'Republicans shocked when laws affect them' and more letters to the editors

'Republicans shocked when laws affect them' and more letters to the editors

August 7th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Republicans shocked when laws affect them

Concerning the termination of Drew Johnson. I'm always amazed by conservatives. They champion right-to-work laws, and this includes Johnson during several anti-union rants, which allow a business to terminate an employee for any or no reason whatsoever. Yet they are shocked and cry foul when it happens to them.


Pseudoephedrine regulation is too much

It is redundant for local government to legislate the sale of pseudoephedrine. Safeguards are in place to identify people. Requirements to sign your life away when purchasing the drug is enough and with the date mining available to government agencies they know.

I buy pseudoephedrine for allergies. In our area, allergies are a major year long battle.

I do not want to go to a doctor for a prescription. Every visit to a doctor costs money.

I do not want to go to a pharmacy to have the prescription filled, only to be told every time — “There is a generic for this drug.” “It works just the same and is cheaper.” If I had wanted generic, I would have bought generic. It is not the same. Research has been done on the brand specific drug and is safe within its documented parameters. Generic drugs have portions, up to (20 percent) changed from the original brand.

Recently, I fought for months to keep my allergies under control and not get an infection. I failed. While using a prescribed antibiotic, I attempted to purchase pseudoephedrine. I had met my monthly limit and the pharmacist refused to sell me the product. “It’s the government.”


Open letter to cities fighting meth

Congratulations to the city of Monteagle’s mayor and council for the final passage of their ordinance recently. The statesmanship shown by their city council was a wonderful site and again the pharmacists were eager to get the ordinance passed to stop the flow of meth cooks from coming into their stores from other jurisdictions that have passed the ordinance.

We have received a lot of interest from communities across the state to enact this legislation in their communities. Presently we are at 25 cities in the state that have passed or in the process of passing the ordinance and it is growing every week despite the backlash from industry and their pundits.

I am so proud of the mayors and councilmen, chiefs, and sheriffs across this state that are willing to stand up for the endangered children of meth. These children deserve a voice and not to be forgotten. With every city that passes this legislation, the children’s voice gets louder.

This month with the help of Monteagle Chief Virgil McNeece and the Grundy County Coalition, Grundy County is on the way to having this legislation passed in all of their cities and county this month.

We ask each of you to keep us informed on your dates for upcoming meetings considering this legislation, it has become a daunting task to just keep up with the calendar. Our traveling calendar is kind of hectic but it has been an enjoyable experience that warms the heart. The communities across this state have been tremendous and the reception has always been positive and sad at the same time. The pain in every community from families torn apart by this horrible scourge is so evident. This legislation is the only successful evidence based strategy that has ever been effective and sustainable in the nation. It’s time!

The children of Tennessee thank you,

CHIEF DENNIS YOUNG, Winchester Police Dept.

TABATHA CURTIS, director of Franklin County Prevention Coalition

Johnson's termination raises more concerns

While your terminating Mr. Johnson is certainly your right as a business. Subscribers in Northwest Georgia, and probably in Middle Tennessee, as well, are already concerned about the "free speech" paths seemingly being trampled upon by agenda driven media reporting. Mr. Johnson's departure can only serve to increase these concerns.

While it may not seem so in the short run, reality ultimately speaks more loudly than agenda driven politics. If or maybe it's now when America falls, political agenda - driven media will be a major contributor.