Obama's victory was astounding and other letters to the editors

Obama's victory was astounding and other letters to the editors

November 26th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Obama's victory was astounding

Fox News, Dick Morris and Karl Rove were wrong. They were, as always, telling their listeners what they want to hear. Obama polled 3.5 million more popular votes, won the electoral college by a 332-206 margin and took every swing state but one; he was the first candidate since FDR to win back-to-back elections with 50 percent majorities. This was nearly a landslide!

Considering Republicans used every immoral tactic imaginable -- shorter early voting days, fewer voting machines in predominantly Democratic precincts, voter purges, "phony" photo ID cards, telling Latinos election day was Nov. 8 and God only knows what else -- Obama's victory was astounding.

"Citizens United," a Republican Supreme Court decision, enabled the rich to spend tens of millions of dollars on negative ads, but "citizens who were united" would not be deterred. Some stood in line for eight hours to vote -- a tribute to those who gave their lives for this sacred right.

Cal Thomas is right, "Democrats are not following our Founding Fathers." The Founding Fathers were all white men who owned property. Never again will we be governed by a white gentry. Women and minorities are in Congress in great numbers now.

America will never be the same!


Statements show why GOP wrong

It's quite saddening, but not at all surprising, to see GOPers like Oscar Brock, Gov. Haslam and David Fowler fain distaste and disgust with Dr. DesJarlais after the election is over. These men obviously put party above character and integrity. During the election they could have put pressure on the doctor by speaking out about his outright hypocritical and lurid behavior for the good of Tennessee and more importantly Congress. A Congress with a 10 percent approval rating.

David Fowler sees the issue as "whether there is a contrite heart and a corresponding demonstrated change in behavior." How gracious of Fowler since he apparently has no use for any godless Democrat, even a good old boy like Eric Stewart. To ask forgiveness is fine between one's self and one's God, but the type of behavior practiced by DesJarlais with his patients alone is highly unethical and impeachable for a physician.

However, everything wrong with the GOP was crystallized by the quote from Mr. Rudd: "Get off DesJarlais and investigate President Obama's background, education and 'what makes him tick.'" That in a nutshell is why the doctor was re-elected and continues to serve.


Writer sounds like GOP hypocrite

In response to the letter on Nov. 19 and the writer who refuses to wear his American flag lapel pin because "our" president was re-elected. Attaboy, he sounds like a real red-blooded Republican hypocrite. Keep up the good work.

WALT VINEYARD SR., Charleston, Tenn.

Holiday cartoon ungracious, divisive

I was surprised that you chose to publish such an ungracious and divisive editorial cartoon on Thanksgiving day. One candidate asked for voters' support because they loved their country; the other candidate asked voters to support him for revenge. Now we see what revenge looks like: small-minded and cheap.

There were four empty chairs at Thanksgiving meals because the administration did not provide adequate protection to our countrymen in Libya. Perhaps your cartoonist can illustrate that Thanksgiving meal as well.

I am thankful that you have the freedom to publish such mean-spirited material on a holiday. I hope you obtain the wisdom to use this freedom more constructively.


Greed spreads to newspaper

The greed of the season has set in. Black Friday is now Gray Thursday as some of the stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day. But the greatest example of greed is when I went to buy a Times Free Press with 4.2 pounds of expensive advertising and was charged an extra $1.50. A weekday paper for $2, and I didn't even get colored funnies. I guess we should be glad they didn't charge us by the pound.

JIM SISK, Red Bank

College degrees benefit states

There recently was an article run that spoke of the rising tuition costs for college and university students. I cannot help but wonder if financial advisers have considered fully the benefits to getting students graduated instead of proposing they take fewer classes and graduate later allowing them to work in order to pay for school, room and board. I would imagine that if the taxes on the college graduate and the economic boost from their post-graduate income were to be considered, that tuition assistance would not seem like such a bad idea for the state, let alone the drop in crime, abortion and other illicit behavior that correlates directly with education. I would say it is in the states' best interest to get degrees in people's hands instead of making it ever more difficult to afford education, especially for independent students who must support themselves, let alone parents who are trying to get an education to get out from below the poverty line to get off public welfare and keep the future generations from riding the same system.