Homosexuality logic is simply not logical and other letters to the editors

Homosexuality logic is simply not logical and other letters to the editors

April 20th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Homosexuality logic is simply not logical

"Gay people are just normal people who happen to be gay."

Hmmm. An oxymoron?

JOHN ROSE, Signal Mountain

Johnson off the mark on socialism, obama

Unless Drew Johnson is the kind of libertarian who holds that there are no standards but his own, his statement on April 14, that Barack Obama, "by any historical definition is a socialist," is totally inaccurate.

Any dictionary will inform him that a socialist is one who favors the public or government ownership of the means of production and distribution. I challenge him to offer a single example of Obama's championing socialism. In fact, if the comments of Republican senators Alexander and Corker on Obama's suggestion to privatize TVA are taken as the standard, they support socialism.

Johnson's editorial shows he sees this, but he still terms Obama a socialist "by any historical definition." Come on, don't underestimate your readers, editor Johnson.


Execution of killers only way to stop acts

The murderers in this country give their innocent victims death while our so-called justice system gives the murders life or less, plus benefits. How sick and twisted is that? It is no wonder the deviants in America have a severely degraded respect for our justice system. Wake up, America.

Execution of the murderer reduces his or her chances of recidivism to zero. It is cruel and unusual to turn murderers loose to murder more innocent people again and again. Or maybe its just big business.

STEVE BUSH, East Ridge

How will city council work together?

Congratulations to all members of the City Council! Mayor Berke's inauguration speech made it clear that every Chattanoogan is part of positive movement for our city.

Now that they are sworn member of the Council (was that a long oath, or what?) how are the people who were candidates for public office not so long ago going to coalesce into a working unit? Most of them are new to public service and to each other. It would be nice for the newspaper to publish separate interviews with each member, for them to explain how they are going to meet challenges as a group.

Most of us know the representative from our district, but not those from others, and they will have to be a team to get things done. As a unit, they will make important decisions for our city. Please consider this request.