Good Deed: Veteran's service brings a tribute

Good Deed: Veteran's service brings a tribute

September 16th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

I had a birthday dinner for my mom, Brenda Scott Garrett, at the Epicurean Restaurant in East Rige and and invited some friends. One of our guests, Dale Shaffner, is 88 years old and a WWII veteran. He was wearing a hat that mentioned it and wearing it proud!

A gentleman came to our table and wanted to thank Mr. Shaffner for his service and what he did for his country and our freedom. He told us that he served in the military from 1975 to 1979 and was very proud.

The waitress let us know that our check was paid in full! The gentleman that had come to our table had paid it. His name was Timothy C. Cook.

If we had more Timothy C. Cooks in the world honoring people who serve our country we would be doing just fine.

Thank you so much, Mr. Cook, for being a blessing to us.

Dale and Kane Shaffner

Brenda and Betsy Garrett

Celia and Dawn Ashley