education, employment and more.

You helped us offer them that gift. Their success is your success.

We thank you for your continued support of Chattanooga Goodwill Industries. We are blessed indeed.



Goodwill Industries President and CEO

Give thanks for free enterprise

Feeling you are the bottom rung of the ladder and want to share in the wealthy's riches?

Wanting taxes raised on them to even the playing field is revenge?

Think again. Such a move will cause serious consequences to the consumer by raising prices on every facet of your lives: Walmart, manufacturers, oil companies, etc.

Get the message?

Oh, by the way; how often do you like to eat out?

Businesses could be so heavily taxed making it impossible for him or her to keep you or the doors open for business.

Stop your envy and jealousy.

America was built on ordinary people with creative ideas to become successful.

Was it a lazy person who won't work or an enterprising neighbor, friend or relative who created the cellphone?

We are a blessed nation because of God's blessings as well as the corporations who hire us, grow our food, make our clothes and build our cars.

Give thanks to God for America and free enterprise.

I don't want America to crash under a heavy tax burden.