Support of Biden is the last straw and other letters to the Editors

Support of Biden is the last straw and other letters to the Editors

October 19th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Support of Biden is the last straw

You finally did it - caused us to cancel our subscription to your newspaper. Many times we have read editorials that made us made at your far left viewpoint. But we have always managed to overlook it. However, we cannot overlook your sticking up for Biden's disgusting display - complete lack of respect and common decency when he laughed, interrupted, rolled his eyes, and displayed huge horse grins while Rep. Ryan was being polite and acting like an adult.

Gov. Romney has said many times he does not intend to raise taxes on the middle class. Do you have a hearing problem? No matter what Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan say, the other side (your side) continues to spew erroneous information about them.

I think your editorial is chock full of erroneous statements. How has the middle class fared during the Obama-Biden reign? Not well. I think you might have many ideas in your editorial that are not true.

DALE ROSE, Cleveland, Tenn.

Engage resources for climate crisis

At last Glenn Scherer's commentary "Besting climate catastrophe" (Oct. 14) cuts through denial and distortion. The science is out and has been for a long time. Rather than listen to politicians, who are beholden to the fossil fuel industry, or religious views which speak in allegory and not facts, check out the science yourself.

However, Mr. Scherer advocates "surrender," which sounds very close to apathy. This is a war situation, the biggest humanity has ever faced, in which all our intelligence and resources should be engaged.

It is not the moment for surrender. The U.S.A. should be leading on this issue but it lags behind, painfully so. Germany is moving to 47 percent of its energy from renewable sources creating a huge employment industry in the process. We need to wake up fast.

If you want to check out the facts and join together to activate a more dynamic response than personal surrender, I recommend attending environmentalist Bill McKibben's "Do The Math" tour in Atlanta, Nov. 20, at 7 p.m. at the Variety Playhouse (book the tour at Hope to see you there!


Church is 'free' from government

I question the letter "GOP tries to destroy separation history," (Oct. 3). Madison didn't write "Freedom of Religion" in the First Amendment. His was in the Virginia Constitution (1776) and adopted by the Philadelphia convention (1780). In the Virginia Constitution, Madison substituted a clause allowing "free exercise of religion," and other freedoms that Madison authored. And he agreed with the Republican Party in opposition to government for overriding state's rights.

The principle of Freedom of Religion was still in the mind of our founders. They knew the insidiousness of government into church when government controls people by the church. This is the essence of "Freedom of Religion." Keep government out of religion.

In the first week of December 1800, Congress made the decision to make the Capitol a church building and appoint a chaplain for congressional members. However, Congress cannot set up federal religion under the First Amendment.

Again it's saying church can influence government but government can't interfere in church methodology. Church is important that it remains "free" from government. But Madison never wrote or indicated church/state separation in the First Amendment other than "free exercise of religion" in the Virginia plan.

That's historical fact - not Whig Party fairytales.

THOMAS GIBSON, Whitwell, Tenn.

Obama bringing country down

Please stop using your newspaper as a tool to get Obama re-elected. Obama as far as I'm concerned is done as far as being the president of the United States of America. He has hurt this country for four years. He is bringing the country down. Please think before you vote this election day. Vote Republican, please.

VIC ACCURSO, Soddy-Daisy/Sale Creek

GOP distortion of facts alarming

Facts always have to be proved. Yet, GOP election-year campaign propagandists favor special interests who pay millions for deceptive political advertising. Unconfirmed allegations don't stop after elections; illusions of superiority continue to blockade congressional lawmaking.

One obnoxious "fact" raised by Mr. Romney is that almost half of our nation's population feels entitled to government assistance. Some do, and practice reverse discrimination, having forgotten that white people encouraged government assistance for the most needy because churches and charities can't provide nearly enough.

The most unworthy of the wealthy class also comprise a small percentage who nourish entitlement attitudes, discriminating similarly but more flagrantly. When Ralph Nader refers to "corporate welfare" he's pointing to huge handouts that big corporations receive from Congress ... but don't need. Corporate bosses feel entitled to millions from government (having forgotten why it began) and oppose all regulation of their operations. Absurd, isn't it?

There's so much distortion of fact it brings carnival contortionists to mind. Just blame the president for economic problems that began prior to his presidency, caused by entrenched money-funneling into corrupt hands. Just forget the Republican agenda that violates corrective and protective legislation by restructuring it into privileged profiteering.


Vote for Allen, Lusk, Preston

I endorse Mayor Bill Lusk, Annette Allen and Frank Preston for Signal Mountain Town Council. Mayor Bill Lusk and Annette Allen have worked tirelessly for our town and accomplished many things: long-range water and sewer improvement plans, a new gym floor, repair and maintenance of Town Hall, replacement of our fire truck. They have been responsible for Highway 127 improvements. Walkers and joggers on James Boulevard's new sidewalk have these two members of the Town Council as well as the others to thank for it. Citizens of Signal Mountain are safer because of the new traffic light put in during their tenure.

Some of the goals that Mayor Lusk and Annette Allen would like to achieve in the future are: new public works/transfer facility, Highway 127 replacement, and securing new athletic fields for our children, retiring the school debt by 2016 and lower taxes related to it.

Frank Preston is a long-time Signal Mountain resident with a background in school administration. He already has served on the Personnel Committee and is presently serving on the Public Works/Transfer Facility.

I encourage everyone to vote for these three honorable citizens.

RACHEL MILLER, Signal Mountain

See 'independent' Wallace's record

Realtor Bill Wallace is campaigning for a second term on the Signal Mountain Council. His supporters describe him "as an independent voice." His voting record, available at, demonstrates that he agreed with the majority of the council in all votes except the following:

July 11, 2011: Mr. Wallace voted to transfer funds established by public referendum to pay off the town's $6.3 million school debt into the general fund to cover a deficit. The transfer would have extended the loan by 10 years, cost an additional $150,000 in interest, and reduced the anticipated property-tax reduction to citizens in 2016.

Sept. 12, 2011: He voted against a resolution authorizing the town manager to contract for professional water services with Arcadis U.S. Inc., at the public request of Julian Bell, of Bell Development.

Jan. 9, 2012: He voted to appoint Julian Bell, owner of Bell Development, to the Municipal Planning Commission.

June 25, 2012: Mr. Wallace voted against a salary increase for the town manager, whose "salary is considerably below market value," because she has a standard 60-day notice of termination in her contract.

His record speaks for itself.

FRAN MITCHELL, Signal Mountain

Personal pride can fight gangs

The front-page article on Tuesday (Oct. 16) focuses on literacy as a main component of gang development. Nobody can argue against that, but why doesn't the public also face up to or even mention another component endemic in the gang culture - personal pride in their own self worth. All we see on TV screens or newspaper criminal or gang stories are pictures of unkempt individuals, unshaven with beards and unattractive hair styles and ragged-looking clothing.

I submit if these people would clean themselves up in a presentable fashion they would be respected by the public and in turn would feel good about themselves and want to maintain their own self esteem.

ED DeBOER, Signal Mountain

Pension words stir resentment

I am blessed to have earned a pension. It was disconcerting to see recent articles disparaging how pensions are funded, as if they were "entitlements."

(1) Pensions are earned - part of a salary which is invested for an employee's future benefit.

(2) Pensions are funded, like any part of salary, by a portion of the receipts for goods and services produced by a company.

(3) TVA's primary "good" is electrical power.

It is sadly true that companies have withheld funding from, and even borrowed from, pension accounts considered "overfunded" (investment returns were good). TVA did not add to the pension account for several years. This flagrant disregard of past experience (the market will fall as well rise) is discouraging for all involved. At the same time, it should be noted that customers likely benefitted by lower cost of goods and services.

It is troublesome to read headlines proclaiming "Pension shortfall costs TVA ratepayers" (Oct. 8). Who promotes such vitriolic statements? The newspaper trying to increase sales? The "national pension expert" (who?) is out of line. My expectation is that John Thomas will stand behind TVA commitments. We should be dealing with transparent facts, not words meant to stir up resentment.


Thief will pay down the road

This is for the thief who stole my purse out of a shopping cart, Tuesday night, Oct. 9, at Fort Oglethorpe Kmart parking lot. The least you could have done was mailed me the contents; you have my name and phone number. Of course, all you wanted was the money.

You think it is funny now, but you will pay for it somewhere down the road and remember what you have done. I am sorry for you because the price you pay may be more than a few hundred dollars. There are other things in this world besides money.


Obama only clear moral choice

As a Christian, looking at the slate presented for our presidential election shows just one clear choice ... President Barack Obama.

When God created the Earth he put humans in charge of the planet and its resources and gave us dominion over the environment. Raping our national parks, polluting our air, running risky pipelines through our prairies and weakening our water regulations endorsed by the Republicans are unconscionable acts against God.

The Bible says to feed and clothe the poor. We do this by supporting the systems in place for assisting those less fortunate. Republicans wish to gut Social Security, repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and follow Mitt Romney's Medicare scam. He callously dismisses the 47 percent of us who need these social programs.

Romney wants to assist his rich cronies by enacting an unfair tax plan that will prove devastating to the middle class. What does the Bible say about a rich man entering heaven?

Look at all the issues, not just one, and see what God intended.

After falling to my knees in prayer and reading God's Word, I am led to the decision there is only one clear moral choice ... President Barack Obama.