Why have garbage fee for vacant lots? and other letters to the editors

Why have garbage fee for vacant lots? and other letters to the editors

October 15th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Why have garbage fee for vacant lots?

I would like to join those who have written to the editor lately about the East Ridge property-tax increase in the disguise of the new way of collecting the garbage fee. It is one thing to add the garbage fee to the annual property-tax bill for addresses where there is actually a garbage pick-up. But when the City of East Ridge starts charging the "fee" for vacant lots, it is not a "fee." A fee implies that there is a service that is being charged for. Vacant lots do not get garbage pick-up. The only other thing you can call it is a property- tax increase for vacant lots.

I have two vacant lots, and the property tax has more than doubled due to this property-tax increase. I would like to join the call to elect an entire new council. Vote out the incumbents!


Rossville needs to find solutions

During a time in our lives when everyone is so busy attacking this or that, my thoughts have traveled to memories of a more "user friendly" world.

Our Rossville community is fighting so many battles to keep our city afloat, as many smaller cities are. I remember when our city thrived and worked together to make the future better for our children and our neighbors' children. Realistically I know those same opportunities are limited by the lack of businesses and revenues in our city today. It still is my hope and prayer that we can find an avenue to link hands once again and fight for the same cause -- "saving our city."

The city no longer is operating our recreation programs, and our library is now on the chopping block if funds cannot be located to provide payroll for our downsized staff and hours of operation. I am still under the conviction that our people do care but have been unable to find the right solutions to our dilemma.

This is a plea to our city officials to be sure they have evaluated each budget item with open minds and without any prejudices to initiate decreases where necessary at this critical time.


Concert, beer sales mix well at Tivoli

A shout out to the Tivoli Theatre for a job well done at the Eric Church concert Tuesday (Oct. 9). I was nervous the rowdy fans of Eric Church might make them wish they hadn't allowed beer sales for the very first time, but they did an outstanding job of selling beer and managing the crowd in a safe and responsible manner. Things seemed to run very smoothly. The beer lines weren't long and clearly they were overly cautious not to sell to minors, as I got carded and I'm in my 40s.

There were people of all ages at the concert, even children, but I didn't see any wild or reckless behavior. I'm assuming Monday night's show went off without a hitch, too, because I'm sure if it hadn't, we would have read about it in the news by now. I credit whoever was in charge for having the foresight to be well-staffed and prepared.

The Tivoli is such a beautiful, comfortable and charming venue for a concert. It really made a great performance even better. I'm sure it was a hard decision to allow beer sales but I hope they'll be able to bring in more bands now from having done so and seeing what a success it was.

Great job!


Be careful about 'honesty, character'

As I was reading the "DesJarlais' scandal" editorial (Oct. 11), I reflected on the irony in the comments. One item in the editorial that especially brought guffaws was "... it would be an embarrassment to the 4th District to return the deceitful, unethical, philandering physician. If the 4th District voters value honesty and upstanding character..." It is laughable how "honesty and character" matters when it is the other guy who slips up. Let's view some other "pillars of character." Bill Clinton lies to everyone, including his wife, about a liaison with an intern, still remains president. Eric Holder lies before Congress about the "Fast and Furious" scandal and still remains U.S. attorney general. Edward "Ted" Kennedy lies about drunk driving and is in a fatal car accident with a single woman while married. He gets elected over and over again. Yeah, "honesty and character" always matters when you are on the losing end of an election.


Newspaper veers from its purpose

I hope this is the last article (Oct. 10 Metro and Region) that we have to read about Greg Vital. I assure you the fascination with money the Times-Free Press seems to have is not shared by its readers.

Stick to being the newspaper and not a history paper, please.

STEVE RAY, Ooltewah

Headrick by far the best candidate

Thanks to the Times Free Press for good coverage of the debate between Mary Headrick and Chuck Fleischmann (article, Oct. 9). I was there, and it was so obvious that Mary Headrick (physician) is the most intelligent and competent candidate, friendly and easy to talk with, and absolutely the best qualified to represent we the people of he 3rd District.

I bet that is why Chuck is hesitant to schedule any more debates with Mary. He is afraid that we the people will find out the truth: that Chuck represents the interests of the rich and Wall Street while Mary, with an in-depth understanding of the issues, will fight for jobs, education, tax cuts and health care that benefit all the people of the 3rd District.

Please vote for Mary Headrick if you:

Want the federal government to require insurance companies to provide affordable health insurance to children and adults with pre-existing health problems,

Want common- sense changes to Medicare so that it has a good future, not destroyed with vouchers as Chuck proposes for persons 55 and under,

Think millionaires and billionaires should be taxed at a higher rate than schoolteachers and office secretaries.


Romney is Christian choice

Should I vote for President Obama or Mr. Romney for president? The law of the land and the Christian faith say I may vote for my choice. I must choose the best I can. President Obama supports same-sex marriage.

As a Christian, I cannot vote for President Obama. Therefore, I will choose to vote for Mr. Romney. In the end we must, per the Bible, vote for the person who supports our Lord and Savior. In the end we will answer to God, who is King of all.


Smith will do what is right for his city

David Smith is a candidate for Soddy-Daisy city commissioner. If asked to describe David with one sentence it would be: he says what he means and he means what he says. I have known David for almost eight years, and I have grown to understand the true meaning of honesty amongst one another. He is always looking forward in new directions to make life better in all aspects.

As an officer for the Signal Mountain Police Department, he personally applied for and successfully attained around a half million dollars in grants to better the department and make the town of Signal Mountain a safer place for its residents.

He is truly a man for the people and about the people of his community. He strives for excellence in every endeavor he pursues in life. He is a fair man, playing favorites to no one. He will do what is right for the community as a whole, and he will stand up to any adversity that may come his way in a just but very thought-out manner.