Good Deed: Facility director is the real deal

Good Deed: Facility director is the real deal

April 7th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Jay Nason, the administrator of NHC Healthcare of Chattanooga, has served this city for the past 27 years with a gentle, humble countenance that is so remarkable. For the past five years I have surreptitiously observed this servant-leader in action.

The impeccable care he shares with each patient and the patient's family is amazing. His leadership extends to his staff, as well. It is rare to enter the facility and not find Jay Nason with his shirt sleeves rolled up as he deals with bed pans and patients in need. He always has a smile on his face that reflects the love and compassion he feels for each individual. His greatest attributes are tremendous wisdom packaged with a deep-abiding humility.

My family knows the joy of being a recipient of this kind of tender loving care because we've had a family member at NHC for five years. We know the real deal when we see it. Thank you for making this life and the one to come more palatable and enjoyable for so many.

A grateful recipient