'Democrats full of hate too' and more Letters to the Editors

'Democrats full of hate too' and more Letters to the Editors

October 16th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Democrats full of hate too

Wow! I would like for the Democrat who thinks the GOP is full of hate to think back about the following hate coming from them. I will list a few:

Loss of insurance from a woman who died of cancer. The Democratic woman spitting in the face of a Republican; she was removed from the building, that was shown on liberal media. Spouting about Romney's money; are you jealous of his ability to make money? He did earn what he has. He had given his inheritance from his father to charities. I suppose liberal Kennedy was supposed to have all that money but no one else can.

Come on, let's try to be a little nicer to one another. We are each entitled to our beliefs, but hate is not allowed. Quick note! Fox "No Spin" news is usually right on. Why don't we try looking up the facts, instead of spreading gossip.


Blue Ridge, Ga.

Maybe a feather made Biden laugh

Regarding the vice presidential "debate," Joe Biden's fake laugh and giggles caused to wonder if he might have a feather some place on his body.



Consider how meth destroys lives

In "Drew's views" editorial (Oct. 12), Drew Johnson said he would "rather it be easier for a few criminals to make meth" than for him to be inconvenienced when buying cold medicine. Methamphetamine destroys lives and families, Mr. Johnson. How many lives and families do we need to sacrifice for you to have your nasal congestion relieved without being inconvenienced? Maybe you just thought those lives and families were among the 47 percent and it didn't matter.

Please educate yourself on what methamphetamine does to people and communities before you choose to address the subject again.


Vote for Headrick to make life better

I have these gag cocktail napkins I keep around because they make me smile. Two women sitting on loungers, one turns to the other and says, "girl, you keep talkin', but you ain't sayin' nothin'." The phrase frequently comes to mind when I hear politicians speak. I listen hard for details, but all I get are generalities and lip service.

Mary Headrick is the exception. When you ask Mary a question, she actually gives you an answer, and one with substance. For example, rather than putting on a hard hat to tour our damaged locks for a photo op, Mary has a plan. Rather than use taxpayer money, she would have those who profit from using our waterways help pay for repairs.

And all the good stuff you like about health-care reform, Dr. Mary Headrick is for it. Her opponent, Chuck Fleischmann, would vote to take it away, because he's more of a follower than a leader.

Use your valuable vote wisely. Vote for Mary Headrick, a candidate who tells you how and why she can make your life better. You change Washington from the ground up.


Signal Mountain

Take right road by electing Street

I had the privilege of meeting Phillip Street many years ago when living in Dade County. Since then I have moved, but I still speak with him often.

I find him to be a decent and professional man, someone a community can count on.

I would like to remind people to vote for him for Dade County sheriff on Nov. 6.

A vote for Street is going down the right road.



Elect Preston, Allen and Lusk

I encourage Signal Mountain residents to re-elect Annette Allen and Bill Lusk to the Town Council. They have served our town admirably and have earned our appreciation and our support for another term. I also encourage residents to elect Frank Preston to the Town Council. He is a competent administrator who for six years has served the town as a member and chairman of the Personnel Committee and, more recently, as a member on the committee that will oversee the building of the town's new public works facility.

Over the past several years, I have followed the actions of Annette Allen, Bill Lusk and Frank Preston as they have served the town on our behalf. Significantly, I've found each of them has consistently acted in the best interests of the community as a whole, without catering to special interests. This is an unusual trait in today's political world, and one for which we should all be grateful. Please join me in electing these very deserving individuals to the Signal Mountain Town Council.


Signal Mountain

Campbell qualified to be commissioner

I urge Walker County voters to write in Ales Campbell for commissioner Nov. 6.

Some have questioned her "credentials to run a million-dollar budget and staff," downgrading her background to simply a "neighbor, wife and bus driver."

While Ms. Campbell is all those things, all important accomplishments, she is more.

As valedictorian of the LaFayette class of '79, she has college course work in banking, computer programming and economics.

Ales has co-owned a surveying business with her husband for more than 20 years and knows the value of a dollar.

She will publish a budget and end frivolous spending.

She has spent countless hours with civic organizations such as the LaFayette Women's Club and knows the value of leadership.

Walker County needs such qualities, whether accounting for road dollars or giving voters the opportunity to vote on whether we need to move into the 21st century with an accountable five-person commission.

Such a commission would also demand more accountability on county bids.

I have met with Ms. Campbell and will proudly write in her name on the ballot for Walker County commissioner.


Lookout Mountain, Ga.

LDS publications show it's a cult

A letter (Oct. 10), claimed an understanding of Mormon beliefs and decried those who suggest that the Latter-day Saints church might be a cult. The writer used the word "ignorance" several times for those who make this suggestion. There are several definitions for the word "cult," but I prefer the theological definition given by Christian scholar James Sire: "any religious movement that has doctrines and/or practices that contradict those of Scriptures as interpreted by traditional Christianity ..."

Some LDS churches teach many gods who are imperfect, evolving, material, sexual and polygamous; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were once human beings and we can spiritually evolve into deities; Jesus Christ is a created being, the older brother of Lucifer and conceived by a physical sex act between God and Mary. These teachings can be easily verified by referencing official publications of the LDS church. This sampling should be enough to show that Mormonism is a cult and that the claim that "The Mormon Church aligns closely with ... Baptist, Methodist, etc." is absurd.


Romney lacks credibility

Pertaining to Romney's speech Oct. 8 about foreign policy. If he is willing to have his five sons enlist in the military, he would be more credible of the talk of another war.

Some millionaire sons do not go to war. The middle class and lower middle class sons do and have always fought for our freedom and liberty.

Think about all this and what Romney says out of both sides of his mouth.