Obama looks out for everyone and other letters to the editor

Obama looks out for everyone and other letters to the editor

November 29th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Obama looks out for everyone

The head-in-the-sand Tennessee voters displayed their "Whac-A-Mole" thinking as the constant shape shifting Mitt (tell-'em-what-they-want-to-hear) Romney made it difficult, if not impossible, to know just where he would lead the country. This happened across the Bible Belt South even though non-Christian Romney and Christian Obama battled for an intelligent ideology on the direction this country should go. Clear- headed thinking lost the battle in these states, but fortunately won the war as better informed voters in the battleground states prevailed.

As one of the clear-headed Christians in Tennessee, I am appalled that single-issue blocks of voters (abortion or same-sex marriage) would vote against fair taxation, environmental projects, health care for all, male/female equality, fair immigration laws, fiscal responsibility, insurance reform, intelligent foreign affairs policies and a stronger middle class. Why would anyone vote against themselves?

While Romney wanted to cook up Big Bird for his Thanksgiving platter, our president was leading the country to avoid flying off the "fiscal cliff." He is using forward-thinking ideas and intelligence to solve problems rather than dote on hot-button issues to influence the heads-in-the-sand electorate.

Need another example? The re-election of Scott DesJarlais. Talk about hypocrisy!


DesJarlais gets unfair treatment

Politicians have often said that if you can get your name in front of the public often enough, they'll remember it when they enter the voting booth. Thus, signs galore before elections.

With this in mind, Dr. DesJarlais will not have to worry about many signs. We will know his name.

However, it appears that, whenever possible, your paper will portray him in a negative manner. I base this on your placement of articles from "Rants" to headlines.

Your paper seems to be following a national trend to "use" the news to its desired ends, i.e., shape and headline what you agree with and bury anything else.

Whether good or bad, your editorials may well have affected the outcome of prior elections. One lost by only 46 votes the day after the Free Press page negatively editorialized him.

The election is over. DesJarlais won convincingly! His past is past.

If you like salacious news from the past, try to chronicle all of RFK's lurid encounters. Future boasts may not be, "My ancestors came over on the Mayflower," but rather, "My grandmother slept with RFK."

Your obvious bias may only strengthen Dr. D's position. Find news that's new.

W. RICHARD BARGER, Monteagle, Tenn.