'Pro-ObamaCare candidate won' and more Letters to the Editors

'Pro-ObamaCare candidate won' and more Letters to the Editors

November 21st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Pro-ObamaCare candidate won

Recently I received a robot telephone call from Mike Huckabee asking for contributions to enable the Republican senators to repeal ObamaCare.

In the recent presidential election, one candidate campaigned to further implement ObamaCare, and the other candidate campaigned to repeal it.

The candidate to implement ObamaCare won the election and the candidate to repeal it was defeated.

What part of the word "defeat" do Huckabee and the Republicans not understand?


Project honoring veterans well done

Congratulations are due to Cameron Hold, a senior at Signal Mountain Middle High School. For his service project he chose to have a special program honoring the Signal Mountain veterans. Having had quite a few relatives who have served in the military, even dating back to the Civil War, he thought this would be a good project. And good it was.

The celebration was held in the high school gym, and all high school students attended, as well as many veterans, dignitaries, family and friends. A lot of hard work (with help from Mom and Dad) produced a thrilling, patriotic program with the high school band, high school chorus, Alexian Brothers Chorus and a well- done video interviewing some veterans who told their "service story."

Rep. Richard Floyd came as well as Jack Spittler, an outstanding retired Naval leader who was celebrating his 90-plus birthday!

Many thanks to our veterans (my husband was one) and to Cameron for a very successful senior project.

A bugler in the band ended it all by playing "Taps."


Signal Mountain

Remove Obama from office

The tragedy in Benghazi is very simple to define. This president did not send troops in because it would hamper his re-election. He watched in real time these four men killed because he would not give the order. He thought the video would suffice, and it did for a while.

Now it must be declared that he and he alone is responsible for this tragedy and should be prosecuted to the limit of the law and removed from office before something much, much worse happens to this country.

This man is more dangerous than anyone or anything we have ever known.