Heiskell's record has county moving and other letters to the editors

Heiskell's record has county moving and other letters to the editors

October 1st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Heiskell's record has county moving

I encourage the re-election of Walker County Commissioner Heiskell. Heiskell has a track record that recommends her: Walker County continues to outperform its peer counties during this awful economy. The future is promising. Voters should take seriously the investment they have made in good governance and competent staff over the last decade. This team is well-positioned to lead Walker County through the coming recovery.

Every week brings a new announcement of new jobs. I have personally experienced the abilities of Heiskell's public works staff during the amazing work they did during the tornado clean-up and recovery. It is important to have people in office who know what they are doing. While I am certain her opponent is a terrific neighbor, wife and bus driver, she does not have the credentials to manage a multimillion dollar budget and a staff of nearly 400.

You don't stick around in public service for three terms without disappointing someone, and the core of Bebe's opposition seems to be a handful of opportunists who have attacked her relentlessly through the primary and current campaign.

These techniques are effective, however, and led to a surprisingly narrow victory for Bebe in the Republican primary. Don't take a gamble on someone who has no record at all. Your vote matters. Please vote to re-elect Commissioner Bebe Heiskell.


Attack on Smith isn't merited

Anarchy is easy. It takes moments to tear down what decades built. Find an opportunity to point a finger, say something ugly, and people who don't know any better will mob right in and follow the trend.

There is a vicious and unmerited attack under way on my friend, Paul Smith. He's my friend. I'm a conservative. My personal life is dedicated to life as sacred; God as pre-eminent and central to our society; and family as nuclear in its best practice. However, I am not a bigot. While we differ on social issues, Paul and I agree in one critical point: discrimination against someone is wrong.

When people point a finger, they hold a hand with three fingers pointing back to themselves. I support Paul Smith's efforts as chairman of the Democratic Party, and I'm a Democrat only when it comes to the rights of individuals for a fair chance and extension of a living wage, but I'll stand between Mr. Smith and anyone who attacks him. He was an encouragement and support for my candidacy. That agenda with its joke was extended to a board, the internal group, and they should understand levity. They can certainly use a little.