Fleischmann true to his word and other letters to the editors

Fleischmann true to his word and other letters to the editors

October 29th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Fleischmann true to his word

Sometimes there's something to be said for consistency, especially when a politician does what he said he would do. Chuck Fleischmann campaigned on being a conservative congressman. He has fulfilled that promise.

Debates: He exhibited his willingness to debate a virtually unknown opponent and did so. Overshadowed by other debates it was sparsely attended, so he determined he could meet and converse more effectively by daily traveling the district. He has daily done so since.

Visibility: No congressman has ever traveled more, held more meetings and been more accessible than Chuck Fleischmann.

Dedication: Congressman Fleischmann presented piece after piece of legislation to address our fiscal problem in Washington only to be left buried by Harry Reid and a Democrat Senate. They were consistent.

So on the issue of consistency being either applauded or criticized, it depends on the goals being pursued. When it is demonstrated by an elected official consulting with and responding to his constituents, addressing his district's needs by offering solutions, by relentlessly opposing deficit spending paid for with borrowed money and fulfilling his pledge to hold the line on increased taxation, I'll have to say thank you, Chuck, for being consistent.

BOBBY WOOD, Harrison

Breed-specific bans ignite fear

I thank David Cook and the Times Free Press for the follow-up article (Oct. 24) concerning the pit-bull ban in Etowah.

It astounds me that in this day and age, people still resort to scare tactics to implement archaic regulations. Mayor Jim Bull, Vice Mayor Matt Goodin and Commissioner Jim Swayne should be ashamed for failing to gather the facts before approving this ordinance. Breed-specific bans only serve to ignite fear among residents, not to mention add costs to taxpayers to enforce these restrictions. I am no expert, but I cannot count the times I have seen a dog incorrectly labeled as a bully breed. Will DNA testing be implemented? Who will be the judge?

Pit bulls are not the problem! The ignorant owners who teach them to harm are. Efforts should be concentrated to hone in on these people instead of focusing on innocent dogs who did nothing more than ask to be loved and sheltered.

KERRY MOYERS-HORTON, Executive Director, Tennessee, Humane Animal League

Allen's dedication serves town well

Annette Allen has served as a council member on the Signal Mountain Town Council for six years. She has served the town selflessly on the Library Board, the Parks Board and on the Municipal Planning Commission. Annette understands the word "team." Working with other council members, she has steered our community through difficult economic times, which has resulted in a balanced budget and a healthy fund balance.

I have served with Annette Allen on the Signal Mountain Planning Commission since January 2010 and have personally observed her tireless energy, incredible work ethic and dedication to improving the Town of Signal Mountain. She understands the importance of land-use planning. It was Annette who spearheaded the citizen-driven land-use plan, which resulted in the town's commitment to conservation subdivision.

I recommend the re-election of Annette Allen to the Signal Mountain Town Council.


Wall is the best for 23rd District

State Rep. John Forgety voted against public school teachers and for two tax breaks that only affect a few, very rich people. He did vote for a tiny cut in the food sales tax. I would prefer there be no tax on food, which is a requirement for life. He brags on those cuts for the very rich, so I suppose very rich people may vote for him. I prefer someone who will protect our public schools, students and teachers. Who will stand up for public schools? Peggy Wall will.

Who will represent us lower- and middle-income people? Who will represent our interests in Nashville? Peggy Wall will.

Who will fight to make sure people get the health care they need, whether they're rich or not? Who knows from personal experience the pain of seeing loved ones go uninsured? Who will stick up for you? Peggy Wall will.

Who will stand up for good jobs, local development, and protecting our air, water and land? Who will say "no" to the special interests but yes to the public interest? Peggy Wall will.

Who will be the best representative for the people of the 23rd District? Peggy Wall will.


Obama always represents hope

So many of us desperately want President Obama to be re-elected. I'm surprised there is little mention of his Nobel Peace Prize at this time. Perhaps some say he received it too early. My response is that he always and truly represents hope. I remember a tearful conversation I had with a former community collaborator from Connecticut who expressed that it's the hope we have to activate and reactivate our efforts. President Obama provides that hope.

My extensive experiences and work as a Certified Individual International Volunteer In Missions with the Global Council of Ministries allow me to conclude that President Obama truly represents and labors toward true diversity that America strives for. He, indeed, has all the qualities and leadership this requires.

My first grandson, while in college during President Obama's first term, said to his family, "I'm doing OK and you do not need to send any money now toward my tuition and my expenses."

Yes, I will vote and support President Obama in this 2012 presidential election. We know he stands for inclusion and a successful future while in partnership with the rest of the world's desire to live for peace and prosperity.


Americans benefit from auto bailout

The auto industry bailout is a prominent issue in the 2012 presidential election. Policies have consequences, intended and unintended. Had the president not chosen a rescue, the following consequences would surely have occurred.

As it toppled, related industries would follow -- tires, brakes, glass, steel, auto parts, all with fortunes tied to automobiles. Foreign automakers could not have gotten materials for their products, endangering their futures.

Workers would have drained savings, drawing on unemployment benefits, turning to food stamps and other safety-net services, at further cost to government. Home foreclosures would follow, leaving abandoned homes, neglected neighborhoods, lower property values and increased homelessness.

When entire communities are totally affected by layoffs, disaster follows. State and local economies see falling property and sales tax revenues, businesses fail, citizens relocate. Budget cuts provide fewer funds for schools, health care and public services.

Pretty scary but predictable. However, this scenario never happened, and the auto industry is thriving and repaying its debt. Presidents daily face tough choices, a close analysis of human cost as well as public cost of each choice. Avoiding this unfolding tragedy provided only one logical policy path, and many, if not all, Americans have benefited from that choice.


Here's a deal for Donald Trump

A challenge to a mean-spirited political act.

"The Art of the Deal."

President Obama releases his college transcripts, etc., if Donald Trump releases his, and if Gov. Romney releases more tax returns.

Is it a deal, Mr. Trump?