'Women's basketball ignored by media' and more letters to the editors

'Women's basketball ignored by media' and more letters to the editors

April 9th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Women's basketball ignored by media

I would like to know (I am sure with other NCAA women fans) why the men's basketball games are so masterfully covered by all media and the women's games hardly get any coverage by your paper or local TV stations?

Is Tennessee unimportant (even though proven to be more championship-oriented) because of their gender? Just saying.

HILDA AKER, South Pittsburg, Tenn.

Fairness and equality a path to destruction

We hear much today about how everything should be "fair" and "equal." Plymouth Colony, 1620, was one of the first experiments in "fairness" and "equality" by the first colonists with disastrous results. Almost 50 percent of the colonists were dead within the first year. The colony was rescued by William Bradford, who instituted a system of what we now know as free market capitalism.

One can only wonder where the current emphasis on "fairness, equality and rights" will lead us.


GOP turns blind eye to unflattering rankings

Tennessee Republicans were elated that Tennessee was ranked third on "freedom" by a group of right-wing eggheads at George Mason. Charles Koch and Ed Meese sit on the board and Koch provides the money for this boondoggle.

It's hard to argue with this finding, however. Tennesseans are "free" to eat roadkill, carry their switchblades to bars, and their assault weapons to church, thanks to the ultra right-wing ALEC and their paid lackeys in the Tennessee Legislature.

However, Republicans have gone silent on Tennessee's other rankings. Tennessee ranks 43rd on health outcomes, 45th on median income, 41st on air pollution, 41st on educational achievement, 47th on obesity, heart attack, and cancer prevention, and 48th on quality of life. There are 1,327,700 Tennesseans who live in poverty (21 percent) and 14 percent have no medical insurance. The uninsured include 109,600 children.

So in Tennessee you are free to live in poverty without adequate health care, to breath polluted air, to die prematurely and to be undereducated. This is a perfect world for Republicans who smell "cheap labor."