Photo of fish-clubbing was disgusting and other letters to the editors

Photo of fish-clubbing was disgusting and other letters to the editors

August 2nd, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Photo of fish-clubbing was disgusting

Thanks so much for the picture of the two brutes clubbing helpless fish to death. How does anybody else feel about this? I find it disgusting and think that it should be illegal. Whee is the Humane Society on this?

CHARLES BURNS, Rocky Face, Ga.

Americans have lack of respect for U.S. flag

The proper protocol for National Anthem is that any people not in uniform should stand at attention with their right hand over their heart facing the flag. If no flag is present, the people should face the music. All military, police or fireman in uniform must salute the flag.

It is obvious, that at Obama's visit to Amazon, many people either did not know or care about our flag.

Not one person within camera range placed their hand over their heart.

Very sad, the way this country shows its respect to "Old Glory"

BUD CONWAY, Whitwell, Tenn.

Front-page Obama headline inaccurate

I challenge your page one headline following the president's visit.

It read "City embraces Obama." I suggest a more accurate one - "City endulges Obama."


Obama editorial was appreciated

Thank you for the editorial on the Free Press opinion page on Tuesday, July 30, 2013, B7.

Didn't care for the one on the Times opinion page.

Does anyone believe or listen to Obama anymore? Just another outing for him.

Good newspaper. Keep up the good work.


Presidential visit was less than historic

The presidential visit that the local media called "Historic" did not even make the national news. Historic?

CLIF YOTHER, Cleveland, Tenn.