Grohn will represent District 4, city well and other letters to the editors

Grohn will represent District 4, city well and other letters to the editors

April 1st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Grohn will represent District 4, city well

The voters of Chattanooga have spoken and expressed their desire for a new direction in their City Council. Fresh new faces with a determination to move their city forward were elected. With them came the hope that creating unneeded departments, cronyism, tax increases and depending on forced annexation for growth would be a thing of the past.

Now the voters in District 4 have the opportunity to complete the task in the April 9 runoff election by casting their vote for Larry Grohn. Larry Grohn has attended council meetings for the past three years to get a grasp of issues faced, budgets to be met and his solutions to deal with them. He has pledged to spend wisely, work to restore safety in neighborhoods, improve the streets, hold the line on taxes and responsibly deal with the water quality problem facing the city.

Larry Grohn will represent District 4 and the city well. He will be accessible and show courtesy to those approaching the council for help. Larry Grohn will be a contributing member and will make us proud.


VW workers better off with union

Referring to VW's decision to discuss a worker's union, Gov. Haslam has said, "I would hate for anything to happen that would hurt the productivity of the plant or to deter investment in Chattanooga."

Well, Gov. Haslam, it seems to be the interest of the people you are charged to represent, not just the company, should be your No. 1 concern. The workers should be able to have productive lives and invest in Chattanooga, also.

Yes, it is true Tennessee is a right-to-work state. But it will be the workers at VW who will decide their fate, not a politician.

Workers today are better-educated than ever before. They will have the chance to no longer be an at-will employee. They will be covered by a collective bargaining agreement and have an opportunity to negotiate better working conditions, better wages and better benefits.

I feel positive the workers at VW will be leaders in re-establishing organized labor in Chattanooga and the South. Good luck to all the VW employees, and remember this: America works best when it says, union yes.


Bridge players look forward to columns

On March 24, a writer asked that some daily bridge columns be discontinued in favor of Mr. Know-It-All columns.

Please don't. We have thousands of bridge players who look forward to the helpful instruction afforded by the bridge columns, as do hundreds of duplicate bridge players among your readership.

We encourage and welcome social bridge players to try duplicate bridge at our Bridge Center on Dayton Boulevard. It's more interesting, because even when dealt bad hands, you are competing with others holding the same cards. We have classes and games for beginning players with few points and would love to see you.

Give us a look at: www.unit While the Mr. Know-It-All columns are informative, remember that Google is such a great resource you can find out anything you want to know. So I think it runs plenty often as it is.