'Romney is most qualified' and more letters to the editor

'Romney is most qualified' and more letters to the editor

October 31st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Romney is most qualified

In 2008 we were not lured by the golden-throated rookie with no executive or business experience who became president. We were never seduced by the "hope and change" line, and we questioned seriously associations in his opaque past. We rigorously opposed his radical ideas countering time-honored principles of our constitutional republic. We have endured four shameful years of rising debt and a dependence on borrowed money from China to finance everyday national expenditures. The appalling increase of jobless, hopeless Americans receiving a dole from taxpayers reflects an administration bent on feeding the behemoth known as the federal government. These are merely a few of the problems faced due to Obama's ineptness.

We have the grand chance to elect a man thoroughly qualified to be president - Mitt Romney. The Romney/Ryan ticket is a team driven to lead this country in the direction of fiscal solvency, economic growth, energy independence, military preparedness and job opportunities. We are in desperate need of a real leader - ready to help lift us out of the quagmire in we find ourselves. That leader is Mitt Romney - the man for this hour - for whom we will heartily vote on Nov. 6.


Obama should be impeached

It's now been over a month since the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, and we have discovered - to our horror via State Department emails - that the Obama administration quickly put the re-election campaign above saving American lives.

The facts: As soon as the seven-hour attack began, over 400 officials in the departments of Defense and State, as well as the White House itself were able to communicate with commanders in the area. Troops were apparently ordered to "Stand Down." Two people died five hours after this command. Ambassador Stevens asked for greater security three times, and was denied every time.

Remember, no one died in either the resignation by Richard Nixon or the House impeachment of Bill Clinton. The deaths in Benghazi are a direct result of Obama instructions, to whit: No Marine ammunition, no armed U. S. security detachments, unarmed drones, and only local Libyan police for protection. This was a prescription for disaster, and it was inevitable. Obama's impeachment trial should begin immediately.


Johnson for Soddy-Daisy post

I urge support for Garland Johnson as one of our commissioners for Soddy-Daisy.

He stands strong against raising taxes, he is a business owner, contract school bus owner and driver. He is honest, sincere, dedicated, and faithful to his church.

Vote for Garland Johnson. This is a chance for honest and responsive government and a better future for all our citizens.



Romney is wrong about taxation

Romney claims that 47 percent of citizens are government-dependent paying no income tax and will all vote for Obama.

Those cited by Romney include Republicans, some of whom are working class, many of them expected to vote for him and all of them paying federal payroll tax. No doubt Romney got their attention with his most recent public tax release disclosing that he paid less in income tax than they did with their payroll taxes.

Romney fails to point out that the increasing number of those who pay no taxes results from Republican measures exempting those who previously did so. He fails to recognize that the overall tax structure is more punitive to the poor who in states like Tennessee pay at the highest rates with sales taxes for everything they buy, forcing some to choose between the necessities of food and prescription drugs.

As for Romney knocking Obama for favoring some measures of redistribution, the president obviously was referring to laws already in effect, such for example, as the graduated income tax.


Sewanee, Tenn.

Romney should tell the truth

Watching Romney's performance during the presidential debates brought to mind an old panel TV show of the '50s and '60s, "To Tell the Truth." Three contestants would claim to be this individual with a true unique story. The contestants would be questioned by a panel of four to reveal the real one. At the end, the panel would vote for one of the contestants as the correct person of the story. At the end of the show, the emcee, Gary Moore, would, with fanfare, ask will "Will the real Mr. X please stand up." I will now ask, will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?


Vote for Dr. Crowell for Senate

I was proud of the Free Press for endorsing Gary Johnson for president. It's a shame Republicans and Democrats still think their parties represent them. Both major parties' leadership is way left (Democrats), or so far right they're out of bounds (Republicans). Neither party represents the majority, so why do they vote unquestionably for the same ole garbage that has our country in the sorry shape it's in?

I think people are afraid of the very things they believe in: Less government interference in their lives; far less government funding for those who won't work for their own advancement; a far more even playing field through the enforcement of our current immigration laws; and American manufacturers to produce in the U.S. rather than be given tax breaks to move their manufacturing overseas.

Voters overwhelmingly believe Congress is doing a lousy job, but keep electing the same congressmen.

While the Free Press endorsed a Libertarian, the Free Press is still endorsing to follow the Republican right agenda of Bob Corker and Chuck Fleischmann.

The sheeple of Tennessee will no doubt vote Republican. I'll vote for whom I think will get the U.S. back on track. Gary Johnson for president and Dr. Shaun Crowell for U.S. Senate.


Obama policies creating U.S. jobs

I know it's not popular anymore to talk facts. But for those still interested in the truth, here's one for you. The Obama administration has done more to consistently enforce trade agreements than any administration in 50 years. The jobs that have been saved and created by these actions are real and being filled by real people. Part of the story of resurgence in manufacturing is this administration's commitment to it in all kind of ways. So if you really want a jobs program, we have one.

I can't remember an election when the candidates didn't claim to be hot to do something about China and trade. None of them delivered until now. Sure there are lots more to do. But the facts are the facts.


Alliance for American Manufacturing Field Coordinator


Sierra Club needs to look west

On Sunday, Oct. 14, the Chattanooga Times Free Press buried an article on page 5 of the business section. The article is titled "Huge solar energy plants planned for western U.S." The article was published by the Los Angeles Times in Los Angeles.

The article states "The Obama administration has formally adopted a plan to help create large-scale solar energy plants, offering incentives for solar developers to cluster projects on 285,000 acres of federal land in the western U. S. and opening an additional 19 million acres of the Mojave Desert for new power plants."

Yet, on Friday, Oct. 26, the Chattanooga Times Free Press featured another article in the Business section, on page C1 titled "Sierra Club, TVA tussle over coal plant plans."

The Sierra Club wants TVA to invest in energy efficient programs (Green Energy) instead of pollution controls.

I thought the Sierra Club's objective was to protect the undeveloped lands. Where is the outrage over the Obama administration's decision to put solar plants all over the western U.S. and the Mojave Desert?


Cleveland, Tenn.

Allen supported for Signal post

I support Annette Allen for re-election for Town Council for Signal Mountain. Annette is a long-time mountain resident and friend to our community. I have known Annette since she and her family returned to the mountain, and during this time I have found Annette to be one of the most level-headed and trustworthy people I know.

She is exceptionally bright and has a strong knowledge base, but on top of that, she is willing to research ideas and opinions that differ from her own, and she will reassess and make decisions based upon the new information.

In addition, I have been especially impressed with her dedication to our community and her desire to protect its history while still attending to the issues and challenges we face. Her comments are thoughtful, insightful, and articulate. Annette's calm demeanor and level headed approach, combined with her love of our community, make her an ideal candidate for re-election. Please join me in supporting Annette Allen for town council.


Signal Mountain

Heiskell praised for listening

Years ago Center Post School burned. Five men on the Walker County Board of Education voted against rebuilding. People banned together to talk and plead with each member. At the meeting, two board members voted to rebuild, three against it. CPS was rebuilt. The insurance stated it had to be rebuilt for the insurance money to be paid.

The same will happen with a five-man board for Walker County commissioner. If your member lives in your area, he/she will care about what happens in your community. If they don't, then they won't. It's that plain and simple.

Several years ago, a Realtor bought property joining us. He petitioned the planning commissioner and was approved to build 100 duplexes and 60 single apartments with ingress/egress either on South Long Hollow Road or East Boomtown Road (a dead end). To verify this, check with Walker County Planning Commission. That makes 260 dwellings with at least 260-500 vehicles on one of these roads.

We met with Bebe Heiskell, voiced our concerns to her. She denied the Realtor's request. How would it have gone if we would have had to deal with five board members?

Think about this and vote for Bebe Heiskell in November.


Trion, Ga.