Obama targeted wrong crowd during his visit and other letter to the editors

Obama targeted wrong crowd during his visit and other letter to the editors

August 1st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Obama targeted wrong crowd during his visit

Couldn't the president have made his visit to Chattanooga memorable?

Grand memories would have lingered if he had delivered his speech to teenagers and gangs in East Lake, Howard and other areas and given them lofty ideas and goals. He failed to meet Chattanooga's real needs.

JONQUIL LANIER, Collegedale, Tenn.

Hispanics arrested only for breaking law

I read David Cook's article about "Fishing while brown." It appears that Mr. Cook is saying that the Tennessee Wildlife Resources officer is a racist for arresting four Hispanic men for fishing without a license and having no documentation for being in this country. They were breaking the law - they got arrested. How is this racist? Some time ago, my husband and some friends were fishing without a license and were arrested. The spent the night in jail until someone could pay their fines the next morning. My husband and his friends are white. They didn't think it was racist - they thought they were arrested for breaking the law.

I'm sorry these men were arrested and spent the night in jail. The officer arrested them not because they were brown, but because they broke the law.

Mr. Cook, a license that is "two days expired" is still an expired license. We need to stop looking for racism behind everything. Yes, there are racists in America of every color. But most of us are not racists, and people are arrested for breaking a law, not because of their color.

JOY STURTEVANT, Monteagle, Tenn.

Article on agnostics would be interesting

The article in today's paper "World of Atheism Diverse," was intriguing. Atheism is an interesting subject as are many atheists. One thing absolutely defines an atheist - an unshakeable belief that there is no God! No partial beliefs included. It would be nice to see an article on just atheists, and why they hold this belief.

The other people alluded to are not atheists, but are better defined as agnostics -someone that has no absolute belief system. They often say "I'm not sure". You might say agnostics can't pin down what they truly believe. They sit on a wobbly fence, not sure which side they are going to fall on, and what they will fall into.

Evangelical Christians call agnostics lost and in need of finding or being found. There is hope for them to be saved from their foundering. Atheists are lost but don't think so, which makes rescue quite difficult.

All too many folks suddenly believe in God when something calamitous besets them - like having the wings fall off their airplane, sinking under water for the last time or losing someone precious. A much more interesting article would be one that explored the world vision of the agnostics, whether in or out of some church or affinity group.

CHARLES STORY, Spring City, Tenn.

Cook's column making something of nothing

What a bunch bologna, what a cheap way to shake up the pot.

This country will always be divided as long as there are people like David Cook using race to make news out of an injustice that does not exist.

CHARLES CROUSER, Spring City, Tenn.