'Religious cultures separate countries' and more Letters to the Editors

'Religious cultures separate countries' and more Letters to the Editors

October 9th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Religious cultures separate countries

Welcome, Robin Smith (new Free Press weekly columnist), prettier face than David Cook and better software behind it. (Reprogram yourselves, liberals. When you subsidize folly we get more folly.)

She could, though, have looked deeper (we always can) into the differences between free countries and, bluntly, Muslim countries. Countries differ because their religious cultures differ.

Atheism offers the dog-eat-dog theory that it's OK to eat atheists. The "evil empire" comes naturally.

Muslims say Allah simply One, all alone, dictated to Mohammed, who dictated to others. No wonder Muslim countries lack freedom.

Christians worship triune Jehovah: inter-Personal love is part of God! Unity in diversity is part! We worship Jesus Christ, God in human flesh: empathy is part of God, holiness here on earth is part, generosity is part! Only the true good news is this good. We sin, but only Christianity offers the social foundation for better politics.


Leave Syrian fight to the Syrians

I do not think the United States should be helping Bashar Assad in his government fight against the rebels. No one stepped in to help our civil war; so why should we send money to Syrian rebels to help defeat the Syrian government. Let them fight it out for themselves.

On another note, I completely agree with councilwoman Sally Robinson saying she doesn't want to see Chattanooga become ghettoized.

Landlords are not excepting Section 8 vouchers because of cuts in the program.


Lookout Mountain

Right-side editorials are now enjoyable

Since the merger of the two papers, I have avoided reading the right-hand side of the editorial pages as it was poorly written, mean spirited, shrill, annoying and uninformative. However, things changed for the better with the recent arrival of Drew Johnson. Now the editorials are a pleasure to read as they are balanced, articulate and quite informative. I especially enjoy those columns where Johnson gives thumbnail sketches of current events followed by his take on them. Even though I am a lifelong liberal Democrat, I often agree with his commentary.

If only we could elect more deep thinkers like Johnson, our Congress would not have the nation in gridlock politically as is the current case. I recall LBJ quoting the Old Testament: "Come. Let us reason together." Where are our reasonable men today?

The recent column taking EPB to task for advertising a gigabit capability, then failing to provide it to a prospective customer is a classic. Come on EPB. What's up with that?


What we didn't know didn't hurt us

I was reading Dr. Shumaker's column "Ask A Doctor" last Thursday (front of Life section) and started to think how lucky my childhood friends and I were to still be alive today. I guess that's because we didn't know how dangerous it was with all the plasticizers ( whatever they are), PBA, and unsafe levels of lead were in garden hose water we drank on hot summer days.

Then I went on to think how when we were babies we were put to bed in cribs painted with bright colored lead-based paint. There were no childproof lids on medicine bottles. We didn't have special latches on cabinet doors. We rode our bikes with baseball caps on our heads. One soft drink was shared with four friends from one bottle. Riding in the back of a pickup truck was a special treat. We ate white bread, real butter and bacon. We drank Kool-Aid made with real white sugar. After reading the column I wonder, "How did we survive those good old days?"


Rock Spring, Ga.

Paper in spin mode to re-elect Obama

Your bias clearly showed through in just one section of the paper -- A -- on Sunday, (Oct. 7).

Your front-page headline story was "The Mormon Issue." Your bias is blatant and is not good reporting. You are trying to make an issue of Romney's religion simply by the title and then the contents of the article. Leave religion out of political reporting!

Later, also in section A, the three other stories on either Romney or Obama were, "Obama has a big money month; Romney in Florida," "Romney claims of bipartisanship facing challenge" and "Romney's environmental goals face a difficult path."

It is apparent to many people in our area, including myself, that your paper is in full spin mode to re-elect President Obama and will use any means to promote your agenda.



Gravitt best choice for East Ridge seat

In just a few weeks we will have the opportunity to vote for two seats on the East Ridge City Council. Marc Gravitt is the best possible choice for one of these seats.

I have known Marc for many years. Marc served as our school president of the Band Club for two years, helping to raise money for band competition trips, and as vice president of the PTA. Marc served not only as the Scout Committee chairman for his church, but also a Webelo leader and an assistant scoutmaster.

Marc is a second-generation small-business owner with a lifelong dedication of giving back to his community. He will serve us, the citizens of East Ridge well. I ask that you would please vote Marc Gravitt, East Ridge City Council.


East Ridge

Democrats should write in Campbell

There may be many reasons to vote for or against the present Walker County commissioner.

For the future Walker County is seen as a Republican stronghold, and if it remains as a single-commissioner form of government the Democrats will certainly not be able to get their "oars in the water." It would be in their self-interest to write in a vote for Ms. Ales Campbell.

With her election and the possibility of a future multi-commissioner form of government, there is a chance of picking up one or more Democrat commissioner spots depending on how the districts would be laid out. So in the Democrats' self-interest and those of us who believe in a true representative form of government we should all write in a vote for Ales Campbell.


Kensington, Ga.

Elect Preston, Lusk and Allen on Signal

I support the re-election of Bill Lusk and Annette Allen to the Signal Mountain Town Council. They are experienced and responsive to the needs of the citizens. They have worked hard to maintain our quality of life during a national recession. They have kept a balanced budget, rainy day funds in the bank, and have paid down our $6.3 million school debt so that it will be paid off in three years.

I also support the election of Frank Preston. He is an experienced administrator in education and human resources. He has worked hard for our town as a member and chairman of the Personnel Committee and as a member of the Planning Committee for the new town maintenance facility.

I encourage you to vote good town government. Vote for Bill Lusk, Annette Allen and Frank Preston.


Signal Mountain

Make right choice by electing Pruett

Early voting begins Oct. 17, and I will make sure to vote for Ann Pruett for East Ridge City Council. It is time for East Ridge to see revitalization in new and existing retail and developments. Attracting new business to the area will not only revive our city, it will create desperately needed jobs. East Ridge is ideal for new business development given the proximity to I-24 and I-75 and can be reached within minutes of several greater Chattanooga areas.

We need a City Council representative who understands the value of our city and do what she can to help it grow. Ann will make the right decisions for the East Ridge community, so let's make the right decision and vote her in.


East Ridge