How could anyone vote for Democrats? and other letters to the editors

How could anyone vote for Democrats? and other letters to the editors

October 13th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

How could anyone vote for Democrats?

The Democratic Party has fallen into the hands of left-wing extremists.

Their objective is perpetual power. Their strategy depends on lies, distortion, divisiveness, fear-mongering and creation of dependency.

They impose regulations that raise the cost of (i.e. tax) necessities such as food, gas, utilities and insurance. They have caused the descent into poverty of millions who had hoped to be working and self-reliant. They have stripped people of their dignity by leaving no alternative but welfare and food stamps. They seem not to care about high unemployment because, as they have stated, and may even believe, unemployment compensation, welfare and food stamps stimulate the economy.

Disagree with them and you will be called the enemy and subjected to character assassination. They despise capitalism and free enterprise. They freely violate the Constitution and any laws they disagree with. They spend recklessly, dooming us to default or massive inflation with permanent high unemployment.

Their foreign policy is characterized by pusillaniminity. They insult and betray our friends and appease and grovel to our enemies. No wonder Putin and Chavez want Obama re-elected.

It is incomprehensible to me how anyone with even a shred of intelligence could vote for them.

ANTHONY G. FOX, Signal Mountain

Cato report misses state's positives

A recent report by the Cato Institute, a Washington think tank that was editorialized by the Free Press (Oct. 10), ignores relevant context that helps make Tennessee, according to Barron's, one of the three of the most well-run states in the nation.

During the past two years, Gov. Bill Haslam has lowered the Hall tax on dividends, the grocery tax, and the inheritance and gift taxes are in the process of being eliminated.

Tennessee has the lowest debt per capita and one of the lowest tax burdens in the U.S. Credit ratings agencies give Tennessee the highest grades, and the Rainy Day Fund has grown more than 38 percent during the governor's time in office.

The report compares estimated numbers to actual spending to create a dubious growth percentage when our overall state budget has decreased. In addition, while other states have cut education funding, the governor continues to invest in education because he believes well-educated citizens are critical to our state's future.

Gov. Haslam is data-driven. He is focused on making Tennessee the best managed state in the country, and his conservative fiscal policies have us well on the way to achieving that goal.

CLAUDE RAMSEY, Deputy to Gov. Bill Haslam

Senator's viewpoint on wind troubling

I recently received a response email from a current Tennessee senator. My original email was addressing the importance of renewing the wind energy tax credits. Wind energy has the potential to be a significant source of renewable energy that needs to be pursued, not gutted. No fuel is needed to power a wind turbine, and it emits no pollution. What caught my attention was his reply. He supports clean sources of energy, but doesn't support wind energy. His idea of clean energy is building more nuclear power plants. To think an elected official would have such an uninformed stance on this issue is appalling.

Nuclear power generates tons of radioactive waste that remains toxic for thousands of years. Where are we to put this? With over 7 billion people few would want a toxic waste dump in their back yard. Not to mention the risks involved with living in the proximity of a nuclear power plant. Does Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear incidents sound familiar? Building more nuclear power plants, as he suggests, is a myopic action with dire consequences. Be careful who you vote for or you may end up with a waste dump near you!


Mormon doctrine shows it's a cult

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not a Christian church. In fact, from its beginning it has denounced every other Christian church. Joseph Smith, their founder, said in his autobiography that an angel told him that he shouldn't unite with any denomination at all, for they were all "corrupted and abhorrent in the eyes of the Lord." This is the same approach to other churches that's taught by Mormon missionaries in their door-to-door activity.

A studied consideration of Mormon doctrine reveals it is a cult because it deviates from every article of the Christian faith, employing just enough of the dialectical terminology to deceive those who are uninitiated in the teachings of Christ. Using the name of Jesus Christ is no proof of true identification. Jesus foretold that some would come, using His name, while being "workers of iniquity," and He said: "I never knew you." (Matthew 7:21-23).

Christians may vote for a Mormon, avoiding a religious litmus test, but they shouldn't be deceived into believing they are voting for a Christian any more than voting for Obama because he professes to be a Christian. Voters should examine the policies each candidate puts forward on social values, economic philosophy, constitutional fidelity and foreign affairs.

JAMES WEST, Ringgold, Ga.

Where's the news on Libya hearings?

The biggest political scandal in years is unfolding in Washington, and yet readers of the Times Free Press might never know about it. Hearings were held by Rep. Issa's committee regarding the terror attack in Benghazi that left four Americans, including our Libyan ambassador, dead. It is clear that the president, Hillary Clinton and several other key administration figures blatantly lied to the American public about what happened before and after this attack in a lame attempt to hide the fact that Obama's foreign policy in that region has been a disastrous failure.

At these hearings, it was revealed by sworn testimony that several pleas for additional security forces for the Libyan mission were continually denied by high-ranking State Department officials, and on Sept. 11, our ambassador was assassinated. How much coverage did the Times Free Press give these hearings? Zero, zip, nada. This breaking news might make both Obama and Hillary look weak and incompetent, but what do we get instead? A front- page story about Rep. DesJarlais.


Restaurant policy on pay, tips unjust

I'm outraged at the article in the Business section (Oct. 10) regarding Darden Restaurants Inc. and their plan to "test a part time strategy" at several restaurants in our area. (They own nine restaurants -- Olive Garden and Red Lobster-- in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia). The company reports 75 percent of their employees are part-time and they plan to "boost" the number of part-time workers (28 hours a week) so they won't have to pay health-insurance benefits.

They also placed most workers on a "tip-sharing" program, meaning all workers work at a rate of $2.13 an hour and share tips! This is unjust. When we share those thoughts and Facebook posts with our friends advising that others should just "get a job," please consider, how is one hard-working parent to care for their children on a hourly rate of $2.13, tip sharing and no health-care benefits. Is this how Darden Restaurants "trickles down" its profit? Nice job.

I understand decisions must be made in the corporate world regarding health-care reform and how employees are covered. There has to be a better way. If you must stuff your belly with Olive Garden or Red Lobster, please tip generously. Shame on you, Darden Restaurants.