Good Deed: Tow-truck driver goes extra mile

Good Deed: Tow-truck driver goes extra mile

September 9th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Recently I was stranded in Brainerd, unable to get my remote key to unlock my car. Using the key alone worked, but, of course, the security was on and the car wouldn't start. A call to the auto club sent A-l Towing with its driver, Justin Malone, to help me.

Justin was very concerned about me in the heat and insisted I get in his truck and have cold water while he wrestled with the problem. He said he would have to tow me and my car to a battery dealer since the small battery was a special size. After I purchased the new battery he insisted on checking my car and starting it to be sure it started.

Justin's way of handling this problem with a cheerful demeanor made me feel secure in that he was there to help me, and he surely did.

Thank you so much, Justin.

-- Mary C. Monroe