U.S. following Europe's lead in lack of faith and other letters to the editors

U.S. following Europe's lead in lack of faith and other letters to the editors

August 5th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

U.S. following Europe's lead in lack of faith

If one is reasonably observant in reading about or visiting Western European countries today, he will become aware that there is little, if any, evidence of weekly Christian worship services. This is true whether it be in the great cathedrals or in the small community churches. For centuries Western Europe was the keeper, defender and well-spring of the Christian faith.

Most Europeans today apparently know nothing of the joys and contentment of salvation through faith in Christ. Instead of enjoying themselves in worshipping the living God, they are using up their energy and resources chasing other gods of their choosing - gods that can provide them with nothing but disappointment and loss.

Inside these buildings today the profound silence gives one the sense of utter desolation. With the thousands of empty, silent places of worship it becomes obvious that Europe today is a vast spiritual wasteland.

Should we be alarmed? American conduct today is making and - often surpassing - the behavior of Europeans a century ago in rejecting God's Word.


Fleischmann isn't fooling anyone

"Got to get back to work," Rep. Chuck Fleischmann said before boarding a flight to Washington last Tuesday, according to David Cook's Wednesday column. But what is he working on? Not, apparently, a new lock at the Chickamauga Dam.

Fleischmann didn't attend President Obama's Amazon appearance. But like a kid explaining that the dog ate his homework, he did have a comment on the stalled lock project: "In his past two budgets the president has completely cut all funding to the Chickamauga Lock ..."

Translation: It's not my fault.

Since all revenue bills originate in the House, what's stopping Fleischmann from lobbying for increased funding needed to resuscitate the lock project? For example, the barge industry favors increasing the barge fuel tax, thereby providing more money into projects like the Chickamauga Dam.

But having signed Grover Norquist's anti-tax increase pledge, thus anointing himself as a loyal "Norquistador," the congressman won't support the fuel tax increase. Despite Fleischmann's whiny effort to blame Obama for the stalled dam project, who does he think he's fooling?

To borrow a phrase Texans use to describe incompetence, Fleischmann strikes me as "all hat and no cattle."


Free Press editorial headline distasteful

The headline of your editorial of July 30 (Take your job plan and shove it, Mr. President) was in extremely poor taste. You may disagree with his policies, but as president of the United States, Obama deserves a reasonable degree of respect.

I hope the headline was not indicative of how the editor felt about the civility of the people of Chattanooga.


Owner's rights should be respected

Owner's rights are poorly understood by those who wish to force their way in. Rather, such owners are accused of some subversive or dark motive for such maintenance.

The founder of Bea's Restaurant came under fire during the so-called civil rights movement when they maintained their owner's rights. And while the grandchildren wish to appear more cosmopolitan and highly educated, it is ironic and I say providential that they also maintained their owner's rights.

Owner's rights are perpetual because they are built upon the eternal foundation: Thou shalt not covet. "If any man build upon this foundation wood, hay and stubble, the day of fire will reveal it."

Owners don't force their way in, either by law or media charm. They have the last word. "This is mine."

JUNE GRIFFIN, Dayton, Tenn.

Johnson's headline deserves kudos

Kudos to Drew Johnson for telling it like it is with our inept, incompetent and bumbling president. His right-on headline deserves commendation rather than firing.

Obama is an empty suit, a spent man and cannot fix a sandwich let alone our nation's myriad problems. Aside from the 9-11 attack on our nation, his election - twice - to be our leader is the most incredible event in my life's 70 years.

Whether we can stand three more years of his failures and vacations remains to be seen.

FELTON HUDSON, Signal Mountain