Allow Obama to finish his job and other letters to the editors

Allow Obama to finish his job and other letters to the editors

October 8th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Allow Obama to finish his job

Mitt Romney shouldn't even be running for the president of the United States. Open your eyes. everyone. It's better to keep who we have; at least we know he's trying to clear the mess he came into office with. Let him finish his job. He knows more about how us middle- and poor-class people have to struggle to make ends meet because they had to for their education. A millionaire can't even begin to understand what most of us have to give up to survive these days.

Mrs. Obama is doing a great job in trying to keep kids healthy and does a lot to help other matters. She's the best first lady in the past couple elections. Sometimes we have to change parties to get the right one elected.


Haitian president doesn't deliver

The phrase "power corrupts" could not be more true when speaking about Haitian President Michel Martelly. Why would a leader not want to serve his people and create a land full of prosperous opportunity for children and families?

President Martelly has been the opposite side of what it takes to be a great leader. He had promised the people of Haiti a bunch of lies regarding improvements in Haiti's education and health-care systems, but instead shares wealth within a small circle of elites and pushes away the needy.

I dislike injustice and especially when children are being subjected to corrupt leadership. Many families are going hungry and have been living in unstable conditions even before the 2010 earthquake.

I am happy to see the Haitian people stand up peacefully for their endowed unalienable rights as human beings. If you are going to lead a people, make sure you lead in truth and not in lies. President Martelly is a leader, and he needs to take into consideration what is best for his people. Eventually, the people get what they want, and sometimes drastic measure must be taken in order to demolish a corrupt infrastructure -- means justify the ends.


Skates put money into community

In response to Margaret Chastain's letter (Sept. 28) concerning my daughter, Dr. Patti Skates, and the money received from Soddy-Daisy:

After two other commissioners took the money and after Dr. Skates consulted an attorney and CPA, she was advised to take the money because she would have to pay taxes.

The money was put back into the city of Soddy-Daisy. It was given to the Soddy-Daisy Fire Department, the Vietnam Vets, Poe's Tavern, Soddy-Daisy Junior Miss scholarships, Neighborhood Helpers, and the Food Bank. What have the other commissioners done with their money?

As for missing a commission meeting, Dr. Skates was out of the country with People to People Student Ambassadors which she has done for 22 years. How many past and present commissioners have attended every meeting?

Dr. Skates was told by a commissioner to really think about her running this time because it was going to "get ugly" because she took the money. She chose to run to serve the community.

ANNA M. SKATES, Soddy-Daisy

CHA is inept in handling housing

After reading the statement (Metro section, Sept. 23) of Ms. Betsy McCright, the Chattanooga Housing Authority's executive director, regarding College Hill Courts and East Lake Courts public housing, "We believe that it is wise to be proactive in our approach to addressing these declining portfolios by way of considering options through a planning process," I was horrified that housing long neglected by a fiscally incompetent agency is considered nothing more than assets in corporate portfolios.

If CHA commissioners even skimmed the history of America's hard-working people they would know that collective bargaining and public hosing greatly reduced police-enforced corporate aggression and poverty- initiated anarchic riots.

Since I am a prophet of God, and an ordained minister in Christ's church, I expect to be called "a rabble rouser." And I must declare that the human beings they refer to as "rabble," Jesus Christ calls "God's children."

And I must warn you that they are already aroused by the lack of neighborly compassion and the denial of divine familial unity in America, its government, its religion, and its many congregations that hypocritically name themselves Christian. Let the greedy, the arrogant, and the indifferent repent and prevent the firestorm that they have already kindled.


Physicians need to pay the rent

A letter (Oct. 4) admonished an area doctor's complaint that the Medicare reimbursement schedule is not allowing him to practice preventive care for those patients, and is in fact forcing him to drop those patients. That view is disturbing because it shows a complete lack of understanding as to what orders health care, or any commerce for that matter, and that it is shared by so many citizens nowadays.

A deep fund of compassion and pride will not pay the rent or the utility bills or anything else. (Try not paying your property taxes. You will be out on the street whether or not you think shelter is a "human right.")

And equally disturbing is the growing popular notion that doctors of medicine have a special obligation to overwork and take it on the chin financially. Nowhere in the Hippocratic Oath is there any requirement that doctors impoverish themselves in an effort to faithfully discharge their duty to their patients or society. Nor should a government or bureaucracy require them to do so.


Conservatives need to prove charges

There is a recurring conservative talking point that claims that President Obama is continually "apologizing for America" to foreign leaders. Recently, Colin Powell appeared on the Sean Hannity show. When Hannity used this "apology" charge, Colin Powell replied "That is not true."

If conservative writers have proof of this charge, they should list the incidences where these occurred and what was stated. In other words, put up or shut up.


Just pray we make the right choice

The war between the Republicans and the Democrats is unbelievable! Most of what we see on TV is the big four doing what they seem to be really good at -- waving! The big question is which ones are waving good-bye or hello hoping to reside at the White House for the next four years.

They tell us what they are going to do, and we all pray there is some truth to the miracles the presidential candidates are saying is on their list of potential planned accomplishments. All us voters can hope for is that we make the right choice because it could very well mean whether the human race survives.

It makes me wonder whoever wins the election, if the president and vice president are biting off more then they can chew. It's going to be a tough job because of all the problems facing our great country and the rest of the world, mainly Iran and North Korea.

The campaigns have caused the war in Afghanistan to take the back seat, but our troops are still fighting and dying. It's time to pray for peace.

RICHARD D. BLOOD, Ringgold, Ga.

East Ridge socking it to the residents

People of East Ridge: The good old boys are doing it to us again. Notice on your tax bill a garbage fee. We had already paid six months when they came up with this $10 garbage fee. We asked them to just pick up the garbage once a week. They said, oh no we can't do that, there is too much garbage. Well, after they got their $10, what did they do? Spend money on garbage cans and go to picking up garbage once a week. Now the fee is $15. Here we go again. We have to get the good old boys out of office.